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  1. i agreed to the topic


    Well I stop caring about this and other WF related matters when I saw that resources can now be bought. I knew that eventually everything will come down to that. 3 weeks since I last played and occasionally checking in. Don't know what is going on, but I'm afraid that it all ends with DE doing what they want and giving us just some 'frames to keep the fanboys happy.

  2. Refer to my reply to the second person I quoted. The Fusion Moa and Grineer Informer events were incredibly unbalanced, being heavily biased towards solo-play with its competitive nature. This event is also unbalanced, being heavily biased towards co-op with clan competition. As you can see, when you combine the nature of the 3 events, you get a pretty balanced plate overall, wouldn't you agree?

    Agree with you. Just wanted to point out that the last event was perfectly fine to me. As the one before that.

    Edit: Aaaaand slightly above 250! Thanks DE this event made me a happy Tenno. In addition I played with strangers for the first time in a very looooong time.

    I give youthis gift that I made with my bare hands. Sorry for the grammar.


  3. Why not use weapons which don't have AP?I wonder just how much your life will get harder.Keep using the AP ignore weapons and the game will be easy for you.Just let's hope DE  makes enemies in Nightmare mode  unaffected by Ap damage.That would make some people mad


    Amen to that! I know that if you used maxed stuff the game get easy, but as an rpg (because the game have this stuff in it) it is supposed to be as such. Try to farm al the frame, all the weapon and exp them out. That is the real deal.


    p.s. you guys who think this is easy try to bring the dark dagger to lvl. 30 without potato, good luck on your next 12 days of suffering.

  4. I just finished a T3 Defense mission with a full party and "received" the paris prime blueprint. When the mission completed showed it said something along the lines of "Failed to save progress" and I did not receive ANYTHING from the mission. It took us atleast 25 minutes to do that all for NOTHING. PLEASE can I get some kind of reimbursement??

    I feel you

  5. EDIT: ok pic finally loaded. Yeah, buying mats is kinda dumb. Selling them for plat is dumb. Give us an exchange system. I don't need all these @(*()$ Nano Spores.


    Guess it should be done. Though this thing in addition to the drop rates that have been changes it's a clever one. Maybe I'm the one farming wrong, but now Ferrite and the uncommons are much more rare. Orokin Cell and Morphics though have increased their drop rates.

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