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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the read! And yeah, I never really did initially intend to write that much (sorry for the wall of text), but when I finished, I realized I had written over 2,000 words and had to organize the body into different sections so readers could hopefully follow this astronomical amount of text easier. Funnily enough, I don't drink coffee, I'm just a student on winter break enjoying Warframe who now has the time to type up a completely uncalled-for amount of text on a videogame forum post lol.
  2. TooLong,Didn'tRead Version: I feel like I am part of a minority here that actually likes and appreciates this event lol. I feel like everyone is making this event to be much worse that it really is, but it is ok if you see it as otherwise. I agree that it sucks to not be able to use your warframes much at all in this mission (there are some exceptions, but you're basically right about this), but that is not what this event is about. It's all about getting players familiar with Necramech combat in a normal tileset environment (which may become a reality soon in all missions). This event is
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