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  1. The point is that Itzal didn't even need a nerf. It was a perfectly fine archwing and had not been touched in years and years . Archwings meta was actually Amesha . The only issue DE had with Itzal is that it possessed "blink" , which allowed the player to move faster within open area maps such as the plains of eidolon or the orb vallis. The community had already asked for an universal blink instead and for a rework to Itzal's first ability but what we got instead was yes...an universal blink ( on a cooldown...on an awful keybind...seriously double tap shift ?! Which is also the default key for sprinting or boosting when in AW mode ?! ) but Itzal's first ability apparently got changed with Valk's ( why ? It makes no sense. It's an horrible ability already , it makes even less sense on an archwing ).
  2. The grind for the materials needed to build a Railjack is real ; these things cost a crapton of credits and of resources thus being not so available to new players , tone it down. The time gate between crafting and finding the different parts is horrible ( craft 1 part , wait 12 hours , the cephalon spots one more part , get the part and grind for the mats , repeat ) , it would be better if we could just get the missions to recover all of the different parts at the same time , get them mats for all of them and craft the whole ship within 12 hours instead of 12 x 6 hours . There is no tutorial quest for the Railjack unlike for the Archwing ; people don't know how it works , don't know about the slingshot , don't know about the foundry , don't know about how to destroy crewships and so on until they've done a few missions with other players. Make an introductory mission . The Railjack configuration screen is probably one of the most confusing things ever when you are starting to mess with it ; people don't know what each component does until they can swap it with another thus realizing what stats it affects , avionics are not explained ( they are just mods for railjacks ? Well , make it clear ) , the grid is not explained , you are not told that you must refill your payload nor how to repair stuff . All of this stuff needs to be more clear . The grind for the materials needed to build railjack components ( as in weapons and other parts this time ) is also real . Railjacks feel very weak at start , their damage output is low , they get critical failures stupidly frequently and they are not suited for solo play ( which makes me wonder how new people will be able to complete some missions once the hype for railjacks is gonna be over ) . Archwings are also a pain to use within these missions as their damage feels rather low and they prove to be quite squishy. I'd recommend you to adjust the difficulty of these first few missions or the stats of railjacks and archwings so that they can have a smoother start and generally just perform better . The stats of the various railjack components are random ?! Seriously ?! People hate that kind of stuff, you should know. You'd think the hate for rivens , for kuva and for liches would have taught that lesson but since it's not the case let me make it clear once more : The less randomness appears in this game the better it is . Random stats ( and not only those ) are disrespectful towards your players time and towards their efforts . No one likes to grind for hours and hours and hours every day only just to be rewarded with something that was just not worth it . Please fix the "random" aspect in this game ( remove rivens or allow the players to be able to lock for ever one of the rolls every 10 re-rolls , just make railjack components stats not randomized ) . Tiers are not explained ( sigma , lavan , vidar , zekti ) nor marks ( mk 1 , 2 , 3 ) . Let the players know what they mean . Crewships feel useless when hijacked , it's the same as dargyns on the plain . Why allow the player to control some vehicle that will be borderline useless when they could perform better if they didn't drive it in the first place ? Please adjust these vehicles stats when they are used by tenno players. So far my feedback on this update is rather negative ; I'm giving it a 5/10 . The concept is nice and the missions can prove overall enjoyable but there's really just so much stuff that needs to be addressed and fixed . Hope to see this content get the adjustments it deserves . P.S. Please give us back archwing's manouvers , bind blink to a different key than double tap sprint , give itzal a new 1 ( Valk's 1 on Itzal sucks , truly ) and make archwings feel like the grav zero flight combat simulator they used to be .
  3. Buff orokin cells drop rates back up to how they used to be , running 20 waves defense mission with nekros AND a kavat on Ceres or Saturn only just to get 1-2 of them is not fun. I understand that you may want to push people into purchasing more boosters with the recent changes ( to resources drop rates , to loot specific warframes and to other components of the game ) but this will only make your community get pissed . Years ago the community was promised less grind while in truth the grind has only just increased ( with specters of the rail , plains of eidolon , the grind for rivens , focus schools and kuva , fortuna , the kuva liches update and now railjack ) . Soften the grinding a bit.
  4. Just came back after a couple of months ; I apparently missed liches , railjack and...archwing changes ? I honestly don't quite like or understand them ; having no afterburners sucks , I think manouvering got removed again or I still haven't figured out how to side / back flip to dodge , Itzal's 1 is now Valkyr's 1 and it's crap , Blink on shift double tap...? Can't we rebind it ? I honestly miss the times when archwings still felt like proper grav zero combat air fighting simulators. Still, can we change its controls now somehow ? Or is there at least some kind of list for the new controls ?
  5. I honestly love her design. I don't know why a jellyfish specifically as Ivara isn't a water themed frame but damn , she looks hella nice.
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