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  1. Limited run items usually sell better than stuff that isn't. People see that somethings back for a limited time they are more likely to buy it so they don't miss out when said item goes away. So it kinda makes sense, even though all the vaulted stuff could probably be added to the game without actually diluting any drop tables.
  2. There is no lore tied to it. Its simply a business thing rather than a lore thing. For what it's worth, when a frame or weapon gets vaulted, their relics still stay in our inventory, so you could either trade for those parts or relics if you don't have any. It's not ideal, but its not as bad as it used to be before the vault was opened for the first time.
  3. They do give them back. It's a visual bug that makes it look like they won't return them but if you check your inventory, you'll see everything gets returned.
  4. Just retrieved and re-deployed all 4 of mine and its showing 8 for the distilling and 4 for the titans. Maybe try retrieving one and re-deploying to see if it still says over 20 hours? I imagine it's got to be some sort of visual bug.
  5. Since corrosive damage already strips armor permanently when it procs, I suggest that heat applies an armor reduction that only lasts as long as the proc itself. This way, both fire and corrosive still remain unique in how they affect enemies. While corrosive damage appears to corrode armor away, heat could weaken the armor by making it more malleable, thus allowing weapons to more easily penetrate. And when the proc ends, the armor cools and becomes hard again, gaining back it's original resistance.
  6. Its Loki for everyone as far as I know. There might be an older version of the room with a different warframe before it was changed to Loki. But as of right now, we can't change it. It would be cool if we could swap it out for one of the relay statues.
  7. It only strips when she has the green mote active, and I believe it happens like every 2 seconds or something. So the fire proc on top of that will increase the sped at which it could strip armor. She could in theory strip armor from multiple enemies in the same time it would currently take to strip the armor from one. It would allow us to play more fast and loose when using her 4th ability. At least in theory. Edit: Wisp's armor strip actually applies every .5 seconds
  8. They want to, but from what I've gathered, its technically pretty challenging to do with Warframe, so it's kind of on the back burner for a bit. Their current goal is cross save, and once they figure that out they'll probably start looking more into cross play.
  9. Sorry I can't be of help but holy crap that's good!
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