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  1. tekko/prime are fist weapons, tecton skin is for sparring-type weapons like kogake and obex. not a bug
  2. mmmm, nope. patently untrue, all three fortuna braces are exactly as backwards as they were before and now ALL SEVEN amp scaffolds are twisted broken as well. try again
  3. genuinely thank you so much for the toroid changes, but fortuna amp parts are still twisted backwards and sideways
  4. amps using fortuna components are still visually unusable. it has been over three months and only JUST NOW has there been a tweak for them that didn't even orient them in the right direction
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. fortuna amp scaffolds and braces are still sideways and backwards, respectively
  7. meanwhile, amps using fortuna parts STILL look like this. PLEASE fix before this week's "gild a modular weapon" nightwave expires
  8. fortuna amp pieces are still wrenched sideways and backwards
  9. fortuna amp parts are STILL broken
  10. fortuna amp scaffolds/braces are *still* aligned incorrectly. when fix
  11. good patch but fortuna amp scaffolds/braces are still misaligned horrendously
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