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  1. No, I do that literally all the time whenever I see someone's profile with a good fashion. Before, I had to ask them about their armor and sometimes color scheme, but now they can just respond with a link in PM. Well that is kind of an another type of issue. Of course a separate chat channel for fashion would be the most perfect solution possible, but seeing as Riven traders don't have their own channel, it wouldn't make much sense that fashion would get its channel beforehand. It's a huge difference between disabling Look links in region and Riven links in trade chat. Well I already mentioned I can hardly manage myself around these forums. I didn't want to make 3 posts, but when I tried to input quotes into an edit, they would just start another post so i just went along with it. You already have to equip the fashion you want to link. On the contrary, I constantly ask for people to send me their fashions for when I'm too bad at coloring a certain warframe. And i just add "in PM", so they don't cluster the chat. I also enjoy looking at people's profiles whenever someone says "whacha think about my fashion" (and in last 2 days or so i've noticed more people asking for a rating from their profile, without posting a link) and then responding to it. Though when it comes to links posted completely out of context, i have yet to be amused by a single one of those fashions. And normally the feature isn't spam for people who don't linger in region much. Same as any other meme that appears often wouldn't be really considered spam by people who fly by region every once in a while. The solutions i've posted are quite simple and should satisfy such people. The ones that see all those links do consider it spam for the most part (or so i've concluded from the 100% positive chat feedback, asked through the past 4 days). Hmm well i should have taken into consideration mentioning what platform this is directed to (PC) because obviously different platforms have different region chat behaviour.
  2. Even though this argument is kind of on the level of that "just apply filter" one, I feel like not much would change if they were disabled, since you could simply go to profiles of every one in region chat, and once you see the fashion you like, ask them to send it to you in PM. The difference is doing 2 mouse clicks instead of 1, and the quality of the fashions you are seeing as opposed to the spam ones is pretty much the same.
  3. Thats a fair statement, although it still doesn't exclude look links as spam needing to be removed. Mod linking happens at a much smaller frequency, in fact so rarely that it is barely noticable.
  4. I'm starting to doubt you've ever been in region chat for longer than 1 minute. It is constantly filled with some newbies opening a certain topic that they dont know much about, and then multiple people giving different answers/denounching other answers to the given question.
  5. And how is it a meaningful topic when 90% of the time nobody responds to these random links or the link sender just posts it and goes away?
  6. You already have the 10 second cooldown. The issue, as i already mentioned, isn't spam by 1 person, but rather multiple people. Someone decides to post a random look link, and then a bunch of other people who aren't discussing anything in region start dumping their look links out of nowhere. Would be a bit unfair if there was a general cooldown for such messages. And as for any further filter messages, look at it this way: If you are using one currently and you'd ever want to disable Look filters temporarly, the reason for it would be something i've mentioned in my main post. Lets say you want a fashion for a certain frame and you ask for it in region - people will just have to send the look links to your PM instead of region. So by getting them disabled completely, there is still a simple workaround. If the types of messages that you filter out in trade were to get disabled, for ex. WTS messages, there is really no other workaround than creating a whole another channel, and thats quite a chunk of work compared to simply disabling the Look links. (again, its not like people are gonna be sending WTS messages in PMs to everyone)
  7. Lets give some examples. Recruit chat - you filter out all "2x3 3x3 tridolon" etc stuff cause you want to go crack open some relics. After some time you will disable the filter when you want to go do the hunts, because each one of those messages is meaningful, inviting you into the squad. Trade chat - you filter out all WTS messages because you only want to sell stuff. When you gather some plat, you gonna want to buy some rivens or other stuff, so you gonna disable the filter. Each one of those WTS messages as well is meaningful because they are directed to people looking to buy. They aren't put out there to troll and never respond to people who PM those people. Region - you filter out Look links cause they develop no conversation and are just clustering your chat. You know when people start randomly spamming those links that they have no purpose and are just in the way for other messages. They are not meaningful nor engaging as opposed to ones mentioned before. The ones that are meaningful have been mentioned in main post and their solutions are simple. Those links can be sent to PMs while you aren't going to go to every single person in recruit chat and PM them "LF axi p1 radshare". Essentially in one case you are filtering out meaningless spam messages, while in other two cases you are filtering out meaningful messages.
  8. You are really exhausting. Straightforward now: if you don't see the Look links at all due to your filters/disabled region chat, why do you care about this thread.
  9. Thats a completely different case. Each trade/recruit chat message is directed with hope that someone will respond and get into a trade/game. Whats the purpose of random look links? Again stop with the filtering argument, I mentioned several times by now why it is not the same in region as it is with trade/recruit.
  10. I am definitelly sure that people who want thorough explanations on something go to PM. Otherwise the answers develop through region with more people latching onto it and giving more arguments, while look links are just there, tied to either one message or no messages. Reread this please:
  11. If I wanted to solve the issue for myself, I wouldn't have posted this in the first case and would have simply applied the filter. However I'm thinking about the general picture, newbies who need to ask something in region getting clustered by these Look links. Again, if the issue doesnt bother you in particular since you use the filter, why even bother argue?
  12. Again, you too are connecting wrong dots. Those people aren't randomly looking for a clan, neither are the others randomly selling stuff. When you would be looking for those who want to join a clan, you would disable the filter. When you'd be looking to buy anything, you'd disable the filter. Region is completely different opposed to trade and recruit. I could say with confidence that it is a players-helping-players megathread. These look links interrupt those kinds of conversations. My suggestions would simply erase the random messages, while still keeping the essence of the linking feature, just within the PMs. I feel like i should remind you to read my solutions again because as the thread proceeds everyone forgets the core suggestion and just keeps mentioning filters.
  13. I still stand with the opinion that filters shouldn't be the solution. As opposed to rivens clustering the trade chat, Look links don't have that big of a purpose for region. However I would definitelly first vouch for a separate Riven channel over this, but since that issue has been ignored for quite a while now, we gotta move on. Also there is that tweet sooo...
  14. I choose to ignore you from now on because your arguments are in no way constructive.
  15. I have yet to see those topics get longer than 1 starting message and 5 links.
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