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  1. Health orbs drop from lockers/crates and some animals. Khora augment doesn't affect Health Orbs. Also, it might be unrelated, but you can't pick health orbs when full unless you have Synth Fiber.
  2. Good job fixing performance bugs.
  3. You do know this is a bug report, right ? The pods will always damage things in the rift while it is outside. It's been like this for a long time. Video
  4. Thought the initial burst was from boiler. Will change the post. The bug report is about infested pods that damage whoever is in the Rift. It looks like the band-aid to make pods immune to stasis also makes them deal damage to another plane.
  5. After the boiler dies, it summons some infested pods. Those pods deal damage to Limbo while he is in the Rift Plane. The infested pods will also damage allies/squad/objectives/targets that are in the Rift Plane. Video
  6. Void storms seem to override the anomaly status with invite-only.
  7. It mostly happens with spiders and crewmen.
  8. Last enemies in the rounds would not move very slowly even when sped up by Nova while doing Arc Silver, Veil Proxima (Corpus Defense). Sometimes they even stay still.
  9. Still happens in 30.1.1.
  10. It works if the arsenal isn't used before. Unrelated, but the stasis sometimes opens, making the companion visible, then closes back.
  11. Still happens in 30.1.1 for clients. Can't use melee, can't interact with life support, all abilities shown "ability in use". Had all augments equipped.
  12. It might be related to the bug that having the incubator in use will stop helminth function.
  13. Happens when the incubator is used for breeding/imprinting.
  14. Happens when the incubator is used for breeding/imprinting.
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