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  1. Give us progression! - the goal we will strive for. Let us work towards something... towards something we will eventually achieve. Let us see that goal on the horizon - the achievement of maxing out the weapon. This Valence Transfer feature could do it. Let us utilize those weaker weapons as well. Let us combine them to slowly increase the power of weapon. Right now in current state, the more we combine the more often we'll be getting weaker weapons. It's endless work without end-goal. In the future the problem will escalate when more weapons will be added. Better fix it now. Since our warframes can affect element of kuva weapon, it make sense to do the same with weapon type. That could fix all problems. Unfortunately i have a strong feeling that the focus is on fixing the effects of the problem instead of their cause.
  2. I just wonder if we finally get those new male operator hairstyles in this update. Not like I'm waiting since January 2018, no of course not.
  3. I'm not really into that recent UI bars trend. I would rather have my brain micro-manage battlefield than UI bar. Instead of adding new combat elements to the game we got new UI micro-management elements to distract our brain from combat. It can work maybe for slower tactical games, but in the hoard shooter game i should be focused on action on the screen not UI bar. If something interesting/important happen on screen (which is a good thing, right?) I'll be punished, because I didn't look at UI bar and my Ember overheated. Fighting our own abilities... I would really like to have developers focus on adding new things to the combat not distractions from the combat - making combat trivial even more. In addition to that, i don't really see the point of having weaker and stronger version of abilities. Why should I use 1 Tesla Drone instead of 4? I hope it's not because of that juggling animation... please, i don't wanna believe that was the reason... 😅 Everything else looks interesting, but that new Heat melting armor change will be important for Ember rework. So until I see details, can't say anything.
  4. Operators room wallpaper disappear when High Dynamic Range is turned off. This problem is here since Stencils were introduced. That's a long time ago and still not fixed. I decided to report it, because obviously I'm the only one that plays with HDR off. 😆
  5. When we finally get those male operator hair styles you showed few months ago?
  6. After all the feedback the message is simple: Players want use their precious time (collect vitus essence) to get what they want (arbitration shop). Not use/waste their time in HOPE to get what they want. Whole game is around getting "loot boxes" that automatically opens on each rotation. Feels like wasting time more than using time. Imagine that after a month of work it's your payday. Instead of getting what you want - payment, the boss gives you dices. The number of dots you get will indicate reward you get. Yes, you will work to roll the dice. Would you work in that company? Hell no.
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