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  1. Indeed I too, am leaning in that direction lately, the more paywall-locked content comes out.


    I wouldn't mind so much if there were some kind of clue as to where/how to get Void Keys/Forma. I'd rather have a far-off but clear goal than be left completely in the dark, which is not an incentive to keep playing.

    I feel a complete idiot for purchasing the hunter pack.

  2. I was going to say that I liked this update, but then I noticed one glaring problem. The Snipetron blueprint isn't in the market anymore.

    So not finding a bp is a fail compared to the rest?

    Hint hint: this is how they're going to do pay to win. You can, in theory, not pay and still get it, but you'll have grandchildren by the time you do.


    Have you? Has anyone? Has a key dropped for anyone at all? How do you farm for something like this, do raid missions over and over and hope the RNG god does well by you, even though it never does with the daily rewards of the alerts?

    It's not a technical paywall, but it's a de facto paywall, especially in the amounts they want. Just like Voubon is behind a de facto paywall. I guess it could change, but that's not been their direction so far. So far it's to lock more and more content behind paywalls or broken RNG systems.

    I feel you. Two days ago I was happy to buy the Hunter pack because I wanted to help a game wich does not lock free player. If you wanted something you had to farm a little and the game was still fun. Now I regret my decision SO badly.
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  3. Nope, you can obtan Void keys as drops.


    You didn't read the whole thing.

    Tell me about Forma you great paladin in shiny armor. Things are going down. If you want to congratulate with DE thumbs up their post. A forum is built for sharing opinion ;)

  4. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/48905-bought-the-hunter-founder-pack/

    Some days ago I wrote this topic to praise DE and it's great work. I praised their policy to let free to play gamers have everything (aside from slots) that paying "costumers" had. I called farming a good way to use your in-game time and to give purpose to playing. After seeing this Update 8, I can honestly say YOU, DE, let me down. Really down.

    FORMA! REally?! You have to pay for the Dojo? And you have to build the keys? I expected some improvements.
    Dunno what to say.


    EDIT: I forgot: PURCHASING VOID KEYS?? Is this some EA's DLC?

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