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  1. Many Thanks! Suggestion worked. DE should make a pinned post about the solution here in the forum.
  2. To be honest it's like a surprise quality of life improvement. It would be very welcomed if it would stay.
  3. Wait...I thought once you cured your pet of Vasca Virus they can not be infected anymore.
  4. The skin which supposed to be universal not working on my favourite rifles like Quellor, Basmu, ect... Rather disappointing that the skin I bought the bundle for not equippable on many guns. Please fix it.
  5. Plus the projectiles seems to have near infinite punch through.
  6. There is an option in controls menu (Use Mouse Thumb Button as Back/Exit....or something like that). Turn that on and you will be able to get out of Archwing.
  7. The same thing happening to me too. Dropping a dye feels like a waste now since the dye's lifetime is many times longer than the fishes spawn period.
  8. It is really annoying indeed. But the cause of it (in my experience) is that enemies spawn in different locations like in caves. And when you try to go down the cave to kill the enemies you got hit by the "You are leaving the mission area...." BS. It would be so good if enemies in these kind of missions would always and ONLY spawn through dropships.
  9. I farmed Equinox Day and Night through day and night last weak (isss dat a puuuun!?) and my heart almost break killing all them Manics knowing they does not drop Ash parts. But now it just calmed down. I'm unspeakably thankful for this!
  10. I think the whole post is just badly translated by a machine. And should sound something like this: I ignore explosion damage. Shield gating makes you completely invulnerable, even negates ALL the damage of the Profit taker Orb explosion. ..... And yeah..kinda funny to just stand right under a nuclear level explosion while dancing or playing the Shawzin. 😄
  11. QTMkd1

    Weapon level bug

    Slap on 4 more forma and it will be max rank (40).
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