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  1. I would be down for them locking it behind doing all the current quests and killing the Ropadopalist. Give veterans something that new players just cant pile on instantly and they at the very least have to earn the right to obtain it and or use it.
  2. Take Nekros to a Dark sector with a random Pub group and you will have so many of them eventually you wont know what to do with them.
  3. Vaubans Tesla is a prime example of a terrible ability. Shock mote is better in every regard and it is on a frame better then him in nearly every way. #RIPBooben
  4. And here we have a rare specimen who suggests something that is quite sensible and not reworking a bunch of things or major nerfs. Take note people, these are the kinds of things we should try to suggest instead of ruining the game because a few people think something is "OP"
  5. Heh, that is a fair point. to be fair though most of what I said I did not actually mean because it would undermine doing things as effectively as possible. I just wanted to see some reactions and I appeared to get one so I got what I wanted. I actually do not care if something were to get implemented to be immune to these buffs but it's when people try to make such silly things a priority when bigger better things need done and most these complaints are really non issues. Am I against it...Nah not really. But should it be the focus of development time when we have more important things that the majority of the community cares about...Also nah. Maybe tweak it and a bunch of small issues all in one BIG patch that comes after Rail jack and then I will be more open to it though. Human kind is so interesting to prod at I just cant help myself sometimes, the psyche is quite amazing!
  6. Not quite. If I choose to play the game by spamming buffs that is my prerogative regardless of why I do it, if people don't like it that can always leave and as far as the game is concerned it is nothing but beneficial. Guess I'll make it a point to ignore anyone asking for me to stop as a bonus now since you seem to think I cant do what I want...
  7. Precisley, so with that in mind it is better to make everything up to par which would take much less effort. But these people who don't understand that believe nerfs are the way to having a fun game...
  8. Well I think I made a decision after all the people who seemingly hate these fully beneficial buffs. I'm going to use use the abilities EVEN MORE to spread the joy of positive buffs and make these snowflakes all the more mad. congragulations, I will not have 4 speed motes at a minimum in most public missions just to agitate people, maybe they will learn that it is a good thing in the end. If not they can come back here and complain only to have nothing done and be disappointed, thank you for the inspiration OP! (Edit: EVERYBODY JOIN IN! ALL THE BUFFS EVERYWHERE! YOU GET A BUFF! YOU GET A BUFF! EVERYBODY GETS A BUFF! XD)
  9. These buffs are something players should want at pretty much all times and very few people would opt out of them so so it is not worth putting the time into unless it can be done quickly and by as few people as possible. I would rather have worthwhile content then the ability to opt out of buffs that are only beneficial so I do not agree with your train of thought and so will the majority of people. This is a non issue and should not be given the time of day when DE has much more important things to cover...
  10. The other IPS proc's are just far to weak and they need to buff them to have a meaningful effect while leaving slash alone as it is fine as is. Here is what I propose for what it is worth. Puncture: Puncture procs create weak points that when shot will deal double damage for a short duration, multiple of these points can exist at the same time. (Essentially a universal but much more limited Banshee sonar). Impact: Impact would shatter enemy armor and work much like corrosive but only where you shoot, so you will deal full damage and proc damage to the points you break. (Like a corrosive proc but more limited and would reduce the need to have corrosive on everything just to kill it). See how easy it is to make procs stronger and even work well with slash and not just nerf the thing that is the outlier? my suggestions would in no way break the game and make them more competitive on top of not always needing to use corrosive because impact procs could let you do full damage. Regardless people need to think before they cry NERF and ruin things that are working as intended and balanced as is, they are merely blind to the fact most the stuff that is weaker was just designed much weaker to begin with. So asking for some buff to the weaker things is the better way to get less power disparity between gear.
  11. This sounds great but it will never happen realistically. DE is against having anything that is for the 1% even if it just a single thing seemingly so I have given up hope on endgame. Most veterans have honestly and the sooner you do as well and just accept all content will be sissified for the ease of newbies the better off you will be...
