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  1. Right ty guys ima try this out. I'm thinking it might be my builds or something, I dunno, a lot has changed since I haven't been on
  2. damn i better change my build
  3. I'm ripping through enemies, using Mesa, Saryn or Wukong Primes but I'm getting nothing. Maybe I am too dum for MR 30 :(
  4. Helo frens I took a massive break from Warframe for like 2 years, other than like checking in on mates here and there, and coming back to it, I've managed to get to the MR30 test. I get that it's meant to be difficult, but is anyone else having problems with life support drops? I get hardly any per round. I've practiced, and tried the test, at least about 20 times now, and I compare it to the vids of other people doing the test, I'm getting maybe 2/3 life support drops a round compared to others getting 8-10. Is it just RNG or am I doing a big dumb?
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