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  1. The only way to stop melee from being so OP is to nerf the mods everyone uses to make them op. So that would be your weeping wounds, bloodrush/body count and condition overload. They were pretty OP even when I played back before the melee rework and I had 3K+ hours to play so I certainly am qualified to say that those mods are the real problem. So unless DE nukes them out of orbit then Melee will always be better, not that I would do that even if I was in the shoes of DE. The amount of rage/hate that would be caused and the number of people leaving would spike like crazy and they would ruin an
  2. Conclave had less players in it then raids did at the time of their removal, yet that dead game mode is still around so I suggest bring the raids back and just ignore the bugs in them leaving them on life support like conclave is. Atleast the old veteran player base that enjoyed them could enjoy them again and Arcanes aren't locked to them anymore so no pressure to start doing them unless you want to for fun. Leave a small skeleton crew to work on any potential bugs in both it and Conclave even! A big part of why I quit was the removal of the raids among other anti veteran changes that we
  3. As a former veteran I can agree. Allow solo players to choose the amount of enemies that spawn up to the amount that would spawn of 4 players were in the mission. It wouldn't to to difficult to do and it would give the current players something to bite into...
  4. Been away from the game for awhile but I was around to play with the nerfed Zeni and it was a motivater for me drop the game for good. It was a good tool for solo players to cover multiple points and I played solo 99% of the time so they ruined alot of my fun. My proposal would be make the disk last maybe 3/4 as long as it did pre nerf and then give it more based off of your combo when you throw it so it is Atleast somewhat useful without combo meter. De hates their veterans and the Zeni nerf was just one proof point of that, it was a massive boon for endless runs after all. For those who stuc
  5. Not sure if this is serious or if you are just baiting but that would just make DE look even worse then they already do. Especially after being officially owned by the trash that is Tencent! This would just make it seem as though DE is making warframe seem even more like the mobile game it has been the whole time XD.
  6. Ah yes put all that development into a gamemode that 99.99% of players would never touch... GENIOUS! It is not like that would take away from the PvE which most people come to warframe for and make all those players angry leading to massive outrage. Not to mention they don't make money off of that which is a big thing for them especially as they hemorrhage players with every update that flops. Yeah go for it DE and kill your own game by putting resources into a dead game mode, I quit ages ago and want to see you fail so please do it! MAKE MY DAY BY CAUSING YOURSELF TO FAIL!
  7. Back when I played before the lich update and I had enough of the game I did all my trading purely on WFT. I just wanted some plat and by any means even if it meant undercutting and forcing others to also lower their prices if they wanted to make a sale at all. Some stuff was just to expensive to buy or sell and I tried to fix it a little by undercutting the market! Who cares if stuff is losing value if more people are able to trade for stuff more affordably and not have to slog through in game trade chat to make any plat?
  8. Former veteran player here and I can say unless they buffed the chance to get one it is very difficult to hatch your own. I had a few when I played over the span of 3K hours but that was just luck and me going out of my way to get one. Needless to say just be patient and you should get one unless it is indeed glitched...
  9. Sayrn would literally go to zero use if her spores got hit by a LOS check and that would give them a huge amount of bad PR. They already have enough of that and making a whip of all things have it kinda actually makes sense compared to a literal plague! Overall a horrible idea and if they ever do it I will laugh because I think the people still playing are suckers, but It would just be a bad move for them to make...
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