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  1. So it states that they appear from new isolation vaults, but I literally have no seen any 'parts' listed in the bounty rewards do they drop from mobs when doing the isolation vaults or something?
  2. Did u end up fixing it somehow by any chance?
  3. Wait there's no deferred rendring in warframe launcher anymore.. :(, BTW Tys for reply
  4. So, when i go into the plains of eidolon there's a really weird shadow that surrounds my player model and it's really annoying when i hunt eidolons. Here's the video: Is my gpu acting up? cause everything else seems to be fine when playing other games GPU: 2070 Super CPU: 3700x
  5. So I'm not sure if this is actually the issue of my problem, but I'm getting fairy low fps (especially during eidolon where i drop to like 60~70fps at times) with a 3700x and 2070 super. I saw that my cpu/gpu usages were like no more than 20~30%/40~50% respectively at max. Can anyone confirm that this is also what they're also getting when playing warframe with same specs or at least similar specs?
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