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  1. Well, I have friends complaining that some of the nightwave challenges seem more like chores than fun challenges. However, other than that, I have other friends going at slower leisurely paces, and they are reaching very close to base level 30. So if it matters, yeah you're correct in this aspect. Sorry, I just don't find it common for others to accept/agree with other people's criticisms online, so I thought I might as well do the same, lol...Most folks just don't respond or go silent in these regards...It's kind of a cultural problem, it seems...
  2. It's obviously more of a personal private manner, it's the reason why I didn't mention answering it nor challenged your questioning. No reason to bash on it.
  3. Well, when is the end of this event? Or does no one know about this quite yet? I was assuming it was soon.
  4. There should be an alternative way to farm nightwave standing/reputation instead of just doing weeklies and dailies. For example the fugitives are an alternative way of gaining standing; however, they give so little and their spawn chance is so low that it's not worth grinding primarily for them. Season passes should be designed to reward both the casual players and the hardcore farming players (typically ones that play a lot at once but take long breaks). If you take a week long vacation, the game punishes you for it, which imo wasn't a big issue in the past of warframe, and now we still need to login practically every week to get decent rewards from alerts aka nightwave. I don't want a game forcing me when I should play the game in order to get what I want. It should be a game requiring me to invest time in general, not you having to play during these certain days/hours in order to get this accomplishment, which is ironic because DE implemented nightwave in order to fix this issue from the old alert system. The good thing about the alert system in the past was, very rarely anyone did them because they were so unrewarding to begin with; now if we slack off from simply playing during certain hours we get further behind from other players, who not necessarily played more, but played during the right amount of spread-out time-frames enough times. Also, the 15 cred rewards from the prestige levels after base level 30 aren't rewarding enough. They should give 50 creds each, imo...The base nightwave rewards are rewarding, but after that it's very unrewarding... Also, for the wolf I have no issues with his fights, except the fact he has a garbage loot table like Stalker. Since the wolf is so rare, it ought to be mandatory for him to drop at least a random wolf hammer part, imo... You guys might have increased the odds of encountering the wolf, but what about his garbage loot table? That's the biggest flaw with y'all thinking that most of everyone will get his hammer by the end of the event... I'm beyond nightwave level 30 by the way, and I had to play every week and it's burning me out; is it good to be burn out from a game? Is content drought really an issue? I also got the hammer, but you know, making plat to buy it is obviously faster than farming for that piece of garbage...
  5. Megan said they only ban "extreme offenders," why are you so worrisome?
  6. Well that's your problem, not mine...hope you don't get punished...just saying...not like I really care or anything like that...
  7. This is a separate problem from the problem lingering in this thread...it's irrelevant. That's more of a in-game design flaw than an exploit problem.
  8. Well, I guess s/he allows afking while leveling by himself, which is what the exploit basically does.
  9. Well, the rule for enforcing macros to be allowed or not allowed (not all kinds of macros are allowed ingame) is in a very grey area.
  10. the saryn and volt exploit has nothing to do with ESO...
  11. It's for the sake of making it easier to enforce rules onto the community. Anyways, macros give an unfair advantage in comparison to other players that don't use macros. I honestly am still surprised DE allows most macros, not all, to be allowed to be used in-game.
  12. Since DE cannot tell who did the saryn and volt exploits for xp (due to using warframe ingame mechanics), how would it be fair to punish those that got caught doing the khora-macro exploit from the auto-ban bot?
  13. I don't use macro-maiming strike? Why do you?
  14. Just talked with a friend, the ones that got auto-banned were using the Khora-macro exploit while the ones that used the volt/saryn exploit have not been banned. Basically, DE can only tell a portion of the exploiters that cheated, not all of them. In my opinion, we should stop allowing macros and exploits in the game altogether, it would make the rules more simple to understand.
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