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  1. 4HwN35p.jpg

    This point is of upmost importance and is absolutely vital to making Ivara great again!


    Imagine the following, frequently occurring situation: You are using Ivara's Dashwires to complete the organ room. You've deployed all your Dashwires in advance and are now on one of them to get up. You want to switch to the next Dashwire, but to do that, you have to try to angle yourself correctly, jump, then flail around in the air and spam the 'Interact' button to snap to it. But alas, you fail and you fall down, resetting the test. An absolutely common and infuriating experience!

    But what's most infuriating is that only a small change could alleviate the situation, letting us achieve perfection at last!

    While on a Dashwire, when getting close to another Dashwire, similar to if you were floating, you can press the 'Interact' button to switch to that wire. And if more than one are in range, cycle between them.

    This change would allow Ivara to get out of that miserable state she's in right now, making her instantly the best choice for almost all game types. DE, I call upon you to no longer willingly let Ivara suffer! Hear her plight! Save us all with your divine intervention! For that we might find perfection!

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  2. Just now, spirit_of_76 said:

    no just give melee the option to bind a block button.  nither of the options you stated are very good

    So I'm supposed to change my keybindings only so this unintended interaction doesn't ruin my experience when playing Valkyr? No thank you.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, (XB1)R3d P01nt said:

    Except, that's what it is defined as.

    No, definitely not. Feminism is a movement that has the self-prescribed slogan "Equal rights for women", though a subset of that movement shows glaringly that this movement is not infallible. As such, criticism is warranted and criticism is needed in order for the movement to stay focussed.

    "Equal rights for women" is an ideal, feminism is a movement.


    You're basically arguing just to argue now.

    If DE gets so specifc in their report, I have to assume that they are neither professional, nor objective about this, meaning that they will favor certain types of behaviour while villifying other types, even if both can be summarized as "slurs". Which in turn means that some slurs are worse than others in their eyes, meaning some strictly illegal behaviour will be ignored, while other, similar behaviour will be punished. Double standards.

    And your non-reply just tells me that you either do not grasp the severity of this situation or that you have run out of arguments to defend your position.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, (XB1)R3d P01nt said:

    Because women are people and deserving of equal rights and dignity.

    Feminism is not synonymous with "Women deserve equal rights", though I can forgive you for thinking that in today's climate. Criticizing feminism does not imply that one is against equal rights for women. Some people want to conflate the two, but they're two separate things. DE failing to make that distinction worries me. If someone was attacking women in particular, then "sexism" can be stated as bannable offense, or, as I already pointed out, "inflammatory language".


    Because there is a difference between using slurs in chat and making lewd statements.

    Then they should report "slurs" and not a meme.

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  5. 21 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    I'll be dropping in and posting some of the weekly reports I get from our professional Mod team so everyone knows what we're tracking and why in terms of moderation and noteable trends. It should be very clear from these reports the entirety of why we bother Moderating at all, and what our priorities are since making systemic changes. Luckily for a game as large as ours our Problematic User list is quite short, but it allows us a consolidated area to keep our in-game Region chat focused on our Space Ninja game. Nezha is a trap is pure spam - kickbot kicks spam as per the 'no spamming' rule.

    Why the hell is "Anti-feminist discussion" a bannable offense? Feminism is a movement, being against it is no crime whatsoever. If the criticism was inflammatory, then state "inflammatory language" as reason and not being against a movement. What the hell DE! I expect better, especially if Rebecca links to this post with the caption "We are not ignoring it. This is what directs chat moderation, plain and simple. Objective professional reports. Our ability to tailor kickbot.".

    And why does "Nezha is a trap" discussion gets singled out when the point below is "Sexual discussion"? Why the bias?

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  6. Suggestion:

    After using Mind Control on an enemy, pressing 1 again sends the enemy to the location at your reticle, while holding 1 ends the effect of Mind Control prematurely.

