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  1. Really? How odd. I tried doing the controller equivalent several times and it didn't work. I'll check again next time I fight it. Actually, later on I tried that and it kinda worked, in the sense that I went operator and used the floor laser to force him to drop my frame. 😄 But I've also been dropped without dying, I guess just after a set time?
  2. Last time I was grabbed I pressed 5 and got out of it. It's not a guaranteed death.
  3. Right, I can understand this argument. My question is: are you saying that justifies being negative about hype? Because if so, then we have negativity that justifies itself by being the problem that it is complaining about. But honestly, I don't think there's any reason to say that DE's hyping the game has hurt it. They're a pretty successful company and they've been hyping updates for a long time. Fortuna is really popular and I haven't seen much negativity outside of a few people in this thread. People are mostly getting hyped and looking forward to playing it. And to be fair, the forums ALWAYS have negative people being needlessly toxic about DE, that's been a thing for as long as the forums have existed. The existence of people who think that hyping the game is "disgusting" is no reason to avoid hyping the game, as far as I can tell.
  4. I just want to point out how strange it is to say "I'm being negative about this hype because it makes people like me get negative about this hype." You weren't being negative, I'm not saying that, but some are and it's weird to think that this might be a justification for it. You're essentially saying "I understand why they are being negative because the hype can cause negativity which can hurt the game."
  5. The limit is when it starts to hurt the game. I see no evidence that is the case. And either way, it doesn't warrant using the word "disgusting" to describe it.
  6. You guys keep talking about complaining making the game better, but how are you going to make the game better by telling DE not to hype their own game? NOT hyping it will result in lower player counts. They've worked hard on this for a long time, and all anybody has to say is "stop hyping it, that's disgusting" and "I hope they reworked a bunch of unrelated stuff as well." PoE saw a lot of tweaks after it was released, and that was pretty successful. They're trying to make fortuna even more successful than PoE was, so of course they are hyping it. Of course a paying customer has the right to give their opinion, but if your goal is to make the game better, you might want those opinions to actually be constructive. Saying "I hope there are high-level areas" or "please make the next version of eidolon fights work differently than on PoE" is constructive feedback. Saying "it's disgusting that you are hyping your own game" is not.
  7. Yeah, fair point, tellurium can be pretty rare if you need a lot. The reason most vets don't care is that you need so little of it that after a little bit you can't help but build up a surplus. If you're still building things that need it, I can understand you wanting it as a daily. Can I ask what MR you are? I'm not sure when that point is when you don't really need it anymore, so I'm curious.
  8. I would support removing these for players over MR 10 or so. New players may actually want these, but for everyone else getting these is essentially getting nothing at all. But then, what would we replace them with...
  9. But they're raaaaaaaaareeeeeeeee! Isn't this how things generally work? If they get the same stuff you did, they can look the same. Very deep. Much wow.
  10. Ahhhhh but it's soooooo rare. Which I'm told always has a value and purpose in video games. 😁 Can't have it both ways mate, pick a line and stick with it.  An excellent point. It seems very strange to complain about something now being rare anymore because rarity is important, and then also to say that excal prime is worthless despite his rarity. Seems like some people just want to complain about stuff and don't really have a concrete idea of what they're complaining about. Most of these complaints seem to come down to "I don't feel as superior to new players as I want to and that makes me angry." Whatever happened to just enjoying the game, regardless of whether other people have the same stuff that you do? When did that stop being important?
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