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  1. Hi. My name is Albi. I've been playing Warframe almost from the very beginning, when only a few thousand people played it online. I play with long breaks and I wasn't really focused on leveling up everything in the game. However, I have a 24 mastery rank and have already become familiar with all Warframe mechanics. I will try to describe what caused me a problem or irritated me during the game. I will describe exactly where in my opinion the problem is and give some suggestions on how it could change. I would like to address this feedback mainly to the developers of the game, because I do not believe that most people will want to read so much text, but comments are welcome and I am happy to discuss. Missions Warframe missions are very boring. I have always enjoyed creating new characters, weapons and testing various builds on them. But repeating different mission archetypes that look identical on every planet has never been something that prompted me to keep playing. In my opinion, each mission (although the smallest one) should have a storyline. Let me know that I am going to catch a target or defend a target that plays a part in this universe. While defending the capsule by several or several dozen waves of enemies, I do not feel the atmosphere of this game. I'm just doing it for the rewards. It should not be like this. There are various camps, dungeons and hidden places in open locations like Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon. Despite this, there are maybe 5 missions in each open location. They just take place only in diffferent places. In my opinion, such large open spaces deserve more missions that would give NPCs in the city. There are quite a few camps or mines that I wouldn't know about if it wasn't for the achievements. Mods and mod upgrades - There are legendary versions of some mods in the game. However, not for every type of weapon we can get similar legendary mods. I have always hated this idea, because this way, weapons to which it pays to put this one legendary mod (for example Primed Charged Shell) are more used than those that focus on elements other than electricity. Since there are legendary mods for all types of weapons and for all types of enemies like for example Primed Cleanse Corrupted / Primed Smite Corrupted / Primed Bane of Corrupted and Primed Expel Corrupted (And almost no one uses it!!), it should be the same with elemental mods. - Rivens give a large boost to weapon damage and are a very nice addition to the build, as the player then has more freedom to build weapons in their own way. However, there aren't many options to get it. In fact, you can only get them as one of the Sortie rewards. Several types can be purchased from some NPCs, but not to all weapons. In my opinion, a separate weekly quest would be a better solution that would allow a 100% chance of getting riven for a specific weapon type chosen by the player. A lot of my friends don't want to do Sortie, because it's usually 20-25 minutes, and the reward is usually Ayatan Anasa Sculpture.. - Many mods are very useless and no one uses them. You should consider a rework or upgrade their stats to make it worth wearing. I'd love to see some new mods in upcoming updates as well. For example hybrid mods like Elemental damage / Crit chance or Damage / Crit Damage. Or more interesting Amalgam mods. Rewards - Lots of missions where you have to spend a lot of time to get to some C rotation for example - offers nothing to compensate for the time spent on this mission. Even if there is something interesting, the chance is 1 or 2%. In my opinion, as the level of opponents increases, the chance of getting the rarest items should increase. And for reaching a wave (e.g. 100?) Some poster or a statuette. The same for reaching the maximum enemy level. Surely, many players would like to do it, if there was a unique reward for it. I reached the maximum level of 2000 and unfortunately I couldn't get any further, because our host was disconnected for a second and while loading the screen, our target, which we defended, died in 2 seconds. But that's another topic. - In the index, I should be able to find rewards that can drop from scanned chests or opponents. Instead, I have to open my browser and search for such information on fan sites. Bosses There is always a boss on every planet, but the fight is not too complicated. Councilor Vay Hek is one of the bosses that are designed in an interesting way. Combat has several phases, each with a specific tactic. However, most of the bosses in Warframe are simply damage sponges that can be killed very quickly with good gear. If the fight with each of them looked a bit like the fight with the Eidolons (shooting off certain parts of the body, doing some side things to unlock the next phase) surely boss fights would be more challenging and interesting. Warframes and their abilities I've never liked the fact that despite having 4 abilities, most of the time you mostly use ultimates, or a maximum of two. A character that is very well balanced in this case is e.g. Ivara. She has a lot of tools for going from point to point, dealing damage and avoiding enemies. She can even take them out from a distance without being detected using her "Navigator" ability. But not every Warframe can be talked about in superlatives. Grendel, Zephyr or Ash are virtually unplayable Warframes. If Inaros hadn't had such a large HP pool, nobody would have played it either. All I want to say, is that many warframes really need a rework. With such a rework, you should focus on giving the warframe as many tools as possible to diversify the game with it. Melee combat In many periods of the game, the "meta" has changed several times. Even so, there is still a combo system that nobody uses. The problem is that before I can do this combo, it is likely that my enemy will die from some other player's area of effect attack, or I will kill him faster by clicking "E". Keeping pressing the "e" button is boring, but repeating the same button combinations over and over again and keeping an eye on their order is even more tiring and even irritating. I don't know why no one has yet come up with the idea that stances should give unique attacking skills with weapons, instead of unique combos that no one using. My idea would be to add a separate energy pool that regenerates quickly and can be used for unique attacks depending on the stance. Charge forwards, "Whirlwind" attack, blade throwing, jump with attack etc.There would be plenty of ideas and stances would finally make a difference. Hard mode and other "endgame" encounters - Hard mode does not change anything except the level of enemies and their armor. Apart from the new essence, it gives nothing that would give a reason to repeat it. In my opinion, the experience for these upgraded units should also be improved by 250%. Same as regular loot. There should be some weapons or gear in the prize pool for these new essences. In any case, the prizes are few and unattractive. - Nightmare missions should also appear on Hard Mode in a more difficult version. - Sortie should offer more interesting rewards or there should be fewer of them, because only riven mods count at a later stage of the game. Other insights - Clem daily mission should give player more than just Clem clone, otherwise 10 minutes are lost. - Bugs with joining parties have been around for a long time and should be fixed a long time ago. - Primary and secondary weapons should be able to match the melee weapons when fighting against endgame enemies. - Railjack missions should have more interesting hidden "rifts" to explore, when we fly to the destination. - Umbra forma is too rare in my opinion - Steam skins should also be available for platinum - Conclave does not encourage you to play. There are no PvP seasons or interesting rewards (or at least that's what I know about it). And that was it. If I didn't mention something, it means I like it and I have no objections to it. The game is very addictive and for some reason I'm still leveling up my account. Hope for more fun and challanging story content in the future, not just more stuff to grind. We all grind together, right? 🙂
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