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  1. All warframes are descended from technology that was developed on Deimos.

    Without the Entrati's work to build on, Ballas probably couldn't have developed the transference bolts, or the custom infested strain used to turn the Warframes into sentient pulse resistant void conduits, perfect for beating back the Sentients and the Infested. (Becasue he never seemed to learn his lesson about creating unstoppable superweapons to stop the previous unstoppable super weapon that turned on him.)

    It's not the same model, but the entire Necrolisk appears to be encased in a pod similar to the Genetrix/Helminth strains.

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  2. Other things to try that seem to resolve this problem, at least for a few months.


    Update all your device drivers.

    Disable any power saving settings on your graphics card, unless they are already off. Then try turning them on. Make sure to restart the machine between testing these.

    If you have a dual core processor, try binding the warframe.exe process to only one core, or setting the process to a lower or higher priority than "normal.".

    I currently have one machine that does this, and another that used to, but doesn't anymore. Finding the magic combination of settings for some of my patchwork machines is an endless quest.

  3. This usually means that there's one of two issues, both related to load times.

    It could just be that your load times are so long that the mission is being completed before you load in. In that case, you should start by going into the settings menu on the launcher and clicking on "Optimize download cache." It will take a long time, the first time you do it, but if you do this after every patch, it will usually be much faster, and it usually helps a lot.

    If your system is stalling at one point, for a long time, during loading, it might be causing your connection to the host to time out. Depending on when/why it stalls, here's a short list of tricks that may or may not do anything for you, but have worked for some (but not all) of my rigs in the past.

    1. If your CPU is below minimum specs, or you don't have a GPU, gut those graphics settings. Set everything to Low or Off, except anti-aliasing, which usually runs fastest on Medium, for most people, for reasons. If this solves the problem, you can try turning things back up, one by one.

    2. Go to the launcher menu, and look for "Multi-threaded Rendering." If it is on, turn it off. If it is off, turn it on. The Warframe works in mysterious ways. If this makes the problem worse, obviously you should change it back.

    3. If you have an old ANSI hard drive, make sure that ANSI mode is enabled in your motherboard BIOS. That one might just be me.

    4. InB4 some smug bro tells you to buy a $4000 computer. If your system meets the minimum specs, but still isn't loading missions properly, open a support ticket, before you start throwing cash at the problem.


  4. Wolf will definately be back. Not only did the Devstream confirm this, but have we ever known DE to not milk every piece of content?

    Sadly, I suspect that he'll just be an assassin beacon in next season's cred shops, but maybe DE will surprise us and he'll be a bigger part of the new gas city.

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  5. Wolf will definately be back. Not only did the Devstream confirm this, but have we ever known DE to not milk every piece of content?

    Sadly, I suspect that he'll just be an assassin beacon in next season's cred shops, but maybe DE will surprise us and he'll be a bigger part of the new gas city.

  6. Riven prices will reflect the size of the total platinum supply. To meaningfully impact prices (not just force people to do a bunch of shady crap to get the true value of their rivens) DE can do one of two things.

    A. Convince people to stop buying so much Plat. (An act of insanity.)

    B. Add more platinum sinks. (Screwing free players.)

  7. On 2019-05-05 at 6:19 PM, TheLegendaryGrim said:

    Every Time I Go In And Out It Takes 1-5mins for cetus gates to open and its really frustrating. I always miss tridolon hunts and even bounties becuz it takes a while for me to go to the plains and When I come back my rewards get lost becuz It says connection from the host was lost going back to the orbiter or something. Then I lose my rewards. I mean come on is there any fix?

    So here Are My Specs:

    Radeon Software Version - 17.7.1
    Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive
    Windows Version - Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
    System Memory - 4 GB
    CPU Type - Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz
    Gpu - Amd Radeon R5 M330

    Before you spend any money, optimize your download cache, via the launcher.

  8. There was a crayon drawing contest at The Feast of Fools tonight.

    With so many courtly ladies dressed as jesters and the Red Queen shouting "Off with their heads!" I got a little inspired.

    It was drawn without any reference other than my own memory, and I had to cut it up a little to fit it inside my flatbed scanner, but I think it came out rather well:





  9. 11 minutes ago, Alanthier said:

    I still can't get back on, it gives me the Network Not Responding message whenever I try to log in.

    Yeah, same here.


