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  1. Nah, that was just a bonus. We did it because it was the only realistic way of getting the skins we wanted with the remaining few and very good conclave players who still existed. Not that they don't still exist but their is less people playing it then when I played a few years back even but I could care less now tbh. You do what you must to get what you want and that is why I never minded people leeching from me and my skill in most the PvE endurance run wise. An eye for an eye as I saw it and so long as they remained alive I would carry them. Not sure about you but My behavior towards people leeching should of made me a good guy not "Toxic". To each their own though XD.
  2. They took trials away and it had a bigger and more dedicated fan base. What is the excuse to keep Conclave around when it is more dead then trials ever were ? They should realistically nuke it and disperse the rewards as purchasable or just let you buy them for big amounts of credits from Teshin, also Baro could even supply them for dukats! Very few would miss it and it would give them the ability to focus on the PvE. But I am just a retired warframe veteran so what would I know XD.
  3. Well my old friend group used to boost off of eachother to get standing and complete daily/weekly challenges. It was near impossible to say if we were just afk or boosting so it was fair game if you ask me. I quit playing the game all together however I would just ruin the lobbies of the people who actually like conclave by boosting in them for revenge over the medallion change. They wanted to protect their exclusive club of elitists so why not strike back and ruin the fun of all 10 conclave players who remain XD.
  4. You may not like speed but if they did this it would punish people who can work with the speed and you can still backflip out of it. Rolling with the buff can make you even faster which alot of players enjoy so if I may it might be worth your time to "Git gud" at using the speed to your advantage and learning tilesets so you arent so hampered by it at all.
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