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  1. Im disappointed, and throroughly aggravated to see that Titiania's new vacuum is 12m or so, instead of 3m (hell, even 6m would be more manageble than 12m). It makes it hard to be anywhere near the ground without wasting energy orbs. At least in a place like Cetus or the Orb Vallis we can fly high up enough to avoid wasting them, cant really do that in most normal mission tilesets. I hope you guys will reduce the range, becuase 12m is way too much. Theres a reason I never use vacuum on sentinels, or that silly new Fetch mod on my pets, and its precisely because on frames with channeled abiliies its downright wasteful. I am however, really enjoying her changes so far, as well as Nyx's. Here's to hoping Vauban gets some extra love, because what he got before was lackluster.
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