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  1. I'm seeing a pattern here lol. This is an incredible amount of feedback for a noob like me, thank you for your time!
  2. Thanks for the response! Hmm, I seem to think of myself as a Magus/Spell Sword kind of Tenno. I like having area of effect damage and a little defense. I seem to prefer playing with Melee weapons, so you'll find me in the middle of a pack of enemies, flailing around with a weapon and bursting occasional spells. Frost suits me pretty well, but I was looking for a new frame. Anything melee/burst centric out there? I admit, I haven't kept up with the frames or the metas.
  3. Hi there! I'm an old vet returning fresh after a good 2 year break. I'm also a frame hoarder and grinder so I get a lot of value from Warframe. Recently I've begun thinking about putting together specialised loadouts for specific jobs. For example, I maxed a Chroma Prime for Plains of Eidolon and Eidolon Hunts. I was wondering if the forums could give me some inspiration regarding other build setups, in particular for Deimos, Fortuna and Void Fissures? Shoot with what you think is best, and I can always mix and match what I have/like with your advice. Thanks in advance!
  4. I tried farming her for months, but burnt out so badly I abandoned the game. I platted her when I came back and I'm not even sorry. I would love to know what builds work well, if anyone has resources I can read through? I struggle to use her for defense missions though, if solo. I must be doing something wrong because she's apparently a fantastic all rounder?
  5. You'd be most welcome, send me a message or friend request and I'll get you an invite!
  6. Heck yeah! Get the coolest name in clans above your frame, join today (This is now a bump)
  7. Cool name huh? Thats about all we have going for us. A laid back clan, for gamers who are 18+. Real life > game life. We do stuff together. I would do anything for clan, but I won't do that.
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