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  1. PLEASE consider adding "damage resistance after dismount from Merulina" timer, with timer duration based on either: number of enemies killed while riding or number of tricks performed while riding
  2. This is not a bug. After successfully stabbing your Lich with all 3 known requiem mods in the correct order, they retreat to a railjack node for the final confrontation. Kuva Liches retreat to a railjack node on Saturn, Corpus Liches a railjack node on Neptune.
  3. I'm with you when I select a capture and it gets turned into an exterm, but when a mobile defense gets changed to an exterminate I'm fine with it since its faster. I generally select missions because I want to do a specific mission, or because its the fastest and least painful method of ____. When it gets changed into something that takes longer I abort and go again.
  4. Sold. Absolutely sold on this idea. It boils down to "you put in the time, you get the bonus you seek" but also serves the "you did the bare minimum take your MR points" crowd
  5. One more tidbit, the key to Enter Nihils Obliette IS tradeable, so if during the next round of nightwave you want to be generous and use your credits on the key to give to your friend you can do that. Let them keep their creds for potatos and such.
  6. The weapon will only show in Simaris' offerings for people who have completed the fight the first time. Your friend will not have it in their offerings since they have not done the fight, and the BP is not tradeable.
  7. There is another item that Nora also sells called "Enter Nihils Oubliette" that lets a person access the boss fight again. No idea if its going to be in the next round of Nightwave or not (next round starts on the 28th)
  8. Yareli +100% range, +1000 health Hydroid +200% power strength, +75% parkour speed Inaros +100% duration, +5 jumps I was at 10 invigs with Helminth this week though, so I did Yareli to get to 10, then replaced Hydroid with Oberon for the +200% strength invigoration Now at +178 healing per second, and 894 armor from Renweal ability, and +134% armor strip from his 4. Its also like the mod Hit-and-Run is always on with how much jump height and the distance he covers with bullet jump. Gonna test it on a thrall or robodog to see if it stacks the mod and invigoration. *Update, they do stack. TO THE MOON!
  9. Agreed 100%. That should be the MR30 or Legendary 1 "reward" /s Seriously yeah its dumb AF and should have the MR requirement completely removed.
  10. Make sure you are using Zenith crowns to access the Granum Void, they are the only ones that work to spawn a litch-larvling You also only need to hit the first reward tier (solo, thats 25/75 kills, squad of four people its 100/150 iirc but its been a while since I did that as a group) And to answer the other question yes, only the first person to get to the larvling and stab it can claim it.
  11. Though heavily damaged by the Sentient ship, the Unums tower wasnt completely written off. Perhaps the Unum has intervened somehow and weakened the Sentients inside the plains just enough to allow weaker weapons and non-void damage types to be more effective against the sentients? Or maybe Erra was toying with people and checking to see who had the qualities he wants to assimilate into hybrid sentient beings, seeing who had the will to continue on even when things were at their bleakest.
  12. ***ah you got it and beat me to it, but there are the stats again, took me a few minutes to work the bravery required to actually do anything without being force logged out
  13. Managed to get the game to launch, got my new shiny gunblade!
  14. Get the liquid nitrogen man, them servers be on fiiiire!
  15. No it doesnt. The 50k credits is the credit bonus at the end of every single third sortie mission since they were introduced to the game.
  16. So, I'm split on the new system. Though its nice for matchmaking its getting a tad stale already, and I notice the higher my Liches get in levels, the fewer people there are. Its obvious to us all why this is, fewer people end up with the higher level Liches, and thats fine since matchmaking does still generally get 2-3 people in a squad without much time wasted waiting at the higher levels. What I'd prefer, is for previous planets to not be abandoned after your Lich levels up, so you could still for example have a few nodes on Venus/Earth or Mars/Phobos available after your Lich gets the stabby the first and second time. Maybe limit it to "only the previous planet" so you dont have someone with a level 5 Lich going to Earth/Venus for EZthralls. There are other issues of course too, such as loading into a fully random pug group thats already started a mission and killed half of the thralls/hounds which denies you progress, so that could use some adjustment to the matchmaking time limit when starting a mission.
  17. Each and every converted Coliches hound gets deconstructed and its parts get used to build her rocket-scooter (perhaps rocket pogo-stick) that they use to get to missions when you summon them. You know I'm right.