    After using Chaos, holding 3 will cause all enemies affected by Chaos to attack the mind controlled enemy, if there is one. The mind controlled enemy can be damaged by enemies affected by Chaos. Pressing 3 will refresh Chaos as usual.


    This will give Nyx more control over enemies, which is very fitting for a mind control warframe, as well as help the mind controlled enemy to hit other enemies.

  7. There is only one thing I'd change for this workshop. Instead of making his 1 duration based, change it to being continuous, while only draining energy when Nezha is moving (or on the first damage tick to an enemy), similar to how Volt's Electric Shield works.

    The idea is that it does not stop energy regeneration and that it only drains energy while Nezha is moving (or alternatively when an enemy first gets damaged by the trail), balanced so that it drains roughly the same amount of energy as the current proposal, but with the benefit of being able to be turned off at will and without having to be recast at all.

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  8. The suggestion for Molt needs to be reworked. You start this rework under the pretext of streamlining the synergy, not removing it entirely.

    Yet you removed all the synergy for Molt. Not only that, but you opened up the ability to an identity issue. Is it meant to be recast often, as Miasma and Regenerative Molt suggest, or is it meant to be cast and left alone, as the removed synergy with Spores and the survivability increase suggest.

    As an avid user of Regenerative Molt, I think Molt needs to be changed to fit and fulfill the role of an ability that is meant to be quickly recasted often.

    I agree that Molt should be made more durable against high-level enemies, but all in all I think the ability should be more tooled towards having more and stronger effects on cast and destruction.

    As such, here are some ideas on how to achieve a more fast-paced playstyle for Molt:

    • Keep the ability to cast Spores on Molt, but change its effect

    For example, with the mew Spores, it seems like it will be difficult at times to retain the stacked damage. You could have the Spores on Molt retain the stacked damage, even when no enemies are around anymore, as will be the case in defense missions for one. You could use Molt and Spores to carry the stacked damage through waves.

    Another idea would be to have the Spores only pop when enemies shoot Molt, adding to its distraction theme.

    A different approach would be to have Spores popped by enemies restore health/energy to Molt and Saryn herself.

    • Add incentive to use Miasma in combination with Molt

    One idea that would certainly increase the viability of this combination, would be to to have, on top of the current synergy, Molt have its own Miasma AoE that mirrors the Miasma AoE Saryn is creating, potentially doubling the AoE of Miasma.

    • Retain energy regeneration in her kit

    Toxic Lash losing its ability to regenerate energy seems fine considering the ludicrous buffs you have in mind for that ability, however, with Molt getting a more spammy nature, I feel that some sort of energy regen somewhere should be retained.


    All in all, while I welcome the buffs, at current rate, I fear that Molt and Miasma will fall by the way side, as those two abilities won't be able to compete with, or even hurt Spores and Toxic Lash. And given how over tuned those abilities seem to get, I expect Molt and Miasma to be left in their sorry state for a very long time, which I'd hate to see.

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  9. Dear DE, I got two questions:

    1) Since Ember has now been Mag-ified, how long until you will revisit her to giver her proper strengths without the glaring issues she currently has?

    2) Is there any hope we will see Warframes made less clunky, by rolling Augments that should have been passives into the main kit? Or would you atleast be willing to add an additional mod slot only for augments to the loadout?

  10. Ember:

    As expected Ember is our new Ash. The changes fixed nothing and made her only more clunky to use. The only thing you did manage is to reduce her already weak lategame viability even more. Either do a full rework of her, which would probably for the best and turn her into something akin to Nidus (Synergy, Survivability, Potency, Damage Potential, Caster, AoE focussed), or reverse the changes until you figured out what to do with her without gimping her.


    Resonating Quake is quite pointless after this change. It neither deals sufficient damage, nor does it CC enemies even closely enough to be of any use. If you're unlucky, you're stuck longer in the casting animation than the enemies remain CC'd.