  12. Rivens were created and all of us were informed well ahead of time the stats would change from time to time so nothing should be exempt from those rules. Consider the fact that they are for fun and in no way required for any content and the fact that get nerfed is nothing major really. If you choose to invest plat or time into a god roll you do that knowing it could change then you have no right to complain when they get their disposition nerfed. You play by the rules either way Tenno, the sooner you accept that the better...
  13. If you actually know how to play the game you know the weapons to bring to combat the enemies immune to abilities, status and whatnot. what I want is for every DPS frame to have scaling damage and for CC frames to effect MOST of the enemies in the game with some outliers such as the nox who is tanky unless you go for the head. Maybe add some more unique enemies like the Nox to every faction and buff all the frames to be more effective on the riff raff to make weapon use more relevant as well? As much as I want to see the weaker frames buffed I also want to see more reasons to use weapons which I still do regardless of the frame I play. I actually dont have a problem with the enemies they have made recently besides the Wolf who was way overclocked. Demolysts are a great enemy in my opinion because you need weapons to kill them while abilities free you up to target it by killing the riff raff. Is it weird that I like these new enemies who are tankier in certain situations...If I truly just wanted to be a super duper OP omega lord Tenno with laser beams for eyes I would ask for enemies to be nerfed while we get buffed. Instead I want the opposite where we get better general mod cleanign but do have some targets that require more thought as well. Were clearly just at a misunderstanding here, You could easily buff all the weak frames to what we have now and the only other balancing that would be needed is more powerful mini boss type enemies that aren't as overclocked as the wolf and more so Nox level with diminishing returns for CC and some heavy DR except in a specific location.
  14. So suggest what you really want instead of giving in and trying to meet half way, stand your ground and fend off the nay sayers who are against buffs instead of nerfs. The forma could of been in more quantities I will give you that but they are getting better with giving back when they take away or make a big change, Not to the level they should just yet but they are making progress. As for the riven dispositions those were pretty much advertised to change every so often based off of use and people should of expected such things, they should in all fairness whenever a disposition is nerfed on a riven if you own it get enough kuva for atleast one free reroll or rolling something that got a buff alternatively. I do agree that they should of done something for the PoE arcane as well, potentially some of the hardest to get material for each of every set you own for each arcane. This is what would be the fairest and not overkill whatsoever all things considered, and maybe they will learn to give back even more in the future as to not piss more veterans off. When it comes to the veyr hard stuff to get like arcanes and the tedium of framing focus those should stay intact no matter what if were being honest. I wasn't talking about you either of the times I brought it up actually, that was just a broad statement aimed towards the truly jealous and generally awful players this game has in droves who want everything nerfed because "BUT MUH KILLZ!". I could tell from the way you were talking that you are a cut above the average player, if you were one of them you would of gone off on some sort of rant about how I am an "elitist" or "Greedy uncaring veteran" which you did not so you actually have my respect for holding your ground the way you do. You even admit that any changes on a massive scale will likely never happen so we share that same thought but you chose to try to reach a middle ground which is where we differ. Speak your truth and don't try to meet in the middle because that is what the nerf warriors want. We both seemingly want stuff to get stronger instead of nerfing stuff so us fighting is pointless, better to fight the good fight with people who share your same mindset any day of the week. (Really this whole argument would of never started if you went with your gut feeling and asked for the potentially "Broken" things you really want to see. Overall though your not an awful person, you just gave into the people who appose you to much. give them an inch and they will take a mile..."
  15. I can somewhat understand this, however I would rather everything else become just as efficient and nothing is nerfed or taken away from people who worked hard for what they have. I spent alot of time farming for my arcane energizes and all the focus associated with my operator to make it as great a utility as it is. Dedication deserves to be rewarded and taking stuff away from the long time players is not going to go over well if the only reason is potentially "Well all the players get better drop rates and Veterans get screwed as a result!". the drop rates probably would not go up anyway even if stuff was nerfed because this game is free to play and they need people to buy drop chance boosters and other various things to stay afloat. It is great you think they would greatly increase drop rates if big changes were made but that is hoping for to much, all that would happen is people lose stuff and maybe their is a small increase of drop chances at best. I prefer to be a demi god and keep my effeciency while those who are below me have to claw their way up to get the same efficiency like me and other vets did. Fair is fair and the game is balanced as is...
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