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  1. A toggleable role would have made much more sense. While it's understandable what DE is trying to fix ("prevents new recruits from joining and bailing"), this negatively affects many established clans, especially the larger ones. I hope this will get revisited soon!
  2. Good luck to all entries! Out of curiosity, will be a one-off event, or are there any plans to cycle in new featured dojos?
  3. Considering what Letter13 said in the announcement recently posted to the recruiting forums, stating "This sorting change will also likely be a temporary measure", one can hope that this isn't the end of changes, at least regarding the recruitment subforums. However, perhaps it would be nice for DE to provide some kind of general forum plans for further updates/a roadmap? Just so people don't think that it's going to stay as it is, and can continue to provide constructive feedback!
  4. @(PS4)Steelergurl33, no need to apologise! It's a situation that is effecting a lot of clans right now, across all platforms. Our clan (Quasars) also relies on the forums for our recruitment, and it's affected us. If multiple people step up and make their voice heard here, then I hope there can be some beneficial changes. I'm not frustrated at you (so apologies if I worded that poorly), but at the feeling this situation could have been avoided.
  5. I'm sorry to say, but it is rather frustrating to see this, considering this discussion more or less already happened all the way back in February - the PC recruitment forums were all merged together, causing massive issues for PC clans/alliances, outlined in this post: Drew responded with "There is now a subforum for Ghost Clans (which are the most active by a large margin.". This plus the custom clan subforums were introduced, and both helped ease the prevalent issues (although not long-standing problems like 'Trade' ideally having it's own category... or perhaps recruitment could be moved under players helping players?) However, the custom clan sub-forums have their own issues - for example they've been bugged for months, where one cannot browse past page 1 with anything other than "Most Members". By default it's sorted by most members, which means that large clans/alliances dominate. While they could be a viable alternative to the recruitment sub-forums eventually, at the moment they are far from it. The current solution to spamming/deletion of posts in recruitment forums just implemented today seems to be making the default view be sort by 'Start Date'. Within a couple hours of this change, someone reposed their recruitment post as a new thread, abusing the new system to get to the top: The old system, while imperfect, at least allowed some semblance of visibility to active clans. But it looks like many of the complaints were discussed in the archived post above, so not much point in repeating them again. However I am (cautiously) hopeful that if DE takes feedback from the clans, a nice middle ground can be reached. Perhaps in this case, slow forums are not bad forums!
  6. A quick clan update! Had a very productive clan meeting yesterday, will be hopefully posting updates in the near future on our clan page. Everyone, no matter if you've applied/waiting to/lurking/just curious about Q, are more than welcome to our subforum. Click below to join now! Some updates will be cross-posted here if applicable, and thank you everyone who's applied for your patience πŸ˜„
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