    I like the changes, but I feel there needs to be done more. His energy drain is quite drastic if you get into full swing, punching away at dudes while petrifying them. On the other hand, if you're not at full swing, his new passive drains quite quickly, so you basically have to make the decision between keeping your passive up and burning through your whole energy pool. As such, I'd like to suggest a few changes:


    • Tweak Petrify's animation to flow better with Landslide, so you don't come to a full stop every time you cast Petrify.
    • Change Petrify to halt Landslide's combo decay, so casting Petrify does not mean losing your stacked Landslide energy reduction and damage increase.


    • Change Landslide to halt the decay of the Rubble passive, so that you can keep your passive longer without burning through so much energy.

    Rubble Passive

    • Make the Passive twofold: The first 500 Armor Atlas collects do not decay for the rest of the mission (indicated by the ring filling white), the other 1000 Armor will decay as usual (indicated by the ring filling blue over the white)
    • Make Rubble Vacuum-able


    I have only tested her in the plains so far, but I like where she is heading. Here are some ideas to make her even better:

    Tail Wind

    • Drastically increase the charge up when getting off the ground, maybe even remove the need to charge completely
    • Increase the angle at which Dive Bomb can be activated
    • Allow Tail Wind while in the air to be cancelled
    • Change Dive Bomb to be activated when holding the button

    Air Burst

    • Change Air Burst from a projectile into an instant effect at your crosshairs
    • Inverse Air Burst's effect and make it ragdoll enemies towards the center, instead of ragdolling them away


    Volt is good. And that is the issue I have with him, he is good, but not great. Here are some ideas to make him great:

    Static Discharge

    • Replace the hard cap of the passive with a soft cap, continuously decreasing the stored damage if it is over 1000, the faster the higher the stored damage is.
    • Add a lightning strike as visual


    • Allow Shock to be continuously cast, dealing moderate damage with moderate energy drain. Don't make it so strong that it completely overshadows the single cast

    Electric Shield

    • Allow Electric Shield to be charged up to a cap by continuously casting Shock on it, increasing the damage enemies will receive when passing through the shield. When the cap is reached, proc the electricity stun on all enemies passing through the shield.
    • Make Players affected by Speed that are passing through an Electric Shield to dash forwards for a few meters, similar to the Operator's Void Dash.


    • Allow players to increase the damage a Tesla Coil-ed enemy deals to himself and all other units affected by continuously firing Shock at said enemy. The damage increase has no cap, meaning that the damage can be increased until the Tesla Coil effect ends or the enemy dies.

    While some changes may seem grossly overpowered, like the ability to stack the damage of Tesla Coil indefinitely, they are in fact not, as the damage of Tesla Coil for example is limited by the duration of Discharge, the amount of damage each tick of Shock adds to Tesla Coil and the health of the enemy that is Tesla Coil-ed.

  11. Quote

    If you’re worthy, you’ll receive Riven Transmuters from the new Eidolons. These consumable items can transmute four Riven Mods into a brand-new Riven. Combining four Rivens of the same type (i.e Rifle, Melee, Shotgun, etc.) will result in a transmuted Riven of that type.

    DE, are you spitting in our faces? Because it certainly feels like getting spit in our faces.

    To pretext this, the Riven system, as it is currently, is factually the worst part of Warframe. It is RNG ridden, it is a cash grab beyond everything Warframe has ever seen, it is completely off the charts in terms of meeting the intention it was designed for, and the worst part is that there have been numerous great ideas on how to fix all of the above mentioned problems floating around the community for months now.

    And yet you still decided to add yet another giant RNG factor to the RIven system, and you tie that to the rewards of your new endgame bossfight. We have to complete the most challenging content in Warframe to date to be allowed to add yet another layer of RNG to our Rivens. Has anyone of you ever stopped and thought for a second how truly bad of an idea that is?

    I hope the community won't be ok with this, and I hope the content creators won't be ok with this. I hope, if you choose to release this as it is currently, that you will get the loudest backlash you ever had.

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  12. Whoo! I like most of the changes, but I feel like some are not going far enough.


    • Your proposed World on Fire changes are bad!

