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  1. What is going on?? After a few days, I log into Warframe, and here is such a terrible screen with rewards. I don't know if it's some out of date april fools' joke, but it looks as if the game went back a few years accidentally and loads the old end screen. However, if this is not a bug, I will write here my thoughts and differences between the current and previous end screen. Clarity New end screen: All experience gained for weapons, warframes, syndicates, operator schools etc. is placed in one place. I can't sort it, and the uniform font and everything squeezed close together prevent me from
  2. Hi. My name is Albi. I've been playing Warframe almost from the very beginning, when only a few thousand people played it online. I play with long breaks and I wasn't really focused on leveling up everything in the game. However, I have a 24 mastery rank and have already become familiar with all Warframe mechanics. I will try to describe what caused me a problem or irritated me during the game. I will describe exactly where in my opinion the problem is and give some suggestions on how it could change. I would like to address this feedback mainly to the developers of the game, because I do not
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