    --and logging in to warframe.com to post this message took 3 tries. "Gateway timed out"


    Edit: Back in, for now.

  10. This started happening to me after I downloaded today's patch. 3/3 missions and I had to Alt+F4  each time.

    I do not have buttons to exit or repeat the mission to click, but clicking the tabs or arrows at the top, to change to the syndicate standings page, does nothing.

    I can see my warframe standing in front of the navigation console, and all the animations are running, but I can't interact.

    I am not using the in-game chat, because I am voice chatting to my team via Steam.

  11. Thank you all for your feedback!


    I have been carefully considering my reply, for I am on tranquilizers right now (side errect of these super-powered antihistamies. It's a skin thing urelated to the heavy stuff I'm about to foolishly unveil), and I don't write super well on them.


    Anyway I want to respond to a couple of posts here, then I have a couple of points to expand on my OP.




    Cool story bro.  The quest is good but I'm still not sure about the reward (since we have pre-corpus valkyr skin inc)


    See this is a good point, but I think to address it I need to make the section on why I want this longer, and it is already too long, so I will cover some of my cut points down here.


    There's a long digression about my personal attatchment to this idea here, so maybe that's a thing you don't care about?

    So, I actually have some PTSD of my own. It's well managed, but it's something I live with every day. So this is something close to a lot of raw nerves, where I'm liable to split a lot of hairs other people wouldn't care about.


    So having Valkyr avaialbe to me as an avatar is really cool. It's really awsome to have a character who wears the scars of torture so proudly and is accepted as much for them as in spite of them. IRL it just doesn't work that way. You have to carry the hurt inside, and you're better off if most people don't know.


    They just can't understand what it's like to live with hyper aroused combat instincts, where every second of every day you are looking at the people around you and thinking about what you would do if they suddenly tried to hurt you. Like, you get to the part where you spend all your social time making a mental checklist in the back of you head, of all the ways you could kill or disable them, if you had to, and the conversation just breaks down. Neither their life nor mine will be improved by sharing this information.


    Valkyr doesn't have that problem. I mean you look at this girl and you see her skull is cracked open, her skin is peeled off and she's got giant pins in her bones, and she doesn't need to explain anything to you. Even if she could speak normally she wouldn't have to; the visual and the screaming tells the whole story. However, people aren't turned off by that. She a tenno, and people expect some wierd stuff from them, but they still respect them -- not just as dangerous weapons, but also as honorable warriors who fullfill their contracts. With The Lotus, Teshin and her fellow Tenno to support her, she can pursue what is a normal career in her culture, without having to hide who she is.


    That's a really appealling fantasy for a guy standing in line at the coffee shop, quietly calculating the best way to disable the guy behind him--just in case that person sudenly attacks him for no reason. It's not a rational fear, but it will never leave.



    So, a Valkyr Prime, or a regular Valkyr restored to her original condition doesn't really appeal to me. It's missing the spark that makes her special to me. I love her for her scars, but I wonder if maybe she does need a little more medical attention that the Lotus has afforded her? I mean, she has no skin. I mean, doesn't that look painful, or at least very, very itchy? So that got me to thinking about ways that would allow her to be "re-skinned". (My apologies to those who suffer from a pun intolerence)



    With what you said about the Grineer spy mission, it should be either a Mobile Defense (with 2 terminals because three is time consuming), or a spy mission (which you already said), but requiring 2 data extractions. I would do three, but three is time consuming and can get frustrating when you fail one, *cough* Stolen Dreams *cough*. And as for the boss fight, Valk should be collared the whole time, but he should use her as a meat shield. When Alad V looses 25% of his health (beginning stage 2), he sets her loose, but Valk would try to resist his commands, when he hits that stage, he would have a panel (like ruk, but requiring accuracy, so rewarding sniper type players) that appears on his arm that you'd have to hit at least 3-4 times for him release Valk. When Valk is dropped, he would have to re-collar her,but he would gain more attacks as the fight progresses. (Main inspiration from the first Dark-Siders II boss fight.) I like your idea more, but I wanted to share mine with you.


    Spy missions with Infested in them are hard, becasue you can't stop them from spawnign by hacking the alarms. So, I was worried about asking too much of the player. You don't want to skill check people out of too much content, becasue lamers buy platinum too. However, I do have a new, better idea, thanks to you.


