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  1. It wasn't bad at all to be fair , both void 1.0 and 2.0 had their perks and their flaws . Void keys allowed you to be able to access one mission ( ex : void 3 defense ) , this mission would drop "x , y , z" parts for "α , β , γ" primes according to its loot tables and by following a specific rotation ( for example...if you wanted Ash prime's systems they'd only have a chance to drop from...idk...let's say void 4 survival C , aka 15 mins if the rotation was A -> B -> C ) . This is very similar to the way relics work now except relics take out the rotation aspect and can be refined for better chances at obtaining the part you want . The positive sides of keys used to be that since they were mission type and tier related you wouldn't really have to grind for them as they'd just start filling your inventory while you were doing everyday content and even if you didn't have the key for that specific mission type you could join some host who actually had the key and they'd actually act as host for everyone regardless of whether they possessed that same key or not...which allowed for easier ways to fill parties , help friends getting something they needed or get something you needed yourself without having to own the key . Another positive aspect of keys is that when it came to endless missions you'd only need one to snatch as many rewards as you could as even after 5 mins into survival / 5 waves into def / one interception round you could just choose to keep going without having to consume more keys...thus potentially allowing you to get...idk...let's say you managed to resist up to wave 60 in defense before extracting...that'd be 12 prime parts rewarded from a single key...and while you may not have necessairely gotten what you needed that's a lot of prime parts you can sell for platinum or trade for ducats . Relics need to be farmed for ( each new prime has its specific relics or close to that ) , they however allow for refinement and thus better chances at obtaining some specific prime part , you can now pick the reward you want out of the 4 ones popping up on the screen thanks to your team members which increases your chances even further , you need to farm for reactant to refine your relics but it's obtained easily enough by doing fissures . You can now bypass the rotation aspect for drops as already mentioned but you also need everyone in your party to own that same relic if you want to do a "rad-share" run . Void 2.0 missions are generally more various as they all take place on different planets while 1.0 all took place in the void tileset ( which is why some people still have PTSD Vietnam-like flashbacks at the thought of void defense ~ ) but having each prime introduce new relics kind of bloats the drop tables for normal missions , making it harder to get the specific relic you need . Even after all these years I still prefer 1.0 but I get why probably the majority of the community seems to enjoy 2.0 more as it's easier to get what you want and it produced a huge decrease in prices for prime parts ( platinum wise ) unless you are trying to buy the newest primes ( cause the demand is high for those obv ) . Anyhow....it simply looks like you've been unlucky with 2.0 so far , keep persevering and if you feel like you still aren't getting the specific item you want then start selling the prime parts you get and have no use for , 100 p are easy enough to earn .
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