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  1. oh my this exploded and i am glad to see DE noticed it and fixed it for some but it sadly still isn't fixed for me.
  2. ignore my last msg it doesnt seems to work for me anymore
  3. so i did something i used directx 10 and i tried multiplayer and it worked mabye it will work for you guys too
  4. When ever i try to play with friends (or randoms) in the orb it will dissconect me after a few seconds or just immediately when i am not the host When ever i am the host and i try to play with friends (or randoms) it will be fine for a short while but then i just crash. This has been happening since the lastest mainline update for me. Also fortuna has been crashing since the mainline update very randomly at times, sometimes its fine and other times it just crashes. sorry for any typos/grammer errors
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