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    Harrow Systems Drop Chance Still Sucks

    1 day, 1 dat, 1 day, got her before boss changes so can't say and about 3 days Harrow systems? About 2 weeks now mind you, that's 1 part compared to all 3 for a frame
  2. (PS4)lockonstratos38

    Frost 2.0

    Ok here's my 2 cents on frost. For everyone saying his only useful skill is globe obviously hasn't put time in to working with him. I've made an avalanche build that is decent. I used it in an ESO and was more useful then out volt(o clue how his was set up) I kept the enemies off saryn, using avalanche not globe. I killed a few things, not a ton but we did have a saryn. Lastly I was giving the party some defence with his augment which helped us last a little longer, 1 wave I think, because we didn't have to stop and revive. All I'm getting at is he has more then 1 useful ability.
  3. (PS4)lockonstratos38

    So when are we going to have primed streamline?

    Primed streamline + fleeting expertise + blind rage = 199 power strength and 160 efficiency sorry but I think that's broken, especially on frames that don't need duration, or very little duration
  4. (PS4)lockonstratos38

    Atlas the titan of warframes!

    Going by what others have said, along with my own ideas we got... 1 allow punch to hit walls to send out rock shards to cause damage. 2 allow charge to increase walls health 3 change armor increase to temporary health, like rhinos iron skin, but keep cap and I would say cap be based off power strength 4 either change or buff rumblers 4a if changed, either an earthquake like ability, or rockslide, like frosts avalanche 4b buffing rumblers. Basically just allow them to petrify 5 remove his shields and add to health. Ps I posted similar on another thread
  5. (PS4)lockonstratos38

    Atlas and Baruuk Ability Suggestions

    . How about for atlas instead of an armour increased it gives temporary HP like rhinos iron skin. Keep the cap, but let it be affected by power strength. 2 add a charge for rock wall, increasing its strength at additional cost. 3 landslide could hit Rockwall to send rock shards out.
  6. (PS4)lockonstratos38

    We Need A Werewolf Warframe!

    1- feral slash, using his/her claws slashes enemies in front, just a simple skill but possible high damage 2-hunger-toggle, melee kills restore some health, cost 25 energy per kill 3-howl-cause increase movement/attack speed and increase damage for you an all alies, when used with other werewolf increase strength by 1.1, 1.5 and 2X 4-summons an energy kubrow to fight by your side temporarily Passive-finishers restore health Didn't want to make it a valkyr clone, or another melee based frame (excel and valkyr), but I also did this in 5 minute so obviously needs work.