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  1. Thank you very much for your explanation and the time you took to explain it to me, i found it very informative. I have rerolled my riven to now be a 180% melee damage, 100% toxin, and 95% cold, which gives me viral and a good damage boost, and i switched out Fury for the 60/60 melee fire mod that i cannot for the life of me remember the name of right now.... but i now have viral and fire on it, 105 crit chance, 7.5 multiplier. I will take Hirudo for a spin in an extended steel path survival for every faction and see how she performs with this new build. Very cheese indeed, but now that i think about it, you could subsume Defy (from Wukong) onto your Saryn and the first time you run into one that is immune to corrosive, you can wait for it to gather an army, pop Defy, have them dump all the lead (or plasma) in the world on you, and unleash that damage multiplied a few times back at them, including the lich/sister. I would assume you modded your Saryn for ability strength, so that would work great for you. In fact, i think i'm going to do that on Atlas and test that out. I will remember your feedback and try it out ingame the next time i get a chance. Thank you very much for your time and help I will most definitely try out that widget and keep your recommendations in mind. Thank you very much
  2. You are suggesting i turn my Hirudo into a hybrid of crit and status, instead of a dedicated crit build? I would have to sacrifice a hefty chunk of my current build to make it even remotely status viable. After seeing my current build in my above reply and my current stats on it, do you think i should change my build to a hybrid?
  3. So, i checked the information you asked about. My lich had strictly poison based abilities, being sired by Atlas Prime, and none of his abilities were damage mitigation or healing. He was weak to radiation (which i thought was a lie because he was giggling at my arca plasmor), resistant to cold and viral, and immune to toxin. My Hirudo is modded as such: Grim Fury stance, organ shatter, blood rush, gladiator might, gladiator vice, sacrificial pressure, sacrificial steel, fury, and a riven that gives me crit chance crit damage and heat. Hirudo's stats are a 105% crit chance, a 10x crit multiplier, a 1.6 attack speed (not counting my 60% extra speed arcane), 11% status chance, and a total of roughly 1200 damage between Impact Puncture Slash and Heat. The smallest red crit i've seen is 14k, as of yet, and i hit very very fast. This same build is the one i have used for months, barring recently replacing Berserker with Gladiator Vice because of how they changed it (i thought of boss fights or single target situations and decided the new Berserker was limited if i had nothing else to kill, so i switched it out for something that would always be up and running in all situations). It has melted through anything and everything i have thrown it at, including all my prior liches. All of whom were sired by either Nidus or Atlas, all of whom were both sired by and defeated by Hirudo. and none of those fights took me even a minute. So, since my lich did not have Iron Skin or any damage mitigation, was not resistant or immune to any of me equipped elements, and was Grinneer meaning Puncture should have had my back, i am struggling greatly to understand how the same build and weapon that fought all my liches and this same lich once before my hiatus with less than zero issues, went from being so effective to taking me 25 minutes of solid hitting. The disparity is terrifying. I went from warrior to annoyed toddler in terms of efficiency.... Do you see anything in my build or the patch notes that would cause that?
  4. I normally have no status focus on Hirudo at all. I have 2 mods and an arcane that cater to nothing but attack speed, and i rely on the sheer number of red crit hits i can belt out in the space of a single second to melt through my opponents. I don't remember my former Lich having resistance to puncture damage, but after reading both your responses, that seems to be the only plausible answer. It would make no sense otherwise, short of a major bug. 25 minutes of straight punishment to that thing? No. The hardest fight i had ever been in prior to that took me 5 minutes from the start of the mission to when it ended, and it was against that original strain Infested boss from Eris. I will go take a look at the resistances it had and go from there. Thank you both for your feedback
  5. Hello everyone. This is my first time posting in the forums despite playing for quite some time, so if this question has already been asked i apologize for being the broken record. Just trying to figure out what is going, if this is how things are now or if i am messing up somewhere with my approach. Let's get this out of the way: i love HIrudo. I absolutely love Hirudo. I found the weapon that i am fully comfortable with and as is my habit (i admit that this is a fault in me) i stuck with it and tried to make it work for everything, even things resistant to Puncture damage. I did the same with my warframe. I fell inlove with the aesthetics of Atlas Prime, changed the coloring on it, subsumed blood altar onto it to help with team healing if needed (i am almost exclusively a solo player), and stuck with it. When i find my comfort zone, i tend not to step out of it without great difficulty. Atlas (and Nidus before whatever they did to him that stopped him from being able to stand in front of bullets and giggle) and Hirudo have served me well in every single bit of content i have run them through. Level 200 enemies of any faction? Melt them, like butter. Survivability? Hirudo aside, my Atlas's current ability set allows me to survive all situations i have tackled so far. Am I making things unnecessarily hard on myself by forcing myself to walk a specific path when other warframes could accomplish more much more easily? Yes, and i know this. I am what i am, i love that gorgeous prime bastard and i love my blood-sucking pokies. They are all i use, for the most part, barring some dedicated experimenting with some other weapons and frames that quickly passed. Here is the issue i need help with: I hunted down my Lich the other day to be done with it and be able to get myself a Sister. He appeared during a mission and, fully confident as i was in the past when facing my Liches (i had a hiatus of a few months, came back shortly after Sisters launched), I plowed right into him......... 5 mission revives, countless blows, and TWENTY FIVE MINUTES later, my Lich escaped to Saturn Proxima and i had to reassess some things. 1, Hirudo's lifesteal was not working on the lich. I was not healing (my current build has my crit chance at 105% and my crit multiplier at 10x) when i hit the Lich, and only the Lich. 2, those 25 minutes i mentioned were spent exclusively hitting the Lich. The shields were depleting about as fast as a terminally ill snail crawling across my screen, and when they depleted the armor was a little easier but not by much. Why? What happened? What changed? Are Liches just stupid powerful now? Is Hirudo a terrible weapon to use against them? Was it a bug? Do i need to change something in my approach? Is it normal that Hirudo's lifesteal does not work on Liches? Do Liches require a different approach now than simply attacking them head-on? Do they have weak points now or something? Any insight that could be shed would be most appreciated.
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