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  1. nnnooooooo :( revert please, that's the most compelling reason to use the power at all
  2. i like the idea (i even made a thread suggesting it before), but i think your suggested implementation is a bit over-complicated. tying it into the operator/focus doesn't make a whole lot of thematic sense and adding more keybinds to toggle between augmented and un-augmented casts seems like more effort than is necessary, not to mention it'd be extremely inconvenient for console players. i could definitely see special resource costs attached to augment infusion tho, i like that
  3. title. how fantastic would it be to be able to inject a warframe aug so as to not waste capacity or a slot on it? balance it out with resource costs and consuming the mod upon injection, so you'd need more than one copy to infuse on multiple configs. maybe also limit to one injected augment per config, as well.
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