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  1. Allow me to disagree. It is true that this season is much less grindy and that's why I haven't complained about it so far but what we are talking about is a new system that came to replace the older alerts system and whose purpouse was to be more newbie friendly while at the same time being just as grindy as the old one ( aka , one mission and poof...here's your catalyst ) ; as you have seen this is clearly not the case. Nightwave is not newbie friendly ( good luck hunting Profit Taker as a MR 5 ) , it doesn't give you immediate access to rewards , it is not veteran friendly either and I will soon enter in detail about explaining why. As a MR 26-27 player I may simply just NOT NEED to fish , mine , do bounties , catch animals , gild stuff , do profit taker , do invasions and so on anymore....I've already obtained all the stuff I needed from those , I instead would need to focus on other stuff such as farming for kuva or for arcanes , focus , other mats . As such these tasks are simply just a waste of time to me , they do not allow me to do what I need and force me into doing other ( futile ) activities if I want to get some rewards that before this system's implementation I could have got by doing a 5 minutes mission. The point isn't that "I don't want to play the game" , the matter is that I don't want to waste my time doing tasks I don't need. This game is , as you know , already based on a costant grind and as such being efficient is very important.
  2. Kinda wish the explosion didn't deal self damage tbh.
  3. I really like the weapon so far but self damage kills it for me too...( or rather...it kills me ). Very good crossbow , fun to use , could definitely be a top pick if it weren't for that self damage...on an automatic weapon....with rapid fire...( seriously , what the hell was the idea ?! ) . As of now I fear many people will just level it and put it on the shelf much like with many other weapons. Kind of sad.
  4. Mastery Rank doesn't mean anything when it comes to being able to play properly or not , it simply states how many weapons you've tried out , nothing else. A higher MR doesn't even give you access to directly better weapons , it simply expands your field of choice...but for instance...as long as you know how to mod your gear you could outdps anyone regardless of their rank. Damage is also a rather useless stat if you ask me ( you don't need to be the best dps to complete an Interception mission , nor a Mobile Defense one , nor a Defense one , nor any other excluding maybe extermination but I could honestly argue about that too ) , the game is an objective based one ; your primary purpouse is to secure a mission's success and complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible ( ex. If I am doing a spy mission on Loki I won't go killing everything around the map, I will straight go for the 3 data vaults and extract their data ) . You will probably have to grind a lot and as such you want to minimize your failure rates and your missions times. As other people have stated , knowledge is your best weapon. There are MR 5s who already get how to play and MR 27s who still don't. Also consider that some people might be using unleveled gear in non endgame related missions so don't flex on your damage without taking that into account ( some level 30 saryn with fully leveled ignis wraith , catchmoon and atterax flexed on me the other day while I was running level 0 stuff on hydron just cause my MR was higher....like...seriously, dude ? ) Just use the wiki and slowly start learning about new things until you know what works the best and what not and in which situation. Always bring frames and weapons that would perform good in that particular mission type and against that faction.