    Still use spy missions, but make the needed BP a random drop from the "Unidentified Item"s in the datavaults. So it would be like the excavation missions for the Limbo Theorem. This gives players an incentive to keep cracking vaults, after the infested show up, but gives more cautous players the chance to cut and run once the swarm arrives.


    I'm hesitant to mess too much with the boss fight. Defense missions can go pretty long, and you don't want players to restart too much. Also, I want to try to use existing mechanics and models as much as possible, since I know I am already asking for the moon here. (Wait... why isn't Luna an in-game area? Should we be asking for the moon? =) ) I do like the idea of her not being restrained, but then maybe it would be better if she faced that fear and overcame it. I'm not sure.


    Cool story: the first boss I fought after getting Valkyr was Vor, and I ripped him into at least 6 peices with Hysteria's sliding spin attack. It is an awesome visual that I want to share, and I basically want to see this fight end the same way.


    Here begins the new stuff:


    These thoughts come in two types again. What should a repaired Valkyr look like, and what should we call her?


    For appearance, I do have a sort-of vision coalecing in my mind. I would try to draw you something, but I keep falling alseep in my chair, from these pills, so that probably wouldn't work out.


    I was trying to think of ways that she could be resesigned to fit with any of her existing helmets, or with the new pre-corpus valkyr helmet/head, and that got me to looking at the Bastet and Kara helmets, like really looking at them.

    That got me to thinking about boxy cybernetics with rounded corners, egyptiam mythology and the way she looks with her skin on, and I sort of mashed hem together at different angle until i found a way the puzzle fit together.


    Repaired Valkyr should have a mummy like appearance, but with wrappings made from a clearly technological material. I'm picturing zanuka's shiny, anodized, vandal-esque skin cut into strips and wrapped around her arms, legs and midriff. They should bulk her up to the point that her sillhouette aligns with her Pre-Corpus appearance.


    Then the boxes on her arms could to be bulked up a bit, with rounded corners, like the face of the kara helm, but with greneerish gew-gaws on them. The rest of her metal parts could then be spruced up with adornments designed to evoke her egyptian motif. In particular, I see her collar expanded into a Cleopatra collar top made from the plates of Alad V's goofy jacket. One could even add an egyptian style loincloth to get some of those sweet nVidia cloth physics in there. (Don't hate; I have AMD chipsets myself, but I don't begrudge such joy to others.)


    Finally, it's time to think abut how she would fit with extras. Her new arms should look great with Valkyr's Bonds, sure, but wouldn't they look even sweeter if it the manacles looked good with the Vaykor Syndana or the Rath Kittag Cloak?


    Alternately, You could steal the physcis from Valkys Bonds and put them on two strips of the mummy wrapping, and let players pay a bit of platinum to have tose hanging off her arms. That would be pretty cool all by itself, or if you could get it in a set with a mummy wrapping syndana.


    I still don't love Valkyr Storm, as a name, but I keep rejecting all my other ideas.


    Considering the Egyptian elements and the theme or rebirth and mummification, it would make sense to name her after the Egyptian goddess of rebith, who coincedentally invented mumification: Isis! Oh, wait... no... that.. would not be a good idea right now... that's a polular english acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who are themselves very unpopular in places where things like fun and the internet are legal. Marketing would be wise not to approve this. Did you hear about Isis Mobile Wallet company? They could have made it big, but then topical news stories made the company name suddenly very unfortunate. That's a sad story that DE wants no part in.


    If the bandages or the dangles on her cybernetics are sufficiently shiny, she could be Valkyr Vandal. However, Vandal items are usually weapons, and so far have always been event exclusives, like Wraiths, but even rarer. Plus, while it is mostly used on corpus items, it features a lotus symbol and some of the vandalized items were tenno in origin, or even decanonized items no longer associated with any faction lore wise (Snipetron Vandal). There is enough suffix confusion for Vandal.


    Anyway, I wanted to put this out there, and see if i could inspire some further thought on the matter.

  12. So many delicious Hydroid tears to drink!


    Honestly, this nerf isn't even that harsh. Anyone who wasn't cranking power strength to exploit this might even notice an overall improvement, especially when they stick close to their Nekros and their Oberon.


    Anyone who was stacking up Power Strength had to know it was only a matter of time. Peeps need to grow up.