    You will push Ember into the exact same situation Ash was in until now! You make WoF way more clunky, while the buff to it is laughably insiginficant. At best, that change will force Ember players to recast WoF every 5 seconds, but nothing else will change. At worst, Ember will be shelved by most players, just like Ash got shelved after you made Bladestorm more clunky.

    • Fireball still has an underwhelming mechanic

    I'd assume that charging Fireball wont increase its damage to godlike levels, so that anyone would ever feel the need to use that ability. I think that the change to Fireball will be too insignificant to warrant even using the ability, let alone increasing Ember's usability

    • The Fire Blast does not incorporate well with the ability or Ember as a whole

    While there is nothing wrong with extra damage, I feel like the proposed Fire Blast changes do nothing to help Ember, especially after she gets nerfed. Ignoring the fact that Fire Blast's VFX is most of the time way too intrusive to properly aim through it, Ember is meant to be a caster frame, standing still and aiming with a weapon does not exactly fit her playstyle. Also, Ember has very little survivability, even less after her nerf, so this change will do nothing for her in that regard.

    • The Passive is still subpar

    The passive should just get replaced with something more useful, for example an Overheat mechanic, which could give Ember a stacking damage reduction and a Power Strength buff when consecutively casting abilities, at the expense of higher energy costs.


    While Volt will surely be fine after these changes, I'd still like to strongly suggest giving him further love in a few areas

    • Static Discharge: Soft cap instead of hard cap. If the stored damage exceeds 1000, it will decay back to 1000, the higher it is stacked, the faster it decays

    Just as the arbitrary limitation on Discharge, Static Discharge is also arbitrarily capped. This could be changed into a soft cap without any bad side effects.

    • Shock: Holding the button will make Volt shoot lightning coninuously. Moderate damage with moderate drain
      • If continuously fired at an Electric Shield, the damage it deals to enemies passing throug it will increase, up to a cap. If that cap is reached, enemies will get shocked with an Electricity proc, slowing them down considerably
      • If continuously fired at a Tesla Coil-ed enemy, the damage that enemy deals to himself and others around him will increase linearly. The damage can be increased until either the Tesla Coil effect ends or the enemy dies.

    The primary idea here is to give Volt more synergy for Shock, making the ability actually worthwhile to use often even at level 30

    • Speed: Running through an Electric Shield makes that Warframe dash forwards, similar to Excalibur's Slash Dash (without the damage component obviously)

    This one is just for fun. And who can say no to fun thing?


    • Dive Bomb should really be aimable

    While I appreciate that Dive Bomb can now be slightly aimed, I am still of the opinion that you should be able to aim more than just slightly. Make Dive Bomb activate by holding the button and you wont have problems with players actually Dive Bombing when they really just wanted to use Tail Wind.

    • Air Burst has to be inverted

    I can not overstate how much more useful Air Burst would be if it would ragdoll enemies to the center of the ability, instead of ragdolling them away. Zephyr would profit from such a change, most weapons would, and so would all other warframes.

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  13. Ember:

    I can summarize my thoughts on the proposed Ember rework in one sentence: This one has to go back to the drawing board. The proposed changes only make her more clunky and wont help to leviate her lost power, neither defensively, nor offensively. Pair that with a subpar first and third ability, and you are left with a frame that will be shelved by all normal players. The update will make WoF only more clunky, which is very reminiscent of the recent changes to Ash's Bladestorm, which will get rectified with this update.

    The changes also pay no mind to the role Ember fills currently. I have written a longer text about this here, but the tl;dr is that Warframe is very grindy and that Ember leviated that grind by not having to search out enemies that would die in one hit anyways. Taking Ember and similar frames away from the playerbase will drive those players away that were only able to bear the grind by not having to focus on it too much.

    Let your redesign be steered by the question how to turn Ember into a potent and fun, but fair AoE caster frame, instead of how to rein in WoF.


