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  1. Veldt is a hitscan weapon. From the Wiki page: The Electricity damage bonus combines with other elemental types to create secondary elements on non-hitscan weapons. !!!Hitscan!!! weapons will separately proc both elements present on the weapon and Electricity from Electric Shield.
  2. Unequip your Extinguished Dragon key from the Gear wheel.
  3. Harrow or Adarza kavat buff maybe? Or Helios sentinel with Gladiator mod set?
  4. More than that it seems to play reload animation on battery powered weapons like Fulmin or Kitguns with Pax Charge.
  5. Happened the same to me too.
  6. Can't we ALL have some fun together under the sun!? Extra pears should be drops to prevent kill stealing.
  7. I posted a bug report about the Dog Days afk exploit a while ago. When I checked today about replies I found it gone. What happened? Do I wrote something that was a reason to be deleted?
  8. QTMkd1

    A cyst problem

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's intentional in case you made ALL your Warframes immune to the Helminth but you didn't make a charger. So Nidus can be re-infected by the virus as a safety mechanism.
  9. Quatz supposed to discharge a wave of energy after reloading from empty clip. This does not happening if the Nusku universal pistol skin is equipped on it. (Tested with both Nusku and Perla. The latter is works as intended)
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