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  1. I was trying to complete The Steel Path start chart and during a junction fight Steel Meridian decided it was time to intervene . These fights are meant to be 1 v 1 duels between the player and the specter , I don't think it's intentional for syndacate enemies or for head hunters to show up in here .
  2. Pretty much . Melees are very strong right now and I understand why people may think they are op but whenever you are going melee you aren't just pressing E and only E ; you are also exposing yourself to more risks and as such I find it right for melee weapons to be able to deal more damage since you are actually going toe to toe with the enemy rather than shoot it from the distance . Primaries and secondaries also happen to be pretty strong themselves and can easily wipe rooms ( the Acceltra , Corinth P , Ignis wrath , the Rubico P , the Bramma , ecc.. ) by just pressing lmb or the midd
  3. You do not , no . You place the decoy past the lasers and switch teleport with it . Loki's invisibility also happens to be eternal as you can generate more energy than it costs by the time the effect is over , thus allowing you to recast it immediately . Seriously , I wonder if some of you even play Loki . Again , you can just place a decoy anywhere and switch your position with theirs , thus bypassing lasers and creating shortcuts .
  4. Why would you need an augment for that ? Decoy past the laser and switch teleport with it . Easy .
  5. Idk how I'd change decoy as it can easily go from underwhelming to op ( making it become invincible for its whole duration as some people suggest...considering the huge duration and low energy cost it has ) ; having it go from enemy to enemy much as if it were Nyx's Chaos / Mind control would be interesting but idk if that'd make it become rather broken as well unless DE were to tweak with its duration or energy cost ( it's still supposed to draw aggro so having it do that for 50+ seconds for a ridiculously low amount of energy would definitely make it be op ) . I'd be okay with merging his cu
  6. She can , yes but bullet jumping without breaking it is obviously much better . I love Ivara for a lot of other reasons but having her mobility be cut down while she's invisible always bothered me a little .
  7. I honestly don't know as he's okay to me ? I could think of a half-assed rework here and now but it would be half-assed cause I don't get what's wrong with him . What are the community's complaints about him ? What's wrong with Loki ?
  8. The only thing I'd change are the dailies / weeklies . No one likes to do stuff they don't need in order to get standing . Let me cap my nightwave standing by allowing me to do what I need ( Maybe I already got all I needed from Profit Taker or from the Eidolons , maybe I don't need to do a 30 minutes kuva survival.... ) . Just give the players a sigil like for the old syndacates or make the thing work the same way as the quest thingies you get at the start of each mission ( ex. "hack 1 console" to pick one everyone's aware of ) .
  9. Might not be that bad for you and with your melody but for me it can be annoying by using mine . At the same time I don't really want a tune which only repeats the same note endlessly just for the sake of an ability which could have been designed better . Loki's invisibility does the job , press 2 once every 35 seconds , easy and no drawbacks . I also generate more energy than his 2 consumes so it can always be up .
  10. Idk , I guess I am one of those "old people blinded by nostalgia" but Loki has always worked fine for me . Decoy could be better , sure...but you can still switch teleport with it and that allows you to bypass lasers or to get to tricky spots rather easily . Loki's invisibility is still the best one in the game ( Ivara walks , Octavia has to spam crouch every "x" seconds , Ash's is too short ) and can easily get a 100% uptime while lasting 30+ seconds . Switch teleport is niche but very useful during spy missions and in other situations . Disarm is and has always been a pretty nice cc
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