    Additionaly to the proposed changes, please consider the following suggestions:

    • Static Discharge: Soft cap instead of hard cap. If the stored damage exceeds 1000, it will decay back to 1000, the higher it is stacked, the faster it decays
    • Shock: Holding the button will make Volt shoot lightning coninuously. Moderate damage with moderate drain
      • If continuously fired at an Electric Shield, the damage it deals to enemies passing throug it will increase, up to a cap. If that cap is reached, enemies will get shocked with an Electricity proc, slowing them down considerably
      • If continuously fired at a Tesla Coil-ed enemy, the damage that enemy deals to himself and others around him will increase linearly. The damage can be increased until either the Tesla Coil effect ends or the enemy dies.
    • Speed: Running through an Electric Shield makes that Warframe dash forwards, similar to Excalibur's Slash Dash (without the damage component obviously)

    The changes to Shock and Static Discharge are meant to make Volt more versatile and to give him more damage, without making him overshadow other warframes, as his new damage potential would be ramping damage.

    The change to Speed are just meant as a gimmick, making it a little more interesting to play Volt by adding small synergies.


    I'd like to suggest a slightly different form of the proposed changes:

    • Tail Wind: Add a buff to channeling Tail Wind to get off the ground, that increases damage and range of the next ability used
    • Dive Bomb: Activate Dive Bomb by holding the button and have Zephyr fly towards the crosshairs, if the crosshairs are within a certain angle to the ground (for example 45°)
    • Air Burst: Inverse the proposed effect. Instead of ragdolling enemies away from the center, ragdoll them towards the center (like a 360° Mag Pull)

    The suggested change to Tail Wind will give you more reason to use it to gain altitude.

    The suggested change to Dive Bomb will allow it to be aimed, which significantly increases its effectiveness and the fun you can have with this ability.

    The suggested change to Air Burst makes it actually synergize with abilities like Dive Bomb and Tornado, other Warframes and weapons. The versatility would be greatly increased compared to its currently proposed function.

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  14. 5 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:


    Discharge - Removed the damage cap. Increased base damage output from 750 to 1200. Damage and stun duration are halved for enemies further away from Volt (affected by Mods).

    Removing Discharge’s damage cap has been a common request since Volt’s rework in early 2016. We tried testing this version of the ability internally, and decided it was too much  - stunning all enemies for 20+ seconds, through walls and inside spawn closets, had a seriously disruptive effect on gameplay. However, we understand why this is a common request, and have done our best to make it work.

    What happened to Volt's supposed alternative to gunplay? Volt is still nowhere near being able to keep up with any decently modded weaponry.

    I'd suggest changing Shock to be able to be held to shoot out continuous lightning strikes. Shot at a tesla coiled target, Shock could increase the damage the target does to itself and to nearby enemies until the tesla coil effect end or the target dies. This, if it stacks generously, would allow Volt to be just as effective using his abilities, as our weapons are currently, without creating too spiky damage, as it would ramp up the longer you attack a foe.

    A continuous cast for Shock could also be used to increase the damage the Electric Shield does to enemies if Shock is fired at it. Unlike for Discharge however, I'd suggest to add a cap to the damage an empowered Electric Shield can deal. If that cap is reached by continuously firing Shock at said Electric Shield, enemies that pass through it could be stunned just as if they'd been hit by Shock.

    At last, I'd like to suggest a fun little QoL synergy between Electric Shield and Speed: If a Warframe is under the effect of Speed and passes through an Electric Shield, he gets propelled forwards, similar to Excalibur's Slash Dash, but without breaking momentum or any other benefits Slash Dash might provide outside of the movement.

  15. 4 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

    Since sound waves can hit through walls, the humongous area of effect can prevent enemies from getting anywhere near the objective, while the casting player is left with nothing to do but wait. [Implying they want to change that]

    4 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:


    Q: Will enemies far away be affected by less stun, or only less damage?
    A: Stun is still consistent at any point on the Quake. First hit has changed to a ragdoll as well!

    So what now?

  16. 1 hour ago, [DE]Connor said:


    Some of Zephyr's abilities are cheaper to cast while airborne - details in progress.