  18. I posted my reply to this thread before the script was actually run and Megan updated the status of it.
  19. Thank ya kindly for the updated info :)
  20. Any word on the script to get folks the Oull mod from the first day of the update that they never recieved? Script ran and I got my Oull mod, tyvm
  21. Ok, so where to start with feedback on the new Lich system. Hounds; The hounds are nothing really spectacular imho. They serve the purpose of what they are and little more. I have zero control over what type of hound comes from my Corpus Lich, therefore I am at the mercy of RNG hope hope hoping to get the parts needed to build something I may actually be interested in using. If there were any other way at all to get the parts to build something I would like, short of it being locked behind railjack, I would far rather take that route than farm another 8-10 Corpus Liches for dog parts. I would suggest after each part BP is unlocked, it (the blueprint) becomes available for reproduction through Legs, instead of relying on continual drops, alternatively having the option to disassemble the hounds from the Corpus Liches to recover their parts to be able to craft something a person would rather use (perhaps parts dropped from vanquishing the Lich being guaranteed different from the parts that exist on the current robodoggo). Given the many potential combinations for parts for a modular doggo, hoping to get parts through RNG alone simply is not reliable enough. Sister Tenet Weapons; The first, and so far only Tenet weapon I've spawned is the Tetra. Though obviously the best variant of the Tetra to date, it's still a Tetra. It is single target moderate damage with little point in ever using, as there are AoE weapons that do far more damage to multiple enemies at once. I find it doubtful that the Tetra is some random outlier, as I have also obtained a Kuva Hek which suffers the same issue. The squad I was in, we farmed our new Kuva weapon of choice, and our first Tenet weapons, all together. Try as I might to get literally any kills, it was next to impossible with my single target weapons compared to their AoE nuclear bombs. There is no remedy for this. Single target weapons are dead in the water and anything that does not have some massive AoE is going to collect dust as MR fodder short of the few weapons in the Eidolon hunting meta. *****So, learning the Tetra has a secondary firing mode that is in fact a massive AoE that does fairly good damage. Kind of pathetic imo how badly Kuva Hek stands up now compared to even that. Murmur reduction; It is true that yes, getting murmurs seemed to be faster, overall the Lich hunt altogether felt slower, and did in fact take far longer to clear a single Lich than before the update. I can attribute this to the fact that the entire of our squad was opting to stick together and not go after our Liches as soon as we had the third requiem and order. HOWEVER, the fact that it will always be the same planets, the same order for those planets, every single time, is going to make future Liches a boring tedious slog. The order of the murmurs is still totally random, so you may well get to that final planet and take multiple stabs at your Lich before you know the order. This leaves one person with a brutally overpowered Lich, while someone else who just lucked out gets some super easy three-shot-dead Lich. Beyond that, needing to go into railjack -at all- immediately killed any potential enjoyment I could have possibly gained for hunting Liches from this "reduced murmur requirement" I question why I have to go to some silly railjack mission at all to deal with my Lich. The system of confronting and vanquishing the Lich once you know all three requiems and the order for them worked fine before this. This legitimately comes off as an attempt to pad out and artificially inflate the metrics on how many people "play railjack" Theres multiple suggestions I can make here. 1. Go back to randomized planets with a caviat; Corpus Liches can only be on Corpus planets, while Kuva Liches can only be on Grineer planets, but DO NOT start every single one on earth, then to mars, then ceres, or venus-phobos-jupiter respectively. Lua can be a wildcard location where Corpus and Grineer could both potentially occupy, and a further "interesting quirk" that could be done with Lua, when occupied by a Kuva Lich, Corpus units on Lua become friendly to Tenno, or when occupied by a Corpus Lich, the Grineer become friendly to the Tenno. 2. Do away with random order for requeims, cap Liches at 3 levels. A person can still get lucky if they guess unknown requiems beforehand for a lower level, but you won't have one person in the squad with a level 5 lich turning your face into chewed food, and the other a level 2 pushover, making it more fair for all the hunters. I understand this one might be pushing my suggestions a bit far, but I do feel it would make the playing field more fair on the players. 3a. Disconnect Liches from Railjack, at least partly. That item for summoning the Lich is misleading as hell when it says, "force the Lich to fight on your terms" meanwhile it just retreats to the Railjack mission. That is not "fighting the lich on my terms" if they just get up and leave. 