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  1. Bryy

    Introducing Our 14.5 Mod Update

    Looks beautiful. +1
  2. Bryy

    Update 14 Features Primer

    As a community we shall stay awake with DE until they are finished fixing this update! GIVE THEM OUR ENERGY! -Raise arms up-
  3. Bryy

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Captain Falcon (Nekros)
  4. Bryy


    Thanks, DE LTD!
  5. Bryy

    Update 13.8.0: Breeding Grounds

    Event rewards are usually given the day after the event is over.
  6. Bryy

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    Quit crying over it, you paid 275 to help support DE. It's not like you were ripped off. The Dragon Nikana is craft-able in the clan dojo.
  7. Bryy

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    Thanks DE!
  8. Bryy

    Founders Program: Ending November 1St

    Calm down and Buy Founders Borrow some money or something :P