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  1. Please never stop posting this...seriously. you are an MVP!!
  2. I have to agree.....I missed scarlett spear so i missed all the arcanes and really need them. So far i've spent almost 3 hours doing the 3rd tier one and all i've got to show for it is 2.1k points. It is kinda disheartening.
  3. Just because YOU don't have any difficulties with disabling of abilities and transference for no reason around mechs doesn't mean it's not a problem that shouldn't be addressed. This becomes increasingly problematic with laggy hosts. Only rarely do I get a full squad with no downs after a nech encounter. Other games atleast one person goes down, due to not being able to transference into operator to avoid grenades or they didn't escape it's aoe or rollguard/shield gate out it. The other problem is there's NO visual or indication when the ability and transference disabling is going to happen so
  4. What are you talking about? this is strictly deimos I'm talking about. I'm not talking about star chart. Locking the new vaults behind 3 iso vaults IS disrespectful to player time. I haven't seen anyone defending this.
  5. Can we please stop with the disabling of abilities and transference for no reason when in the GENERAL VICINITY of nechramechs. can we also change it so arc vaults are unlocked immediately? locking new content behind old content is quite insulting and disrespectful to player time.
  6. Can we please stop with this aggressive trend of disabling of gameplay mechanics for no reason, such as disabling abilities and operator transference. Im seriously tired of it. Nullifiers...fine you got your way, they are in the game fine. Orb vallis units that aggressively charge you and shoot nullifier bubbles....okay you are pushing it a little bit but whatever.....demolishers....okay fine. atleast they give a visual and audible warning before hand and you actually have to be in their bubble, like nullifiers... but now..... just being in the GENERAL VICINITY of these enemies....my entire ki
  7. Agreed with everything but make MESA CHAPS AN AUXILIARY TOGGLE PLEASE TO!!
  8. So sometimes when using splinter storm, it will just randomly turn off completely for no reason, (that is without falling out of bounds, nullifiers etc) and the huds for it will disappear completely, including both the dmg accumulated and the timer at the top. Not only that, but the actual effect of the glass disappears and there will be no dmg reduction at all, as if the ability has been turn off completely on your character. The timer at the bottom in the abilities section remains, which I assume is for allies/pets/sentinels/enemies objects etc. But yeah, would be nice this were fixed. Thank
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