  5. Okay so, Enemies level and your player level , MR level are not really the same thing. For instance...you could still be using a level 1 warframe or be a MR 5 player and still be taking down level 40-ish enemies with ease with the right stuff. Take a mission's enemies level more as an indicative term of how hard the mission is going to be , your gear level cap is always going to be 30 , MR ( non yet implemented ) cap will be 30 as well. Mods are your best friends ; learn modding your gear properly , create and try out new builds and you'll notice your frame and weapons won't be useless anymore but will instead be able to carry you even against high level enemies. http://warframe-builder.com/ https://www.cephalonwannab.com// These sites give you some good examples of how you should mod your gear ; you do not have to follow their builds blindly , try out what works the best for you. If you don't know where to find a mod feel free to use the Warframe's Wiki , it will teach you a lot of stuff and tell you where to find what you need quickly. Level your frames and gear up to 30 , craft new ones and try them out until you find something you like , that's what the game is about. Explore the solar map and do your quests and missions , they will help you getting more mods , different crafting materials and allow you to obtain better stuff. Orokin catalysts and reactors will allow you to double your modding capacity from 30 points to 60 , Formas will halve a mod's cost for a weapon or for a frame, use them on stuff you like to make even better builds. Once you have tried out various weapons and warframes and managed to get some builds that are actually good for you , after finishing all of your quests then you may want to consider finally going to the Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna and max your reputation with their syndacates in order to build zaws ( custom melees ) , kitguns ( custom secondaries ) and have access to amps and arcanes ( still more powerups ~ ) ; you could also learn to actually farm eidolons at this point altough I must ask you to read or watch a guide before doing so for it may prove not so immediate to understand what you need to do or what's good against them. Join syndacates and try maxing out your reputation with them , they may sell some useful stuff to you and are available almost immediately after you start playing the game. Get prime gear by farming relics , primes have slightly better stats than regular gear and are as such a direct upgrade to your weapons and frames. I could honestly list more stuff that might prove to be useful to you but I think this is already more than enough at the moment. Just take the game easy and have fun. Also remember one thing , damage isn't the most important stat in warframe and not all warframes are meant to be dps ones. Always play what you like and feel like using but try to bring the most suitable frames and weapons for each mission in order to secure your party's success and its efficiency ( ex. Nova can slow enemies down and as such is a good frame for modes such as interception , Loki can turn invisible and as such is good for spy , Frost can create ice domes to use as shields and as such is good for defense , ecc... ) .
  6. My personal feedback about nightwave , even though I've already expressed it so many times in other sections of the forum : - Nightwave feels like a chore. While I once could drop and pick back the game at leisure without feeling like I had missed on something unique or important or like I had 'fallen behind' now I can not do that anymore. This mode forces you to play day after day and week after week in order to keep on completing its challenges. I do not like this. - It is too grindy and unrewarding. With the previous system I could do one mission and get myself a nice catalyst blueprint within 5 minutes . Now I have to complete a lot of tasks I do not need , accept the fact this might take me hours or even days....and in the end...? The player only gets 50 wolf creds every 3 ranks , aka 30.000 standing , aka 1 week worth of doing every single weekly.....aka....it will take them 2 weeks to get one catalyst or a reactor. - It is not newbie friendly nor solo player friendly . A new player will not be able to hunt a Hydrolist . A solo player won't be able to do challenges "with a friend" . TLDR : I want the old alert system back. Now I know this won't bring it back....but please, rework the current system so that it doesn't feel just as bad as it actually does regarding these 3 aspects I listed.
  7. People use Itzal because it easily allows them to pick up loot and to "blink" around the map , thus being faster and more efficient than other archwings for open world maps. Is the problem Itzal itself ? No. Itzal has always been a balanced archwing and it shows that in normal archwing missions where it does not outshine the other archwing models but is instead often a worse choice than a well modded Elytron or Amesha. This archwing doesn't need any kind of nerf, it works fine ; the issue here lies within the fact Itzal simply happens to offer more mobility than the other archwings while in open world areas which isn't even a real issue if you ask me because let's be honest, in a game which is all about being fast and efficient due to the grind aspect , this is exactly what the player wants. If this truly has to be considered as a problem then the fix is rather simple : buff the other archwings speed while in open world areas in order to make them be on par with Itzal's speed or just buff their utility in a way that will make people actually consider picking them instead of Itzal. Nerfing a balanced Archwing is not the solution. DE can't keep on nerfing things that actually work as intended and that do not even count as exploits simply because they made some design mistakes.
  8. Still no fixes for : - Targis prime armor parts occasionally looking as if they was being channeled ( even though they are not ) - Tekelu skins being broken - Rift Sigil not working properly on various warframes - Dojo lighting being too bright / some rooms' lights not working properly ever since dojos recent reworks.
  9. Still no fix for Targis prime armor's particles flow always looking like if it was being "channeled" and for Tekelu skins being broken.
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