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  1. It'll revolve around railjack. Why do you think the tenno are developing it to begin with?
  2. Eh, I find focus farming to be fine as it is. You hunt eidolons or do focus runs on ESO. It's a slow burn for progression. I think it gives it a lot of weight to be able to go from a Smolperator to biggus diccus Operator who can run endurance survival runs by itself. Now is it perfect? No. Is it worth the effort? it depends on who you ask. But I think it's fine as is because it gives me something to work on and build over time, and there is definitely a huge difference from a mote amp operator with no focus schools to a capped out focus school operator with a good amp and arcanes.
  3. I guess they weren't! I knew that Umbra's stats were tracked because I did an index with a guy who ran a riven'd kohm and umbra, then went operator mode, and he carried our team to 1 hr+. By the end of it, he had the most kills even though all he did was camp with umbra. He was still wiping Brokers out into the 300s, while I fell off mid 150s-200s with my Rhino build.
  4. I already see a huge issue. F2P facebook game. Their monetary models are usually no different than a mobile game. In fact, what you described sounds almost no different than the p2w gacha games that litter the app stores. But jeez. It honestly sounds like one awful experience soured the rest of them for you. That sucks. It really does. This is a completely game, with a completely model however. It's not remotely the same. But oh well, I guess. Maybe you'll change your mind one day.
  5. Then I guess you can't criticize people for thinking you're wrong or trash for having the stance you have. I don't agree with the latter there, but I'm saying you're being very hypocritical here. You don't need to break a limb to know you don't want to because your experiences as a child/person teach you not to do so. I'm sure you've sustained some injury in your life, and you know you don't want to go through with it again unless you have a very specific reason to do so. Also, unless a person has some sort of mental illness or specific fetish, they don't typically enjoy pain and wouldn't want to experience it. Not to mention, at an instinctual level, you would want to avoid it anyway. Self-preservation, homeostasis, and all that jazz. Okay. You've seen the pvp and you don't like it. That's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. I have no idea about MAA, so I can't speak on that. Warframe's pvp is fine for the most part. It needs some fixes, additional modes, and a rework regarding how standing is earned. They could rework it and make it much better, but I don't think it's trash. PVP was never intended to become the focus here, and never will. I will also say this: Watching someone play something is completely different from playing and experiencing it yourself. I don't think so. You've established that you like pvp, but you just don't want it in a pve game. In my example, you have two separate things that you like, but don't want to try them combined. The only factor here is you absolutely don't want the latter, regardless of anything. In your example, you straight up don't like and/or don't want the second thing at all, even if it's separate. There are more factors at play here because you've made a conscious living choice to exclude something completely from your diet. So if we're talking about being a vegetarian, it's more like sometimes eating vegetarian, sometimes eating meat, but never together.
  6. Well, good luck to you. I hope it turns out well.
  7. You have Excalibur Umbra running a sniper while you're running around in operator mode. His kills absolutely do count towards your kill count. You are right that Operators are very capable, but I'm almost 99% sure that most of your damage came from Umbra and not the operator, or a combination of Magus Lockdown and Umbra.
  8. Another stubborn one to add to the pile. Alright then. Whoa, slow down there. Having an unhealthy opinion doesn't correlate to mental health issues. I will say that you comparing this to the idea that not throwing yourself down some stairs and breaking an arm is missing out on something, and that it's similar to refusing to play content in a game.. well, that's honestly terrifying. Uh, wow. Okay. You actually can't have an opinion on a movie without at least seeing it for yourself. But that's different from saying a movie doesn't interest you because the genre it's part of doesn't interest you. You don't actually have an opinion on the movie in the latter case. If you refuse to see a movie because someone else says it's bad, again, it's not your opinion, but in this case, someone else's that you're mirroring. I certainly don't think you're trash because you don't want to try something. I do think, however, that you have very strange opinions and are being overly stubborn. But whatever. You're right that you don't need to try something because others think you should, but I think you're making yourself miss out on more things that you might actually like. Again, whatever. Yeah, I think it's a cop out, too.
  9. I'm not personally invested in the Lotus. I'm honestly tired of her character. She's the most bland out of the cast and doesn't come across as very motherly at all, even if the Tenno are attached to her. She turned her backs on us, and in the Ropalolyst missions, she claims that everything was a facade created by Orokin reprogramming. I see Rebecca in her normal persona as a much better Space Mom than Lotus. However, if she were to redeem herself in a major way, then have a personality shift that presents her as an actual motherly persona by the end of the New War, then I see merit in saving her. If not motherly, then at least a more interesting character with some emotional depth to her. "There's a large security force heading your way. It's the grineer." gets old after hearing it in the same, dry voice a million times over. But unless those changes happen as part of the story, I wouldn't want to save her. On another note: Please let me get rid of purple space mom mission guide.