  13. So, I've seen a lot of people talking about how great it would be if Valkyr got a prime form that was markely different from her basci form, to reflect the way her void powers had been shaped by her time in captivity, and the horrors that Alad V inflicted on her. I think that is awesome, and this suggestion is in no way intended as an alterantive to that.


    However, that does leave players who want to quest for a shinier version Valkyr with her normal powers, out in the cold.


    Yeah, we can always get skins, but that really isn't as satisfying to me as goign out and hunting the drops in an actual mission and getting +10% to an irrelevant stat for my trouble. It's kind of about the chase for me.


    Thinking about that, got me to thinking about something else that has been bothering me, and a way DE could kill both my birds with one stone.


    Valkyr deserves a chance to confront her tormentor. She's obviously suffering some kind of PTSD, and while that sort of thing doesn't usually ever go away, some sense of closure would be healthy for her. Since this is a game about shooting people, that probably means a murderous vendetta, but hey what you gonna do?


    So I propose a new quest. Valkyr will get to scream at people and rip them apart, which is what we love about her, and the player will get a blinged out Valkyr, who is (slightly) better than the off-the-shelf model. Maybe replace her missing skin with zanuka patterned armor and give her more and larger cybernetics, to show she is healed, upgraded and now okay with the ways she has changed.


    This new Valkyr variant needs a name, and it can't be Valkyr Prime. I am calling her Valkyr Storm for now, but I don't love that.*


    Note: I'm assuming that, like Chroma, the player will need to gather some really annoying things to actually build all these BPs, to make up for the fact that the quest is rather straightforward and not RNG powered at all. They'll probably make you collect thematically appropriate prime parts.



    The Actual Quest:



    Prerequisites: Patient Zero completed, owns Valkyr, and Mesa (to ensure the player has fought both forms of Alad V to date, or paid to skip this part).


    Plot Breakdown:


    Once you activate the quest, Teshin explains that he is concerned about some of the Tenno survivors, who were rescued during the Gradivus Delimma. While her tech and powers have been very useful to the Tenno cause, she isn't focused on her training. Thoughts of vengence are distracting her from her maximum performance, and if she's going to be the soldier he needs her to be against the Sentients, she'll have to be at her very best. We need to get this fighter a rematch, but how to find Alad V? The guy is on the lam from the Tenno, the Corpus and the Greneer, so he isn't exactly going to be showing his face in public.


    So you need to do some legwork before you come to the finale.


    1. You, the player, attack a Corpus facility affiliated with the original Zanuka Project, left from before Alad went mutalist happy. Capture a corpus mook and squeeze him for information. He coughs up a blueprint for part of the Valkyr Storm and puts you in touch with someone who can help you find Alad.


    That'll lead you another corpus contact. You can recycle anybody who hates Alad, or just make up some new guy. It might be a good chance to introduce a character who you want to have established for later. He tries the usual corpus Plan A-- asking you to do some BS fetch quest for him before he'll help-- but Valyr counters with her own favorite negotiating tactic-- Hysterical Screaming. Teshin gently reminds the contact how terrible it would be for him if he got between this tenno and her target, and we move on the the meat of the plot.


    2. The contact knows where you can find a stash of Tyl Regor's hard drives. There's just enough chance there might be something on gene repair in there, that Alad might come after it himself, if it's existance were made public. It would be the perfect bait for a trap. This leads to a tough Greneer spy mission, which is always overrun with powerful Infested. The stolen files might not be much use to Alad, but we aren't going to tell them that, however it has enough magical healing science in it to yeild another Storm part BP.


    3. Once you have the bait, it's time to set the trap. Teshin has shown that he can hack as well as the Lotus now, so let's do the mobile defense thing with him again. --This time on an infested corpus facility. Teshin will plant data in Alad's databases "Proving" that the stolen data would be useful to him, and inviting him to come and get it, if he thinks he's hard enough. Bascially, he is throwing down the gauntlet, on Valkyr's behalf. While he's in there, he can steal some of Alad's warframe research, gaining the third Storm component BP.


    4. Finally, it's time for the showdown! It's a defense mission, to ensure that the Valkyr wins her battle against Alad V. Like with the Greneer Defector, players must defend an ally, rather than a stationary object. Bonus points if Valkyr is hard to protect becasue she is always running off the kill people. That feels right. Alad is a coward, so natually he'll send several waves of deadly Infested to soften up the defenders, before he finally appears.


