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  1. Honestly reminds me of Coldstone from the Disney cartoon Gargoyles, who had three different personalities. I wanted to kind of see it as a bit more of a crowd controller, thus his second and 4th abilities, but also wanted a bit of support with his third ability and a bit of an attacker, which would be his first ability. 1. Spectral claw, using void energy this frame causes a phantom arm from one of the parts that it's made from appear behind an enemy and strike it, causing void damage. 2. Insanity aura, all enemies in a 5 meter hear the insanity this frame has, causing them to be stunned for a time. 3. Restore, the frame makes a pool of energy, this can also be swapped for a health pool 4. Void blast, the frame lets out it's rage in the form of a void blast,similar to volt's 4th ability Passive: Rage of the void, this frame has a stack, that acts like Nidus' mutation, but also acts like Bruuk's restraint, once it hits certain numbers it buffs his abilities and after a certain amount, like Nidus, he doesn't die and instead becomes invulnerable for a short amount of time
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