    Tail Wind - Combined into a single ability with Dive Bomb. Can be charge cast on the ground, launching Zephyr into the air where she then hovers. In the air, Tail Wind still flies in whatever direction you’re looking, and Dive Bomb activates if cast while looking straight down.

    Air Burst - New ability replacing Dive Bomb. A projectile that causes an AoE burst on contact, ragdolling enemies. Can be fired into Tornadoes to make them bigger.

    Tornado - Now spawn where player is aiming and can be steered. The closest tornado will move to your aimpoint, meaning you can move them around. Tornado damage type now determined by largest amount of elemental damage absorbed, instead of last type absorbed. Tornadoes do a better job of keeping enemies captured, and shooting Tornadoes will do damage to enemies trapped inside.

    Zephyr, the warrior of the skies, has seen little change since being introduced in early 2014. Four years later, her ability kit is showing its age - Parkour 2.0 improved mobility across all Warframes, making her reduced gravity and Tail Wind less useful by comparison. Turbulence is consistently useful, but all other abilities leave something to be desired.

    To give Zephyr new wind beneath her wings, her Tail Wind and Dive Bomb will now be the same ability, cast depending on which direction the player is looking. This makes room for her new ability Air Burst, which gives Zephyr new ways to rain death from the skies. We do not have a gif ready for this yet. Combined with Tornado tweaks intended to make the ability more consistent and useful, Zephyr’s more well-rounded kit should help reassert her air superiority.

    Dive Bomb - Please, please, PLEASE make Dive Bomb aimable! You can restrict the angle to 45° if you want, just make it so that if you press 1 while airborne, you use Tail Wind and if you hold 1, you use Dive bomb, if you are within the angle-restriction. Additionally, instead of making abilities cheaper while mid air, why not make them stronger? Make it so that if you use Tail Wind to get off the ground, a buff will be placed on you that lasts for as long you are airborne (Optional: and is consumed with the first ability used while airborne), that significantly increases range and strength of the used ability.

    Air Burst - Again, please reverse your idea: Instead of ragdolling enemies away, ragdoll them together; to the location you casted Air Burst on. Just take Dive Bomb's augment and make it its own ability. (See my idea for "Katabatic Vortex" as reference

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  17. 4 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:


    World On Fire - 5 seconds after casting, a percentage will begin counting up on the ability icon. As this percentage scales from 0% to 100% over 10 seconds, the ability’s energy cost and damage dealt both grow to double, while the ability radius shrinks to half.

    Ember is the original damage caster frame, offering low survivability in exchange for high offense. Her ultimate, World on Fire, is unmatched in terms of widespread lethality - while many Warframes specialize in certain mission types, Ember’s specialty is “anything under level 30”. By simply bullet jumping through levels with World on Fire active, enemies become a non-factor, making Ember a ubiquitous pick across most of the Star Chart. Like a mobile Resonating Quake, this monopoly on kills can leave squadmates struggling to keep up, in an attempt to see the enemy before they melt. These changes increase lethality at higher levels, while addressing the ability’s huge range.

    World on Fire will continue working similarly to how it does now, but with changing effects over time. The gradually increasing energy cost should encourage most players to toggle the ability when needed, instead of the current “set and forget” approach. Players who can afford to run the ability at max charge may need to get more up close and personal, but the increased damage should help Ember out against higher level enemies.  World on Fire is still very capable of clearing rooms and sweeping hallways, but should now be applied more deliberately!

    Dear DE, dear Connor, I am going to tell you something you already know: Warframe is grindy as F***. And that is ok, I am certainly not complaining about that.

    And I'm going to tell you a second thing you already know: There is a limit to how much grind players are willing to put up with. The latest example of this would be the lore segments as bounty reward during the ghoul event. The majority of players complained that it was way too grindy to complete those lore fragments and you agreed and changed it for the better. Now let me add to the last statement that the amount of grind one is willing to put up with varies from player to player.