  10. Crafting the Paracesis and ranking up the Quills syndicate.
  11. My apologies if I'm wrong, but to better elaborate: You often sound very negative in your posts. "Trashwave" for example. I often see that kind of negative attitude from people who don't actually enjoy the game, for whatever reason, and are voicing their complaints instead of moving on. Again, I apologize if I have the wrong view here. Just like I said, you come across as very pessimistic, which makes me wonder if you really enjoy the game or not. Upon reading more of your posts, it seems like I have the wrong take here. If it's just optional, then it doesn't change what I said. There are people who will still try to do it because they want to min/max what they get out of nightwave or 100% complete it. They might be in the minority. However, if you can pick from pvp or pve challenges, that would definitely be different. I missed the &, so that's on me. If it's both, I think most people who would be against it would be against it because of how dead conclave is. The whole "waste of development time and resources" argument. You wouldn't be forced into pvping. That's already established. Other than that, if Warframe's pvp was fun, then you're just being picky and stubborn. That kind of stubbornness is why I didn't get as much out of Warframe in the early days that I could have. I refused to play with certain weapons because I wanted this one way of playing. I liked my Paris (and Paris Prime, once it got released), so I never really tried out other weapons.
  12. I don't, sadly. Despite how long I've been playing Warframe off and on, I lack a lot of experience when it came to earlier builds of the game. This is mainly because I stuck with a very specific loadout and didn't touch many frames or weapons. I was adamant on playing with stuff like the Paris because I loved bows, and the way puncture damage worked was too good to pass up. Heck, I remained adamant on playing with the Galatine even after they removed op charge attacks. I didn't really break out of that mindset until a few years ago. It's probably the reason why I treated Warframe like a side game. By the time I picked up Ember, I think it was right before they nerfed her WoF.
  13. She almost completely invalidates enemy guns, and has a large area coverage of cc that can be charged with the damage of your weapon. Not only that, the tornadoes can be directed by your aim. Essentially, you can turn her tornadoes into mobile cc turrets that mimics the damage of whatever weapon you charge it with, or use them to easily set up shots. The shots you make on enemies while they're in the tornados take additional crit damage, too. It's very useful. This is not correct. Her damage buffs lose out to Chroma, Mirage, and Rhino with a damage riven. The ability to add damage to whatever element you want, rather than just adding copious amounts of heat damage will always make them pull ahead since her numbers aren't high enough to compensate for armor. If they allowed Accelerant to affect radiation or gas damage, there might be a case here for certain factions. With that said, I don't have her 1 augment, so I don't know how if Accelerant will apply to that heat damage before it combines with the other elements, or if it won't count at all because of combination. If it works with the augment before it combines with other elements, then you might have a case to make here. On topic: The worst frame in the game... Ember. She requires two augments to be useful to her teammates, her damage falls off heavily because Heat doesn't get any bonus against armor types, the nerfs hurt the effectiveness of WoF, and her kit has basically 0 survivability attached to it on top of her being a squishy frame. there are probably niche applications where you can get a lot out of her heat damage, but I'm willing to bet that requires a setup specifically for that damage type and wouldn't be nearly as effective as it would be if it were viral, gas, or corrosive damage instead. Volt steals her thunder (hehehe, no pun intended) as a low-effort nuke frame with tons of additional utility she can't bring. Saryn is a better elemental buffer while bringing all the map wiping glory she has in her kit to the table. There's just no reason to bring Ember unless you really like her. Heck, Frost is her cold counterpart and his kit is just so much better. Ember needs a (another?) rework along with Vauban.
  14. Problem with that is if they're anything like me, they're going to try to shoot for 100% completion, and end up killing themselves in the process if they don't like pvp. I like pvp, though, so I wouldn't be as bothered by it unless the experience is just crap. Sometimes you make me wonder if you really do have fun with this game, but I'll take your word for it. This kind of view is pretty awful. It's one thing if you don't pvp at all or you tried the pvp and didn't like it, but having such a standoffish view is really unhealthy. The warframe devs aren't just gonna drop the core aspect of the game for pvp, but they do want to offer something of everything to everybody, so it couldn't hurt to try it. I mean, unless that did something to ruin the pve experience, that's, frankly, kind of ridiculous. It would have had to be a pretty bad experience, too. If you like pvp, you should try the pvp if it's there. It's fine if you don't like it. But it isn't good to deny yourself the experience out of some principle you may have.Think of it this way: You like barbecue sauce. You like pulled pork. But you refuse to try bbq pulled pork because you only eat bbq on other things, even though it's generally considered a great combination. Now, I know that Warframe's pvp isn't considered good unlike bbq pulled pork, but I'm trying to say you shouldn't mock it until you try it. Hell, Warframe's pvp doesn't even cross over with pve, unlike other mmos, so this makes this extra silly.
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