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  1. Alerts didn't required me to do all of them to eventually reach the point where I am eventually given currency and can choose an item that I want to buy with that currency, but instead reward listed item straight away and if I don't care for it, I can safely skip it because it's not required to get another item in another alert
  2. Straight to the point - I feel like Nightwave was DE's one of the worst additions to the game (yes, I liked alerts better than this) and I feel like it is intrusive to the Warframe's gameplay loop that I've been playing for close to 4 years to the point of being utterly deal-breaking. However since it's so intervined with most of the Warframe content and it being most of the time insultingly reason, causing strong negative reception to the point of dropping the game entirely when set of Nightwave challenges crosses over way too many things I intended to do, I feel like there should be an ability to not just ignore Nightwave entirely, but also opt out of it entirely - that is, remove Nightwave challenges from event checklist in Orbiter, stop tracking progress and completion within said challenges and replace the radio back to the usual grineer chatter without Nora occasionally hijacking it. No need to even provide something in return, have enough Nitain left to not depend on Nightwave for years
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