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  1. Monskiller

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1

    In a middle of a 2h ODS run. Sweet. Also, JV bugs that really needs attention: When running out of armor integrity in JV, Quick Thinking starts staggering the player at every damage tick, basically stunlocking them to death. This is particularly annoying and frustrating when there are little to no charges, or when the player needs to prioritize the objective over the armor integrity (best example is the elevator phase). The Jordas Golem failing to dock properly in the 3rd stage of JV has become much more frequent. We believe that it's caused by the players reaching the damage cap too quickly, or reaching it when the golem is in a determined position, making it perform a weird animation when docking. Impact procs in Archwing deal significantly more damage than before, making the tunnels in the 3rd stage of JV really hard without shield restore items. There is an invisible wall, for clients, in the door underneath the 3rd wall in the 1st stage. There is a weird hitbox in the elevator's tip. GODDAMN QUICK THINKING!!!! Esophages have a slow response for clients, sometimes they spit clients in the wrong side of the eso.
  2. Monskiller

    Warframe Raid School Bus

    pepe rare ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit: I've had this group linked to me from another server, since I was interested in raids. I joined. Within the first hour I noticed many groups getting together, joined one and jumped straight into JV. Gotta say, very friendly environment, very friendly people, had loads of fun while getting trough raids. Made a couple of new friends who I raid with daily, and together help new people to learn and go trough the raids Warframe offer us. Hek, even met this one sexy italian guy who I talked about Capricciosa pizzas and cappuccinos while stuffing Jordas with meatballs. Best place to start getting into raids and continue on enjoying them while having a laugh.