    It would be nice to throw in some waves of Drekar mooks or Maniacs from Tyl Regor, just to show that he didn't take this theft lying down, but this story isn't really about him. They could even come at the same time, and fight each other Crossfire style, but I don't know if the engine would be able to handle that and a combatant defense objective at the same time. AI IFF is hard, and I wouldn't hold it aganst DE if they took a few shortcuts.


    When Alad finally does show up, it would be a good idea if Alad did not collar the defense target. It's hardly a "win" for her is she get's collared and the player Tenno has to rescue her *again!* To ensure that the mission is winnable by a single player, the defended Valkyr should get a hysteria buff whenever a fellow tenno is collared. That'll keep the escort quest from failing iself while the player is helpless.


    Not only does it protect against player frustration, it also makes it pretty likely that the player will get to watch her rip Alad into tiny peices, which is what I reallyone of the two things I wanted in the first place. It's okay if another player makes the kill, in a multiplayer session. This isn't that kind of game.


    With her quest for closure and self acceptance complete, Valkyr has regained her center, and is ready to be rebuilt using the data aquired over the course of her quest, into a new more perfect fighting machine, The player will naturally get a copy of the Valkyr Storm frame BP, to complete their own set.




    So, that's what I've got so far.


    It think there is, at least, the skeleton of a really great idea buried in here, but I'm super hungry for feedback.


    What could I change to make this better?



    *She isn't intended to be a Prime, but rather something new, that aproaches the same power level as the Prime frames. However, most of the other suffixes are associated with limited edition items that cannot be gained under normal circumstances, quite unlike how quests work.


    Players pick up the quest from Teshin, at the relay, once they meet the requirements (DE can re-use the technology from Simaris' role in the start of The New Strange). We need an NPC who talks to do the talky parts. Teshin seems like a good choice, since he is all about personal growth and honesty and stuff. Plus, he seems bloody minded enough to think this is a good idea. I'm not aware that Teshin has his own suffix for things he has augmented, and this story is really about Valkyr, with Teshin as a supportign character and occasional narrator.


    So I came up with a suffix that might have come from either of them, and ties back to claw stances a little as well: Valkyr Storm. It's .. not great, but I'm using it here, just for the sake of brevity. Don't like it? I'm all ears if yu have something better.

  14. Regarding Excalibur: I think the energy blades on Exalted Blade do need a nerf. Excalibur needs to have them, so EB isn't an invitation for flyers to taunt you, but right now it is too powerful. However, I do not support a drain increase. Excalibur builds are already pushed too far toward efficiency mods.


    --but wait! Why can Excalibur afford so much Efficiency? Because his mojo is so strong that he doesn't really need anything except a way to keep pumping EEEEE. His mojo is just too strong.


    Even if the projectile blades did half their current damage, and the close up slashes did full damage, it would still be one of the most efficient and powerful ULTs in the game.


    Plus, that would encourage Excalibur players to change it up, and take fuller advantage of all the cool moves in the Exalted Blade Stance. That'll make them more fun to play, and to watch.


    Regarding Mesa: Mesa is the elephant in the room of balance. Until she is fixed, every other balance concern is like taking a hot pocket out of the microwave while your house burns down. Greedy Pull abuse was only a symptom of this much larger problem.


    In it's basic form, her ULT isn't that much more powerful than other AoE ULTs, but with the right combination of mods it can be elevated to frankly ridiculous levels. If you bring a hardcore Mesa into a tower defense map, bring a book to read during the first 40 waves. All you need to do is select continue every 5 waves, and let Mesa do the rest. This isn't even an exaggeration; I am speaking literally. I have rode along on some of these, and its only funny the first time. After that it is boring. Even after things start to ramp up, Mesa will outshine the rest of the party with her sheer power.


    Not only does this create an unfortunate situation where the most efficient use of you void keys is to find a Mesa to mooch off of, and take a nap -- it also breaks the economy, by putting rare void loot in the hands of many players who frankly have neither the skill nor the gear to have any business in a high level void defense map. Everyone looking at the rising prices of Orokin Trader items should be concerned about how this influx of ducats is leading to greater inflation.


    The icing on the cake of shame is, the broken build is so easy to use that Mesa's player can also get caught up on their summer reading. Using this exploit is almost as boring as standing around benefiting from it.


