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  1. still broken as of 24.7.2. here, have some more screencaps certus/propa, certus/exard, certus/dissic, plaga/dissic, suo/dissic. the braces are CLEARLY backwards, you can see in the certus brace screencaps that the prism literally does not attach to it. the scaffolds are in the right place but rotated 90-180 degrees downwards or sideways, depending on how you look at it this has been an issue since december 18, 2018, nearly 4 months on the dot. this is unacceptable
  2. genuinely thank you so much for the toroid changes, but fortuna amp parts are still twisted backwards and sideways
  3. amps using fortuna components are still visually unusable. it has been over three months and only JUST NOW has there been a tweak for them that didn't even orient them in the right direction
  4. so i see there has been an unlisted change to scaffold positioning! let's have a look! (screencaps in order are propa scaffold on clapkra brace, dissic scaffold on lohrin brace, and exard scaffold on anspatha brace) it's nice to see something resembling a change here but this is not gonna fly. all of the fortuna braces are still entirely backwards too
  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. bump because this is still broken as of, and also the thread has been moved to a different subforum. please fix the rotation of fortuna amp parts it literally cannot be more than a 10 minute issue
  7. fortuna amp scaffolds and braces are still sideways and backwards, respectively
  8. 24.5.2, still broken. it's been going on three whole months now, we've seen other fixes for vox solaris syndicate AND amps in the meantime, why are the pieces still backwards
  9. meanwhile, amps using fortuna parts STILL look like this. PLEASE fix before this week's "gild a modular weapon" nightwave expires
  10. hey with one of this week's nightwave challenges being "GILD A MODULAR WEAPON" now would be a fantastic time to fix this lol
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