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  1. So you mean the radiation dmg will turn into heat and electric during the railjack missions? Where did you get this idea? Because when I use radiation dmg with high status on railjack missions, I don't inflict either electric or heat procs instead of no elemental effect, so that cannot be true. Why would DE make all of the railjack fighters weak to radiation if I can't actually use radiation damage, you might as well make them have no weaknesses, DE aren't that moronic. You guys seriously need to add radiation damage onto your current builds and test it out, it'll be noticeable.
  2. Would be the best tactic, it's probably the second best tactic of the meta for now, if all of the enemies had diverse damage weaknesses like the normal ground units...Status effect meta builds are typically used to find a workaround of the high armor values of enemies, which isn't bad and is typically regarded as generic damage builds. All of these fighter enemies have the same weakness, so using the correct damage type would be highly beneficial. If we could do status effects on tricap Eidolons, radiation crit damage builds would still be superior.
  3. For the railjack grineer meta, I would suggest electric or heat, especially electric because it can be converted into either radiation or corrosive (for maybe later railjack missions). And then for secondary stats either crit chance/crit dmg for imperator vandal or multishot/dmg for phaedra or cyngas. Radiation damage gets boosted by 75% and then ignores 75% of the armor base of the railjack fighter (space ships) enemies, just like tricap Eidolons. So you want as much radiation damage as possible to get high dps. I was running a status build with corrosive and blast, but with the radiation build you kill them before you would do enough debuffs from the status effects to kill them as corrosive+status build. Until the fighters have diverse damage weaknesses, this is the most optimal way of dealing damage to these enemies...it even beats the mk3 frost and apoc railjack gun for me...
  4. Yeah, I know, I'm saying radiation damage is simply more effective that any of that status jazz, I'm using 3 dual status mods as well because I'm typically status build biased...so why not use both methods? What's wrong with high damage output? Just saying... I never literally said anything is wrong with the x4 of 60/60 dual status mods, I'm just implying "now" it's not enough... Honestly, though, now that you brought it out, a crit build with focus on radiation damage will still kill them faster than the damage builds influenced from the status effects of puncture and slash. I didn't try with imperal vandal yet, because I lack a riven on it and have a decent riven on my phaedra, but imperal vandal should work with radiation and cold, along with crit pretty well. Damage weaknesses of the grineer fighters of codex: https://imgur.com/a/hpNbcF0
  5. Oh you referenced the radiation part of my quote, which doesn't make sense as well. I was talking about damage weaknesses not in regards to status effects, read the basics of damage weaknesses in damage 2.0 in the wiki. Damage weakness have absolutely nothing to do with status procs or effect or anything in regards to the word "status." When an enemy like Eidolons from tricap is 75% (three +'s) weak from radiation, radiation damage penetrates 75% of the armor value of the enemy and also gets boosted in damage by 75%, it's a pretty huge deal, folks...it's why radiation damage is meta for tricap in the first place.
  6. Test it out yourself, can't trust the authorities all of the time, they actually get chilled (turn white and slow down) from cold procs on my archgun weapon, I used to doubt it myself too until I actually field tested it...ain't hard to test...Also, that referenced resource doesn't mention cold procs, specifically...just saying... Now for radiation procs, they of course don't proc and don't matter in the first place...
  7. All the fighters are weak to radiation at 75% of value according to codex, just mod for radiation, similar to Eidolons of Tricap. I also recommend cold damage and some status chance in the weapon too, so you can slow the fighters down with cold procs from slow effect. So both radiation and cold is what I used on Phaedra. I used to run corrosive and cold and man, when I changed to radiation and cold it was a huge difference in the veil railjack missions.
  8. This guy is right, you need to invest in all weapon types at least to do sorties in a consistent and reliable daily basis.
  9. There's also scattered justice augment from steel merdian syndicate for the normal hek, which adds 200% multishot, but isn't equippable on the vaykor hek. Fulmin is a very fine choice, but you of course gotta reach mr 8. Players still debate wherever normal hek with scatter justice augment (status focus) is better or worse than crit build vaykor hek with hunter munitions, so don't worry about investing heavily into a normal hek, it is an endgame weapon. I personally lack a normal hek and have a vaykor hek instead, but both in theory should do well in levels around 100. I just prefer vaykor hek for quality of life reasons such as double magazine clip size of 8 from 4.
  10. I highly don't recommend sonicor...lol, might work for below lvl 50 enemies, but not heavy units at lvl 100. And yes, I tested that weapon enough, it was more for the meta of rag-dolling enemies outside of the map to get instant deaths in the past, staticor is similar and is a better weapon, but is above mr 6, I think. Basically just get guns that have high base damage for now like hek or normal strun (mr 0 weapon I believe). Weapons like bows such as dread have high damage output, but are harder to use than hitscan guns. I recommend a shotgun mainly, since they typically do decent raw DPS without many mods necessary, but they have falloff damage so you have to shoot close to the enemies. Sniping far away isn't really a meta in sorties because the missions are typically fast paced and are in close-quarters. Melee weapons are of course very strong atm in the current meta, especially the critical types ones. The easiest way to do endgame damage is honestly using crit or hybrid (crit and status) melee, doesn't require rivens either. I'll just make it easy for you and tell you what to bring for a MR 6, Primary: Hek, Secondary: most of them suck at this MR range, so I would just get a normal single-handed Furis with winds of purity augment from syndicates, so then you have lifesteal, so you can heal yourself. For melee, anything with decent crit stats is good such as Dual ichor, Dark split-sword, and Okina. You can also put on life strike mod on melee too, to heal yourself. I know healing oneself is very hard in the lower MRs or when you just started the game.
  11. Could be the servers honestly...I had this issue in the past recently and it silently and within days went away... DE did mess around with their networking of the servers in the recent huge update... Also, if you two are within the same building or network while playing the game, it's most likely Port related.
  12. LMFAO, get rekt! Can't delete thread either, muahahahahahah!
  13. I honestly don't see why the bug exists in the first place, seems to be bad programming logic...Just make it reload 20% of ammo per second, which is a total of 5 seconds to fully reload, and 3% HP is consumed after 5 seconds of fully reloading the hema...since that's what normally happens if you manually reload...pretty simple fix...idea wise Surprised this even exists...I found other bugs such as cautious shot not working for explosive weapons when you damage yourself with nezha's warding halo equipped or iron skin is on as well...Makes no sense these bugs, sometimes...
  14. Might have something to do with those exclusive older rooms...
  15. Fixed the issue by updating driver and windows 10...so yeah, nvm...guess the recent updates are really needed!
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