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  1. This absolutely blows my mind. You do realize that you are punishing players for using Helminth System and rewarding players for not using it, right? I don't know... mailbox players a unique Helminth treat to feed. It will give 1600xp points - number of treats depends on number of subsumed Warframes after Rank 10.
  2. Actually it's not every 4 weeks, but once a month - on the last Friday.
  3. In January 2018 you showed us new hair styles for male operators. It's been 3 years, any news about it?
  4. New weapons wreckage still giving 25 Endo on scrap! Seriously, how hard is to edit the number!?
  5. URGENT TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Caches giving duplicate rewards! VISUAL: Not needed. REPRODUCTION: Tested on Nu-Gua Mines (Neptune). Enter mission and complete it without doing white objective (cache). After mission is completed (reward screen) go and complete white objective. Repeat the mission from the Railjack (without returning to Dry Dock) again first complete it, get the reward and after that go for the cache. The cache reward will be same every time. EXPECTED RESULT: Reward should be different. OBSERVED RESULT: Same reward. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always.
  6. Dear @[DE]Rebecca The only thing that irks me is that energy change. I have no idea why you (devs) forcing that in. I know you want streamline the experience, but i think you pushed too far. It just doesn't make any sense! With so many ways to have infinite energy pool? (dispensary + arcane energize, energy dash) Are people who decide this play the game? Forcing this in, creating specific "meta" that excludes your favorite warframe, creating ability spamfest and imbalance (nerfing battle mods or warframes in result?), having to explain it in game lore. Instead you could just tweak some Flux Energy numbers and get the same result! Reducing energy cost of abilities, having mods increasing energy pool or regeneration rate... You can get same result without this warframe-powering-up-railjack nonsense... It will also be easier to balance later. Can we also have it leveled to 30, so we don't have to do anything? 🥰 But seriously we have Nightwave going on! Everyone can get a reactor...
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