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  1. Turned in a bunch of Glappids for standing, but after going to Hok to buy an arcane, I realized that it capped me for the day and didn't give me any of the standing. So many glappids gone and no standing to show for it.
  2. Yep, I have this bug too. Several helmets seem to have this problem at the moment.
  3. Yeah that sums it up nicely. I can see what it is supposed to be, but it doesn't stay what I select.
  4. I can't change my trinity prime helmet energy either.
  5. I have a forma on my mag. Helmet color still stays blue.
  6. Mag's Ferros helmet is also stuck as blue. Even with a forma and the second slot unlocked, nothing changes it. Must be a coloring bug of some sort.
  7. The new boss turned itself invisible in the middle of the fight, and then we all turned invisible as well. Tricky to shoot a boss you cannot see.
  8. When fighting the new boss, the boss turned itself and 3/4 other players, including myself, invisible for the remainder of the mission.
  9. The Mag Ferros helmet's energy color cannot be changed, and neither can Trinity Prime's helmet.
  10. After the latest hotfix changing the secondary color bug on helmets and landing craft, Ivara's skirt is now all but invisible.
  11. Same here. I keep hoping the next hotfix patches the problem but it is still broken. DE please fix this soon.
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