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  1. Sentients aren't exactly robots. They are combination of organic and robotic parts. The ship itself is alive and it tries to rebuild itself.
  2. On one of the prime times showing off the update before it's release, Reb said that the requiem relics are a reaction of Void to what's going on inside the kuva fortress.
  3. They can either limit us or make the enemies bullet sponges that oneshot everything.
  4. Grineer, they have bigger numbers and don't use high-tech weapons. Orokin had to use primitive weapons like bows and swords because sentients would adapt & use their more advanced weapons against them.
  5. Worked out great for Sergeant, not having invincibility. If you have ideas, go to feedback section and list changes you think would be good for bosses.
  6. They should revert the metal changes if this is intended.
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