    Corrupted Nullifiers have helped with this problem, but have proven inadequate. Pushing out enough of them to hamper Mesa even a little further would make life very hard on other casting focused builds, all of which I love and cherish.


    So that leaves the question of how to fix Mesa. We can't nerf her abilities basic forms too far, since she needs to be playable for people who want to use her normally, but nerfing the mods that make her OP would remove needed elements for other frames' builds.


    I think the best approach is to overhaul the way this ability benefits from mods. They can stay the same, and the base ability can stay the same, but range, duration and kill-power on Peacemaker need to go up more slowly, to bring her top-end output in line with other frames

  15. Long time lurker, first time poster, blah, blah-- not the point.*


    This thread is particularly relevant to my little ghost clan, and we recently graduated to hitting T3 maps, and the appearance of the Corrupted Bombard has been really palpable for us.


    I'd heard a lot of complaining about their power level, and I was kind of afraid we weren't ready for them, but we've been doing quite well against them.


    The problem is that they just don't feel very good to play against, and there are a lot of things about them that could make them really fun if the fiddly bits were ironed out.


    The firing rate seems to be completely random from one bombard to the next, to the point where I'm not sure if they are bugged. Even if this is intended behavior, it does not evoke the intended emotional response. When you can't tell which bombards are dangerous by their model, name and level, it feels like the game is hiding information from you. This isn't the kind of game where that isn't cheating, and the unfairness stings.


    I have personally shot down the missiles with a number of different weapons. It is easiest to hit them as soon as they exit the barrel. My FPS on by portable machine is not very good, so if I can do it there, anybody should be able to.


    It is too easy to lose sight of the missile once it gets out into the open, though. Everything in the void is already too samey looking, and a little color contrast would be oh-so-welcome. It's well past time for Warframe to outgrow it's obsession with desaturated, monochrome color palettes, anyway.


    Knockdown procs are something players can mitigate. Rhinos and melee builds should already know how to stop these. If you can't handle them, get Shock Absorbers, Fortitude and Constitution. Those of you asking for regular enemies to get harder should find the reduced points, to put into defenses and power enhancement, very refreshing.


    You do not want one of these guys to sneak up behind you. They have good procs, silent shots and lots of damage. I like the way this feels. It makes working with your cell and watching each other's backs important. This is healthy for a co-op game with a large pool of endgame players. It builds comradery, community and loyalty to the game. DE knows that they need more of that, and here it is on a silver platter.


    I have no beef the explosions going through shields, current meta favors Mesa Spam, but there are still a lot of complacent Frost players out there who need a little fire under their backsides. It's no fun to be PUGing with some rando from recruitment channel, who just wants to cast snowglobe, and then stand on the cryopod spamming "E" until he extracts at Wave 20. Every iota of suffering they feel brings an equal warmth to my black evil heart.


    The visuals and the blast radius not being 1-1 is lame though. If new explosion effects are not feasable, the visual effect from the Anti-MOA or the Sapping Osprey orbs could fill in. I would even mind too much if DE recolored it to that exact same piss color as every other corrupted ability. At least those are proportioned to the game effects they are intended to display, which makes them feel a lot more fair.



    In summary: Do not "nerf" Corrupted Bombard with -Danger, but rather "buff" him with +Fun.


    *Actually it looks like I posted 5 times in the ancient past. Still the point is to fixate on what I am trying to say, and not the number under my portrait.

  16. The lotus permits every Tenno to decide if they want to take mercenary contracts. There are 4 ways you can react:


    1. If you are too high and mighty to work with scum, don't take any contracts.


    2. If you are selfish or pragmatic, you can merc yourself out to whichever side is giving out the best battle pay. After, isn' it more important to build up our own military might than to worry about these moral affairs?


    3. If you are idealistic, you could join a side based on some aspect of it's cause or system wide impact. i.e. in Gravidus, Tenno would often be swayed to one side by the possibility of saving unopened tenno cryotubes, or of defending colonies from grineer conquest.


    4. If you are firmly anti-villain, but still want to participate. You can think of it as playing both sides against each other. If the corpus are willing to help uswipe out the grineer, then who is going to stop up from beating them down, once the system is free?

  17. Okay, I'm not happy with the sweeper nerf, since I've been putting off leveling it until now, but I can understand why it was done.


    There was literally no reason to use any other sidekick weapons, and trying to introduce other armaments to compete for that slot ould be a nightmare.


