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  1. So I'm supposed to change my keybindings only so this unintended interaction doesn't ruin my experience when playing Valkyr? No thank you.
  2. Fix Valkyr losing her invincibility while aimgliding or remove the ability to switch to a gun alltogether while Hysteria is active!
  3. No, definitely not. Feminism is a movement that has the self-prescribed slogan "Equal rights for women", though a subset of that movement shows glaringly that this movement is not infallible. As such, criticism is warranted and criticism is needed in order for the movement to stay focussed. "Equal rights for women" is an ideal, feminism is a movement. If DE gets so specifc in their report, I have to assume that they are neither professional, nor objective about this, meaning that they will favor certain types of behaviour while villifying other types, even if both can be summarized as "slurs". Which in turn means that some slurs are worse than others in their eyes, meaning some strictly illegal behaviour will be ignored, while other, similar behaviour will be punished. Double standards. And your non-reply just tells me that you either do not grasp the severity of this situation or that you have run out of arguments to defend your position.
  4. Feminism is not synonymous with "Women deserve equal rights", though I can forgive you for thinking that in today's climate. Criticizing feminism does not imply that one is against equal rights for women. Some people want to conflate the two, but they're two separate things. DE failing to make that distinction worries me. If someone was attacking women in particular, then "sexism" can be stated as bannable offense, or, as I already pointed out, "inflammatory language". Then they should report "slurs" and not a meme.
  5. Why the hell is "Anti-feminist discussion" a bannable offense? Feminism is a movement, being against it is no crime whatsoever. If the criticism was inflammatory, then state "inflammatory language" as reason and not being against a movement. What the hell DE! I expect better, especially if Rebecca links to this post with the caption "We are not ignoring it. This is what directs chat moderation, plain and simple. Objective professional reports. Our ability to tailor kickbot.". And why does "Nezha is a trap" discussion gets singled out when the point below is "Sexual discussion"? Why the bias?
  6. Suggestion: After using Mind Control on an enemy, pressing 1 again sends the enemy to the location at your reticle, while holding 1 ends the effect of Mind Control prematurely. After using Chaos, holding 3 will cause all enemies affected by Chaos to attack the mind controlled enemy, if there is one. The mind controlled enemy can be damaged by enemies affected by Chaos. Pressing 3 will refresh Chaos as usual. This will give Nyx more control over enemies, which is very fitting for a mind control warframe, as well as help the mind controlled enemy to hit other enemies.
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