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  1. preach it preach it preach it. there is no argument against doing this. it (THE DISC) should have been exempt anyway. do the right thing. revert it de.
  2. Can we please get another auxiliary slot for warframe danglies, an optional toggle (because lots of clipping occurs and ruins "fashion frame" so to speak.) for example, things such as nekros prime wings, mesa prime chaps etc. even go as far as openning this up for more tennogen/plat purchases with special chap and wing skins. This way everyone wins please consider this DE!
  3. Could use controller players...please get an actual designated blink button, because atm the double roll is button doesn't blink.
  4. same here. they just rid around in circles.
  5. i use a controller...blink is set to the same button which is LB/L1 which controlls archwing down controls....how do i fix this?
  6. So I use a controller, how am i supposed to fit blink in there with all the other button bindings?
  7. No....no no no no....please remove the cooldown....this will just add more timewasting that isn't needed during eidolon hunts. three seconds is everything during the 50 minutes of night. every second counts.
  8. Seconded. Chaps toggle please. and by extension, other prime warframe skins should get the same toggleable features as well. I don't see how this is nothing but a big plus that everyone should be gunning for. Further customization and optional/toggleable features like this only improve the game and the "fashion frame" options, and in turn everyone is kept happy.
  9. Can we please have toggleable mesa prime chaps, and other prime bits? thanks.
  10. anything to give us more customization is great. the only reason not to do this, is de's inherent "THIS IS OUR DESIGN, AND YOU BETTER LIKE IT OR LUMP IT." They wouldn't say that ofcourse, but I know they are thinking it. But yea. you have my vote. those chaps are toggleable, i am immediately equipping the prime skin. until then. im staying far from it.
  11. just revert the zenistar's disc back to it's original state, and make it exempt from all other melee weapons. the disc specifically. it's all anyone uses it for.
  12. can we please have the kuva quartakk's firing modes like the normal quartakk? atm it feels very clunky to use.
  13. Could you please make it so we DON'T unequip archguns when picking up data masses, power cells and other things. It's tedious and annoying when constantly having to go back into the gear wheel, find the archgun, go into the long animation of equipping it everytime, nevermind. having to wait for the cooldown everytime, and there's no heavy ammo drops. We shouldn't be punished for using archguns, and it should instead, be more encouraged. Thanks.
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