    Sweeper had a good run, but it's time for it to step in line with the other Sentinal armaments.



    --but you guys aren't going to nerf my Brakk, are you?  I know the event exclusive weapons are intended to be a little wrong, but nothing that feels this good to play with can be right.

  18. Every faction is a warmongering, unsympathetic machine. Because of how bad the writing is at DE, they had to flat out tell us the Tenno were the good guys. Like thousands of other people, after hearing "You have amnesia, but you should totally trust me" I was wary of the Lotus' intentions. The writing for this game is akin to  a Saturday morning cartoon and that is just sad to see. The Tenno are murderous thugs, they garner no sympathy. But NOW~! We gotta stop the Grinner from spreading...into what? The only 3 factions that consist of humanoids are the only 3 that matter. There are no civilians that we know of, we are not trying to bring balance or peace. Lotus uses us like mercenaries for hire, we end up helping both sides all the time.


    So this entire lazily done event has presented two options.


    1. Help the Corpus and fail to uphold the only purpose given to the Tenno by DE, which is to save Tenno.

    2. Help the Grineer and get our fellow Tenno back. Then use the awakened Tenno to fight back the Grineer.


    A Tenno is worth 20,000 Grineer or Corpus, maybe more. If every single mission is extermination or whatever the Corpus missions are (I wouldn't know since I am not a traitor), this event is a bust. There is nothing to these missions. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was more than single mission runs. Have large flowing fights, Have you fight along side a Champion like Vor/Kril or a pack of Hyenas/Jackle. Have some interactions with Vor to show the uneasiness between us, that he vehemently hates us for foiling the Sling-Stone operation. Maybe have some Fomorian ship missions to get the Infested involved in some capacity. There is no reason this event could not have been a combination and expansion of concepts and ideas previously explored. I was hoping for more free-form choice driven levels, having multiple objectives; to interact with the enemy. You know, have it go all out. This event is reward heavy, but light on content. You know, the stuff that matters. It introduces no new concepts for game modes/the way we play, just more needless grind.


    I will say it again. If you create compelling and fun gameplay, you don't need 1000 weapons or 300 Warframes. The ideas here were nice, the delivery of information was botched and the logic is just stupid. This coupled with the fact it is the same game being played, just with window dressing. This event does not create or give off the feeling of being "epic" (hate that word). It is just a means to show off new content(4 weapons) and does nothing to promote creating player-driven choices that resonate in the gameplay. It is still running up and down the same interchangeable hallways killing the same enemies. This event shows off how stupid the A.I. is. Instead of moving as a unit with them, they all just cluster F*** around. I was picturing boarding parties, squads of structured/diverse units, you know make it seem like it wasn't just the A.I. being dragged along by a sting. I was expecting to maybe encounter Vor in the field. If you are working with the Grineer, he pelts you with scathing remarks, but asks your team to take out a generator and gives you some men and a bomb to do so. Then you return to him for a final push. Break up these more structured missions with the samey rushed oriented crap and you got yourself a truly grand event in scope. The allied Corpus/Grineer are not even helpful. It is a novelty at best. They get in the way and the number of enemies present do not warrant the number of Tenno or allied faction present. So you have a "huge battle" happening within the same confined areas all other missions take place in, yet you jam more people in there (a majority of which you cannot shoot); the number of enemies does not require so many allied soldiers like I stated. If you were to spawn with a boarding party or a Champion unit and a party, then proceed to work through the level with a clear objective in mind; that would be way more compelling and something actually different(granted not much different, but still). You would have less clutter and a more directed flow to the mission.This event wreaks of laziness or lack direction/imagination, maybe both.


    To break this down into being about telling your story for the sake of telling your story, that is not the way to approach this. You are only looking to create means to an end in which you tell the story of the Berserker; which will become stale if it is presented in a similar way the current lore is. To run through a level and hear the same dialogue over and over and over again sucks, it lessens the impact of what is said. If we have to grind for Berserker prints and a story is attached to the levels in the form of "words words words words words" of the same 5 or so lines of dialouge, you have screwed something up.