    Keeping those two points in mind, Ember and its kind as AoE nukers are actually a form of player retention. Ember is my most played frame, and for a good reason. By the time you get decent mods, about 90% to 95% of the game just become a cake walk. The most taxing thing in those cake-walk-missions is to get the enemies into your line of sight, so you can oneshot them. Ember eliminates the need to seek out each of those low level enemies and by doing so, removes the most aggravating part about having to run those low level missions over and over again.

    It is true that having an Ember or the like as team-mate can be frustrating, but while players that are at the mercy of an Ember may *@##$ and whine, they will keep playing. And they have a choice to leave the squad if they see an Ember joining. However, if you remove Ember and similar frames from the game, players like me, players who have not as high of a tolerance for grind, are being forced to run cake-walk-missions over and over again to get that one drop they want, they wont have the choice to just leave the squad to speed up the grind, and they wont keep playing, they will leave, at worst permanently.

    I hope you can see where I am going with this. AoE nuke frames like Ember increase the range of players your game appeals to, because it means that players with a lower tolerance for grind can at least speed up that grind significantly. Please keep this fact in mind when balancing Embers WoF. I'd really hate to be in a situation where I get pissed off at just the thought of having to spend so much unnecessary time in missions because I have to either run to every enemy or let them run to me.

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  18. Hello Steve and Scott, I hope you are in a great mood today, because I will have to try your patience. I asked these questions last devstream already and I would still appreciate an answer.

    Could you please implement universal Vacuum? You said over various devstreams that your team has different opinions about this matter. Some think that having to pick up loot is diversifying the gamaplay, others say that giving any companion Vacuum would make them too similar. I have to strongly disagree. Whether or not you believe that Vacuum is just a feature that diversifies gameplay or companions, most players wont agree with you. They see Vacuum as an integral mechanic of Warframe and I am certain that the statistics support this claim. I predict that very most players will have Vacuum equipped and that Kavats or Kubrows are being used significantly less, not to mention that most of them will only be used to level them.

    You could, for example, tie Vacuum innate to the Warframes to the Exilus Slot. Players would have to unlock it with an Exilus Adapter, which would make sure new players don't have immediate access to it, give a reason to farm Simaris standing and quite possibly bolster sales of Exilus Adapters themselves. Energy Conversion, if that is of concern, could be changed to be able to hold multiple charges, as one would pick up Energy Orbs more frequently. Or you could give players the control over what items they want to be "vacuumed".

    So let me ask you, why can't you see that your design of Vacuum is not matching up with the players vision of it? Why do Kubrows and Kavats have to be sidelined?


    The other question I'd like to ask is if you could rethink your design philosophy when creating or reworking Warframes? Currently, you mostly seem to design or rework Warframes based on the premise to make them balanced and to not make them increasing the powercreep by making sure they don't overshoot other Warframes. Sadly, the downside so far has been that many new and most reworked Warframes as of late are not feeling fun to play.

    Oberon is the latest example of this. I'm sure that he is balanced if it comes to your metrics, but it doesn't feel like he was able to push into the "frequently used" category, neither does it feel particular exciting to play him. He is ok, but he's missing something that can catch my interest. As such, I sadly have to consider him as a failed rework, not because he's too bad to play, but rather because Oberon isn't standing out in any way.

    As such I would like to ask you if you could change your design philosophy from creating something balanced, to creating something fun, or captivating, and worry about the balance later. Find one thing for each Warframe that will be their gimmick, like Titania's Razorwing, or something they will be the best at and make sure that each ability feels rewarding to use.


    Additionally to the questions I asked last devstream already, I'd like to pick up the recent fuzz about many different abilities being tied to the players FPS. In my opinion, this is an unacceptable design flaw and should be rectified as soon as possible, as well as any abilities or mechanics associated with those flaws normalized, such as the MR24 test. I think that Warframe in general would benefit immensely from sidelining the production of new content, focussing on bugfixes, QoL improvements and the overall abalance.

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