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  1. I see. So this was bug was a side effect of fixing another one? okay. and I think you mean Gara's 4 not 2. But thank you for drawing a bit more attention to this as it's gone largely unnoticed and still remains.
  2. The idle animation when your warframe is just STANDING STILL is absolutely fine and was fixed, but after a few seconds when your warframe does the moving part of the idle animation, it's the default animation still. I have Mesa's noble, and what it should be is her putting on hand on her hip and pointer her gun outwards with one arm, whilst turning around, what it actually is, is the default animation where you touch your shoulder and do a little stretch. So the fix only partially fixed the problem.
  3. I agree with everything you said x100.
  4. Gara's 2 still remains bugged and unfixed
  5. These challenges need to die in a fire honestly. I don't even bother with them. Getting them to even spawn is a pain in the ass.
  6. I had this on mars during a void fissure...not only are the pixel black bits there that you describe, theres a weird blue light surrounding the bits as well, this only occurs for me atleast, when NOT aiming downsights though. When aiming down sight there's no black bits. Hope this gets fixed.
  7. So sometimes when using splinter storm, it will just randomly turn off completely for no reason, (that is without falling out of bounds, nullifiers etc) and the huds for it will disappear completely, including both the dmg accumulated and the timer at the top. Not only that, but the actual effect of the glass disappears and there will be no dmg reduction at all, as if the ability has been turn off completely on your character. The timer at the bottom in the abilities section remains, which I assume is for allies/pets/sentinels/enemies objects etc. But yeah, would be nice this were fixed. Thanks. BUGGED: NOT BUGGED:
  8. JUST GOT IT. I can confirm it's still around.....😁 https://puu.sh/DzxSs/942ad644ff.jpg
  9. Dude I can not get it for the life of me. It's the neo fissure right now. and every time I get the bad one... 😞
  10. I've tried 10+ times to get that map on a defense neo fissure, rather than that get that horrendous pile of dogcrap map, where enemies get stuck, too many obstacles, dark corners and every wave takes about 50 years. Yea that one. Did De remove the good one? I've noticed Io, got a downgrade as well.
  11. Doesn't mean it's not occurring. Because it IS. It IS a problem, and atleast more than one person is reporting it.
  12. Gara's 2 is bugged, just going to link to this page
  13. Yup doing arbies today...multiple times this happened had to recast..lost over a mil of damage. hope de fixes this....not only that the timer disappears completely along with the dmg meter, but in abilities section at the bottom, the timer is still there indicating it's' active"? but there is NO glass around me and I wasn't getting the dmg reduction.
  14. Yup.....rip old efficient, quick, practical Io.
  15. Absolute downgrade practically. the amount of objects etc and different levels just makes every wave twice as long compared to the old Io map. Even with a speedva, it's dreadfully slow. When farming relics, it's all about efficiency, and getting it done fast, that is why Io, was so popular. But now....well..it's over. not anymore. It seems like all these changes as of late is De's way of INTENTIONALLY, making everything take longer. Why? wtf knows.
  16. Wrist mounted weapons also lack wisp movement support 😞
  17. But in the time it takes to kill a heavy gunner, with the procs kicking in and doing their thing, my amprex would have already done the job in less than 4 seconds.
  18. agreed....simple fix to this...let us be able to color each forma...or don't make one of her forms where 90% of her, is locked to one color....just silly.
  19. Just confirming, as of may 26, this bug is still well and truly alive with my bad baby and flat belly still remaining un-ranked and having not seen a fix for 6+ months.
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