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I am "a particularly keen Tenno" according to official DE lore.


I am still an irresponsible passenger causing code 6 on the mining deck while flagrantly ignoring the guard rails there for my protection.


I'd like to note, giving positive/constructive feedback is HUGE.


When people have useful or creative input, it's great, and it often makes it into the game at some point(example: zephyr).


However, there's a great deal of yelling and screaming about stuff like "REVAMP X ENTIRELY!"  and that doesn't help at all.


Also, they are actually cranking the game out at surprising speed. Your average development time for a game of this scale is ~5 years. That they've gotten this far in 2 is actually rather amazing, particularly when you consider how bug-free it is.


Yes, it has bugs, but they tend to be either rare or unforeseen. Many games in public development leave massive issues for months(or years!) on end.


So, if you want to see it go faster, give constructive criticism. Tell them what could be done better, and don't tell them the ever-popular "START OVER FROM SCRATCH!" Telling them how to make it better gives them ideas that are often even better than what was suggested. Telling them they've completely screwed up is somewhere between off-putting and demoralizing. Tell them what they can make better, or, if you have no idea, what, exactly, is wrong.


People sometimes complain that they don't listen, but things like Alad V exist solely at the community's suggestion. The new damage system, the upcoming melee system, all of these incorporate various things people suggested could be done better.


So if it's not good enough, tell them why. Be specific about what's wrong, but don't get too demanding about what would be "right", and accept that it will come to be if it can be, as soon as they can.


Why? Well, they admit when they're wrong, they admit it:


Honored Tenno,


Well, we screwed that one up, didn’t we? (I have my asbestos underpants on now).







Best description of tenno, ever:

I'm just a mass of energy without any memories, controlling different exo-armor powersuits and gender bending at will, my only purpose is to increase my collection of robo-suits, obtain weapons and robot pets, I've recently taken up an interest at collecting different breeds of space dogs.


Morality has nothing to do with my line of thinking, the only thing that drives me onward is increasing the amount of toys I get to play with, and making myself look more swag.


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