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  1. Clan name: KLMN Clan tier: Rank 10 Ghost clan Clan platform: PS4 Clan role: Architect This is my fantasy design dojo design :) floor 1 White dragon floor 2 decoration display room floor 3 Future trading market fish shop , arcade , flower shop and a bank vending machine . floor 3 upper deck small cafe with mini drone deliver stuff floor 4 Bigdaddy undersea base theme with orokin samurai on left side floor 5 jet saber tooth tiger with orokin theme floor 5 left room 1 meple tree theme with a small house floor 5 left room 2 dark forest with moonlight shadow theme floor 5 right room 3 sakura tree with moonlight shadow theme floor 6 main hall with buddha dark creepy theme floor 6 upper deck theme sunset floor 6 trading post n treasure post is under moonlight theme floor 6 tenno lab , courpus lab , grineer lab n infested lab mr robot theme floor 6 grineer lab mr robot and mr bear theme floor 6 left pvp room with hand of machines theme floor 6 right pvp room with sunrise theme floor 7 hall way samurai loki theme floor 7 upper deck mt the guest cabin theme floor 7 lower deck dragon scream theme floor 7 navigation hall orokin dragon head theme Decoration alone < yuriyamato Thanks for Big Donate soroksedmoj , DArkFIgHtEr24- and iKrieG hope u all like it enjoy :))) This is a preview of each room, more pictures please visit the imgur/youtube link: - i feels 720p a bit blur maybe my software problem , so i add a link with 1080p https://imgur.com/a/l39TNEW
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