3b. Alternatively, refresh all nodes on all the planets relevant to the Lich, and give me just a CHANCE of drawing the damn thing out somewhere other than the Railjack node. Give us a choice in combat location for these confrontations. New Oull requiem mod; No comment. Didn't get one even with dozens of Liches under my belt. Waiting for the script to run. Parazon rework; Nothing to say here. I barely even acknowledge its existence still short of using it to kill thralls and attack the Liches. Enemies either die too fast still for me to bother running up and pressing X, or... ... no, there is no or. That is just the end of this sentence. Time will tell however in long duration missions wether or not parazon kills are greatly improved, I havent exactly had enough time to really put this to the test. New Kuva Lich Showdown Flow; Rolling into a Railjack node I despise just to kill some ships then go aboard another ship for the confrontation. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable for me in that first part and I defelct your attention to the multiple suggestions made regarding murmur reduction. Give me back regular starchart confrontations and stop trying to force me into playing Railjack. I have zero interest in it and will dole out the plat to buy the items that drop there instead of playing it. Sorry folks, but that entire mode is just a massive missed swing for me. That said, the multiple-Liches guaranteed spawning for each person in the squad was nice, it did remove the whole "ugh is this thing FINALLY going to show up" groaning but its just been replaced with "ugh I do not want to be in a gods-damned railjack mission even if it is only for 3-5 minutes" Again though, my suggestion for improvement is giving a person the ability to get their Lich to spawn and have the final confrontation without going into Railjack, even if it does mean its no longe a guaranteed spawn through a refreshing of the Lich controlled nodes on planets they have been on while murmur farming. This is just one persons feedback on the system though. Hopefully I conveyed what my thoughts are on the matter appropriately and this can be used to improve the Lich hunting system even further :) Further feedback on the system: Kuliches and Coliches DR during the final confrontation is way too ridiculously high, and their damage output is through the roof. This isnt a challenge thats worth the grind to deal with. This is just back to the old "one shot or get one-shotted" style of play from years ago. Cheese or be cheesed. I get that DE didn't want people to use a Necramech and Arqubex to wipe the floor with their lich in under 1 second, but why not instead simply remove the option to use the mech for the fight? This just seems like an anti-player move to drag out the fight as long as possible for no good reason. Suggestions to improve: Remove Mechs from being an option during the final confrontation, and reduce the amout of DR the liches have. I legitimately do not want to deal with liches any longer until this is changed. Spawning in Coliches and Kuliches; Spawning in the weapons you want is in a bad state currently. Imagine having a void relic with -15- different items in it. How many of those would you need to run to get the 1 part you want? Suggestion here would be to divvy up the Kulich weapons to be half on one set of planets (Saturn, Uranus) and the other half on the next set of planets (Sedna and Kuva Fort) This wouldnt entirely solve the issue and would still involve repeatedly running the same mind numbing captures again and again, but it beats loading into Cassini, racing through, and aborting several dozen times when the weapon you want did not spawn with the larvling. As for the Coliches, we have 3 types of crowns and multiple planets to pick from. Theres no reason at all to have every single one in the same pool and come from the same crown. Perhaps letting us use the different crown types to spawn different weapons would be a good solution here. Still further feedback You guys really need a new way to spawn the weapons a person wants. I'm on run 30 now without getting the weapon I am after. This is ridiculous. You have 3 tiers of Granum Crowns, MAKE USE OF THEM. Divvy up the weapons between each crown so we can actually have a chance at getting what we are after without spamming the same mission, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Corrupted Holokeys: I already hate Railjack just for how DE decided to release it then go on vacation immediately afterwards. No matter what type of carrot is dangled in this game mode, no matter what changes you make, I will always despise this mode for how bad the release was. That said... Corrupted holokeys should have a 100% drop chance after opening a relic. Holokeys should NOT be an RNG chance at the end of mission only. Thse shoud be given after every single relic opened As the system currently is, just feels like its again trying to artificially inflate play time on Railjoke to justify the time invested.
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