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  1. Finally! I cringed every time i saw it or hear someone read it. To describe something, the game should use the most basic known-to-everyone wording. It looked so unprofessional. So yeah, thank you for that.
  2. I see the pattern. Nerfing old hotness to introduce new hotness. Catchmoon was nerfed before Kuva Liches update. Now Bramma will get a nerf before new Primary Kitguns. Get ready for another temporary hotness.
  3. Good idea. It should help all confused newbies. 🙂
  4. I have no idea what you're talking about. All big updates had a website page with announcement showing what's inside the update, links to youtube trailers etc. If you haven't seen them that doesn't mean they wasn't there. Here few examples: https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-empyrean https://www.warframe.com/news/rising-tide "Available now on all platforms!", was then "Coming this week to PC" and soon to Consoles. Stop arguing with the facts both of you... It's a big number "Update 28", it's guaranteed we get website announcement first, twitter announcement, maybe twitch drops streams and all that hype campaign.
  5. Every big update has a website page set up few days before release. Trailers are just trailers. We have New War trailer and even Duviri Paradox trailer. I'm talking about what happens days before the actual release.
  6. First website update with statement "Coming soon/this week on PC" (monday, tuesday), then the update (thursday, friday). Don't expect it to drop just like that without any "tease page" on the website.
  7. It was full before you click and it moved you to the other one. The list of relays constantly changing "in the background". The question is what's the point of this list if it's not updating in real time?
  8. Are you sure it's the same instance? Compare the number you click to the number you see on top of the screen after you load in. It's always different... I think i've never loaded to the same number i clicked. The list is not updating in real time which means the relay became full before you click it, then you was moved to the other one. If you open that list, then exit, then open again, you'll see that available (not full) relays changing all the time. That makes it impossible to return to the same relay - the one with your score. Leaderboards for each relay are fine, but total score for the win bonus should be global among all the relays.
  9. Best-performing run is exactly what it is. It should not set the bar, but to give clues of how much to lower it. It's not how avarage players will play, struggling with random matchmaking and host migrations.
  10. Yeah, i don't have problem with them. It's just the fact they are fixing "surprise kills" makes me feel like it was an oversight. I just think they should look at it. If they decide it's fine, then fine.
  11. It's not delayed because of bug fixing, it's delayed because of consoles. They just got the update sent to cert, means the update is pretty much ready to ship. We must wait, because... you know... all platforms must start the event simultaneously.
  12. Since we are on AI aimbot topic, maybe ramparts damage should be looked at? Those turrets are very accurate even at long distance and their damage shreds through everything in seconds.
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