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  1. Anytime you reload the Pandero with the Perla skin on the revolver drum is misplace onto the tip of the gun, where Pandero's drum usually stays. Before Reload After Reload
  2. Hold on, I may be incorrect, but I'm almost sure that the fractures are time limited but the boss is not. fractures being like the ghoul events, soo often. If I am wrong, I'm glad I already got Hildryn and the good exploiter orb ephemera (Not like I had 20k cryotic laying around either) sad that I will never see the articula, because I am never touching this boss again.
  3. First of all, Melee "1.9" is amazing, the flow of combat is incredible and intuitive, melee and gun builds no longer feel separate, they feel like one continuous aspect. But with melee 1.9 came an issue, mostly related to machinimas, captura, and the cool factor, the sheathing and unsheathing animations are gone, you can no longer see them in action, as using your melee will teleport it to your hand instantly, a second minor, but still an issue, is that you can no longer aim glide with your melee out if you bring a gun into the mission. Sometimes we just need that cool factor. What I ask is that 2 options be added, similar to "Melee with fire button input" One of them is "Block with Aim button input" This way when you are in melee mode you can aim glide with your melee weapon out, and as long as "Melee with fire" is turned off you can still seamlessly switch weapons and continue the flow by firing, it could also be argued that this change gives the opportunity for an overview for players that have a sniper equipped. The second one, and in my opinion the most important one, is that, in the key bindings, we have 2 switch weapons binds, an actual "Switch weapons" defaults 1 and 2 I believe (I changed it to mouse wheel up and down) and a "Switch gun" key bind. they are quite redundant, so my idea is, either create an option as the ones above called, "Sheat melee with Switch gun" or change the "Switch gun" key bind to a "Sheat Weapon" key bind, that will use the old weapons switching animations, of course not overwriting the new changes, so if both options above are inactive, firing and aiming immediately switches to your gun seamlessly. (With a possible added bonus, of holding this key actually sheats all weapons so you can walk in an unarmed state [in this state, clicking it again takes you to your melee and clicking and holding to your previous weapon], currently only possible when equipping a scanner)
  4. All my performance issues are gone as of update 24.3.0
  5. I just don't know why this is happening, I don't have this problem anywhere else but Warframe, no game or program and it is annoying the hell out of me asIi just can't fix it, I will uninstall and reinstal to see if that fixes it but I still feel like I should report it here. Basically, my game has hiccups. Every few seconds around (4 to 6s) the game will freeze for 1/16 of a second, the frames drop (at least the ones displayed do) and then continue, just like an annoying hiccup that won't go away and drives you nuts. Performance seems to have no impact on it. I disabled everything and went into full screen, windowed, and borderless windowed modes, it did not change anything, on bare minimum settings I get around 200 fps, but during hiccups, it "drops to 130fps", except it just freezes for that 1/16 of a second and continues. It is driving me actually insane and I just don't want to deal with anymore, please someone send help.
  6. You know, the Saryn rework thread is there for this type of posts, no need to make a new one.
  7. Interesting, Something that could make or break this rework is whether Spore will spread toxin and/or viral with it, alongside corrosive. I also feel that if you are going to make so spore is an On/Off ability, it would be redundant to make it not work on molt. It' not clear it the Workshop whether you are going to change the way spores are transmitted, Can you still shoot them? Is it going to be like old Hydroid tentacle swarm augment? You should make it clearer. It sounds like a great rework regardless, I hate the "sit here and press this button" style of "gameplay".
  8. I would love to see mine: sorry couldn't decide on the best photo
  9. Granted, it requires a Dyson's Sphere to fuel it, good thing we got one just for that. I wish people noticed my alliteration.
  10. Granted, you are considered a small nation compared to the vastness that is the infinity beyond. I wish world wars would be won with warframes.
  11. Granted, I wish people had more creative wishes.
  12. Granted, but the opposite sex loves you so much for it, that you have to expend most of your time running away from them. I wish for a waffle.
  13. Please, either make it a homing ability like shuriken or give it a thickness like the Opticor, as it stands it's hard to hit enemies that aren't even moving.
  14. Granted, It comes out in the state that it is currently, good luck. I wish for venus to be habitable, and for us to be able to go there in 12 years.
  15. Granted, You become obsessed with yodeling until someone films you yodeling in Walmart. I wish extra cheese on Gamma's Popcorn.
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