    If you are only focused on telling one story, focusing on what is best for your story; you are doing it wrong. You need to tell your story in the best way possible for the good of the product as a whole. If that means compromising your story to let the players make a choice, so be it. If you are going to game the system to try and force a Corpus victory to tell the story of the Beserker, again that is dumb. This sudden interest in lore is just that. Instead of taking the time to think this out and present it a compelling way, you rushed it out the door. You had to change the stipulations at the last second to make the event even make any kind of sense, which it still doesn't.


    This has become an extension of the grind with window dressing and not the awesome event it was made out to be.




    Okay, I can respect the emotional place this is coming from, but I have to disagree with a lot of your points.


    Bringing in the other boss characters would really take the spotlight off of these guys, who haven't really had any before. I'm sure they'll get their time to shine at the end, like the new enemies in the Corpus Void Event.


    If the same characters who featured in the last two events show up, it makes it look like General Ruk can't get anything done without Captain Vor, and Lieutentant Kril, and that would make his forces look small and make the world seem small. Those guys need to go on the back burner, before they get even more overexposed. (Vor in particular, should keep far away from any operation where an alliance with Tenno who care about their frozen brothers are involved. Even if the others are allowed to be somewhat sympathetic, he should always be the guy we hate.)


    That said, it would be nice if there had been more tiles in the asteroid area, that could be combined in more interesting ways. Still, this is a test of our ability to speenrun the existing Corpus and Greneer tiles, and it would be silly if most of the map wasn't familiar territory for veteran players to rack up laps in. In an F2P game like this, a good designer rewards players for taking the time to hone their skills.



    As to your issue with the weakness of the story, I have to disagree with you entirely. The writing isn't bad, it is simply absent. The most common, english adjectives used in the little writing we do get are "mysterious" and "cryptic". We are literaly at the beginning of this tale, and like our characters, we cannot remember anything that happened before this.


    This might seem like the writers weasiling out of doing thier job, but actually it's a way to open up the possibility of events like this one. Events where players vote (by playing the game) to determine what the motivations of the player faction are.


    The question we are asked today is, "Do the Tenno value their fellow Tenno's interests above the good of the common people?" Do we follow the cause we were given at the outset, or do we sally forth like knights errant, to do noble deeds at great cost to our own people? Granted, this would be a better question if we had any kind of information about the common people of this system, and whether being a Greneer slave is measurably worse than being a Corpus slave, but it is an interesting nod toward allowing the players to tell their own story, and present their own perspective to the developers.


    Giving different badges to players who supported either side, regardless of the winner was an inspired move. I expect to see players from the losing side wearing theirs with far more pride than the winners (and not just because the Corpus badge is much better looking ;P).


    Overall, considering the medium they're working in (heavily instanced, randomly generated dungeons for an action RPG) this is some really good environmental story-telling. However, the scale of this world was constructed from the get-go to tell the story outside of the levels where possible, becasue there is only so much you can do with a random level generator. By making the world so large and mysterious, they give themselves the leeway to tell you that something happened far from you, and that's why you didn't see it. You might not appreciate this particular piece of artifice, but I have to admit, it's quite clever.


    Overall, I think the story in this game is fine for what it is, and what it is is "not the point of this game." The point of this game is murdering hundreds of dudes with your parkour-ninjitsu, and looting their bodies to feed your skinner-box addiction. You can invest yourself in the story if you want, nd lord knows I have, but for most players, this event is just another way to farm potatoes.

  19. I am disappointed my Tenno brethren.


    I see now that many of the clans value loyalty above all else --right up until a chance appears to get your hands on some Orokin power sources.


    --and then you have the gall to cliam that it is neccisarry to uphold the virtue of Sacrifice!? It is we who Sacrifice, to uphold loyalty. I have made half a million credits already this day. What use have I for this Greneer gold? --but I take this poor reward with pride, knowing I have defended the helpless from a fate worse than death!


    Don't you remember what it was like, waking up alone and helpless, with no memories to guide you to safety? Can you leave another helpless in that same plight, knowing that the heartless Corpus will vivisect them, looking for our Orokin secrets?


    I hope you all feel the shame of betraying those frozen brothers, every time you look at your ill gotten corpus badge!

  20. Lots of cool bug fixes, but I gotta say the balance tweak leave me saddened.


    I'm guessing that the more nonsensical decisions are here to make PVP semi-viable.


    Suffice it to say I will likely not invest in that Trinity Reactor I was considering, and will mothball her instead; Link was the only thing in her bag that was fun to use without a complete party of friendly/competent allies.

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