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  1. Please DE....for the love of god....remove the void dash blocking. it is truly infuriating. I don't want to have to resort to using the wires, they are simply to slow. and the constant resetting for no reason. Please fix.
  2. So how about warframe bps being available in the market after beating their quest?
  3. Agreed....totally turns me off using the shraksun amp, as it has a nice huge aoe and is good for groups, nullies, arby drones, but what's the point when you use a useful dmg type on it and it one shots you out of transference. Self dmg in warframe is obnoxiously dumb anyway IMO, and the arby mod for it is just insultingly worthless considering the left over dmg is still enough to one shot most warframes anyway, but operator self dmg, is even worse. Only way that I have found around this, is being far enough away so it doesn't hurt you, and hope you are in range of enemies for the blast to even reach them, and for it to not damage you still, or to take advantage of the 0.5 -1 sec invulnerability you get after transferring in and letting off a just ONE shot simultaneously.
  4. Thanks. I'm gana make a post in the bug section then.
  5. So in game I don't appear to be getting 74% damage reduction, but the stat screen and abilities screens say otherwise with 75%. Screens below. https://puu.sh/Dks1F/32a7433fc7.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks21/5b311aa988.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks3c/16c0e6bac5.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks3J/f08dea8251.jpg
  6. So in game I don't appear to be getting 74% damage reduction, but the stat screen and abilities screens say otherwise, so naturally I'm confused, is this a bug? if anyone could help me that'd be great, thanks. Screens below. https://puu.sh/Dks1F/32a7433fc7.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks21/5b311aa988.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks3c/16c0e6bac5.jpg https://puu.sh/Dks3J/f08dea8251.jpg
  7. Oldish post but I'm 100% with you. it's like i'm on fast foward when i'm speedvolting, it's hilarious though, but again it exposes how poor and dated warframe's animations still are in general. They need an update. Especially when you see a bulky tank like warframe like rhino, just jogging(not sprinting) with a single handed weapon, and it just looks incredible wimpy.
  8. I'm up for this. But I can automatically see people with a counter argument such as "well why stop there, why not have universal polarities for every mod, why not just get rid of polarities to begin with?", xD well why not? but seriously my response to that would be, it's tedious formaing things anyway and merely wanting to change one little aura to something else automatically cripples every build you have, and just discourages you to do so because when having an unmatching aura polarity, it decreases mod capacity so significantly compared to changing a polarity in one of your 8 slots and that is nowhere near as much of a crippling blow as changing an aura polarity. It's just such a damning punishment for simply wanting to change a simple aura to something more convenient for, say, sorties etc, or growing power on volt for more speed, but I use volt for tridolons as well so I can't do that because I need the - polarity for corrosive projection.... so I'm left with choosing one or the other. Why though? why not both? are there people out there really against this? It seems like such an arbitrary design decision by the way to have the modding system this way, to the point where I don't even think it's a good design decision. I mean what is the point in polarities anyway? more than 80% of useless or lesser used mods have the D polarity, and no one uses them, gee I wonder why? so what is the actual point? but I say LET'S DO IT or allow double polarities on the aura slot atleast, this would please everyone who thinks rationally, and for those who don't, well then, simply don't dual polarity your aura slot, and instead change the one aura polarity to your needed one each time, whilst having to re-level your warframe each time and enjoy doing it that way 🙂
  9. Wrist mounted weapon animations are still broken
  10. 6% is absolutely insulting. I've talked to more so many people that haven't even seen him once.
  11. Agreed. I want to get from point a to b in the fastest way possible, and in this context, cast my sh*t as fast as possible, and the fact that I have to waste up a slot for natural talent on harrow etc, to do that, irks me a lot. We don't even have the option to put it in the exilus slot. Natural talent feels like it merely exists in spite of unnecessary slow ability casting times for some frames that could easily be made faster. I'm not against removing some mods from the game at all by the way(sue me). +15% status chance mod.....I mean does anyone use that, come on, let's hear an argument for keeping this mod.... I also don't even think 50% is enough sometimes. Don't even get me started with reload speed mods. Yup, i'd remove them to (Sue me again) and make all weapons have a reload speed that doesn't exceed 2.5 seconds. I'm being generous here, and are there really people out there who enjoy spending 3 seconds reloading a weapon? I'm guessing these people were against Uni vac as well? I don't know about those people but I like to spend more time shooting than I do reloading. Notice 99% of games that have guns etc, reload times are SUPER QUICK. Like weapon swapping, which is another thing that should be INSTANT, and not clunky and stuck in 2012. In a game about killing things as fast as possible, there are still so many aspects about this game, that are still stuck 3-4 years in the past and haven't yet caught up with the current warfame experience. And just because you remove some mods from the game, doesn't automatically mean "oh why not get rid of the mod system completely" no, because a lot of mods work. and when they work they just work. ...but things like natural talent, are a constant reminder of a mod that simply doesn't justify it's existence good enough. I sometimes feel like DE secretly is proud of their mod collection and how many there are. When in reality over 50% of them are throw away. Quality....not quantity. Once again.....sue me 😉 natural talent....cya later buddy. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  12. Yup...i get this all the time. really ruins using my kitgun for me. hopefully this gets fixed...
  13. confirming i also am having this bug...hopefully it gets noticed and fixed.
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