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  1. I saw ONE Scintallent spawn, and it was not in a well trafficked area, but way up in some infested rafters tucked away. It was only for looking for secret door toggles, that I came across it. No pinging sound, way out of the way, and near impossible for anyone else to pick up the drop as it does indeed act like a wisp; especially if they are a room or two over from you. Not nice DE. Concerning conservation the avian creatures need a maker or something to spot on the mini map, because in some locations they are either not spawning at all, especially those near caves and covered with ma
  2. Conservation for the Avichaea is not spawning the bird when the call point is located in or around the Cerebrum Magma infested growth and cave location, especially when call point is in the heart cave point. May want to move avian creatures away from this feature as they could be either not spawning or being lost in the huge infested growth. Also the whole token system and economy for Son tokens is rediculous, and I would wager when it comes to Scintilla, DE you need to up the RNG on that noise because at present, it is insane. 3 for Tac Spud in 10 hours, Almost 18 hours total play for me o
  3. Is it me or are others finding the Sintilla drops from the bounty tables to not be dropping, if at all? The RNG on them seems very very tight.
  4. You can replace warframe 4's. You can replace any ability with any of the listed replaceable abilities.
  5. Considering DE's $ #'rs have been down the last couple years, I would say there is a fair to middling chance it might work. In North America there is a saying, "Money talks and BullS#&$ walks". Translation, we have the money, give us crap, we walk away. Seems familiar does it not?
  6. You're not allowed to logic DE like that. Shame on you.
  7. I am so glad to hear you know for fact that the whales are happy. From what crystal ball you pulled that out of your keaster I know not where, but wow, you really settled that one for me. Well done you.
  8. You do know where that plat comes from that you traded for right? If enough whales, and piggy banks call it quits, this game dies with them leaving. Those who live in glass houses and all.... begs the question, who is the fool?
  9. Can not log in. Get to the login screen. Enter PW, the timer pinwheels then cuts out to desk top like I never clicked on the launcher. In fact everything WF related disappears I have verified and optimised from Launcher settings twice. No dice.
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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