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  1. Your issue you're describing has more to do with player reward value after huge amounts of gametime. Not the game being P2W.
  2. P2W implies that without paying you're at a severe disadvantage compared to those who do pay. Or that the amount of playtime needed vs cost is not balanced. Sure you could pay for everything but the game hasn't been built to where that's your only option to progress in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. You're paying for convenience. Not to "win". I like Waframe has approached it this way without ludicrous time gates.
  4. I don't see Wisp being good unless she gets post release tuning. Her kit and her theme don't make sense. It's like Revenant all over again.
  5. I'm pretty sure DE said they are going to rework her so its just a matter of time.
  6. Q1. Yes Q2. I believe so but you need to scan them yourself. Q3. None of the hairstyles cost credits Q4. I'm on PS4 so no sadly.
  7. No problem and yeah you should level a faction at the same time. Saves time on you having to do it later but be warned as you'll need prime parts for level ups so make sure to run Void Fissures when you can.
  8. You can divide your time however you want. You could spend a day just levelling or get some quests done and clear the star chart. I personally would clear the star chart and get quests done as they reward some nice stuff. You will always have time to level gear later.
  9. Bring the best load out you have for completing the mission. In terms of gaining MR you'll get that passively but you can dedicate levelling on easier missions separately. Once you become more experienced and stronger you'll be able to both easier. Also make sure to build what ever you can afford to even if you won't be using it straight away.
  10. I don't understand what you're trying to do. Arbitrations don't give you Arbiters of Hexis standing.
  11. I'd say Excel for general play but you should experiment with as many frames as possible.
  12. You have been gone a loooong time. It's not even that much of a hinderance really.
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