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  1. So you hit a roadblock that is easily overcome with practice and just give up? Well have fun with another game and please do let the door hit you on the way out to knock some senses in you XD. On a serious note though just brixng banshee and use redeemer or practice at simaris... Don't wanna be known as a quitter do you? Also wisp could work because of her passive to be invisible when she in in tha air maybe?
  2. You can recover the challenge later and still continue your standing farm and increase your mastery in the mean time so you can do it faster. Besides it pushes new players to do everything in the game and your just complaining about ONE challenge that you cant do. It's not the end of the world and you can do it later potentially, even if you cant you can still hit rank 30 with all the other challenges so I dont see an issue here!
  3. Reducing the amounf of endo you get and increasong the cost of wares is a terrible idea.
  4. And in that same way conclave players have a mode to earn PvE rewards, they just have to play it! Your point is what again? Because You literally just said the same thing about conclave so fair is fair is it not?
  5. Yep DE has no reason to make conclave better or put good stuff behind it because no matter what they do it will never be a success. I tried my hand at it back in the day and literally nothing has changed aboout it since then! It would take years to get it in a fun state fun for the majority of players and it is never going to happen no matter how hard the 10 conclave sweaties beg. Especially when the game was advertised and is advertised as a PvE game with the conclave never being brought up ever! It would be a lost cause and that guy on twitter made conclave and disruption even more upopoular in a single day so he is to blame for the increased hate conclave is receiving, De is as well for bending the knee to one person pitching a fit as well. But hey OP can hope they improve it... It'll just never have more then a very small percentage of the player base and make the main game content come slower bringing even more hate to it. The coffin has been closed even before they said it was a faliure and those who like to live with the dead are free to wait 30 minutes for one game of conclave XD
  6. Then until it happens special PvE resources like rare forma and whatnot should not be obtainable through conclave without interacting with the PvE. It works both ways and you need to accept that until the two modes meet in the middle and both sides get equal treatment neither side should get the goods the other offers! PvEvP is the way to make the integration but it doesnt seem to many conclave players would be happy with that even and they want to gate keep just like the guy on twitter. While at the same time wanting PvE stuff like they deserve it while we dont deserve the conclave goods. Doesnt sound fair when put that way to you does it... And if it does your sorely mistaken.
  7. I guess I did misunderstand it. This is easily the fairest to both sides that I have seen any player suggested so far allowing every syndicate to get into all the reward pools equally. But the side of conclave that screech "JUST PLAY THE CONCLAVE WHILE GIVING US ALL YOUR GOOD REWARDS!" Would not be happy with a change like this. I honestly only defend the PvE stuff because they refuse to make it easier to get the conclave skins and mods another way to make it easier to get into for those even slightly interested in conclave. I would not be defensive at all and welcome PvP players to the stuff PvE if it went both ways with the exceptions of the syndicate syandanas like you mentioned. You made something I can actually agree with and that js not easy to do, now will it happen either way? Likely not, but good on you for making a sytstem that connects both sides equally instead of the conclave players that just want everything PvE offers without any give from their side...
  8. How about no. Keep it seperate as it should be and the aura forma and such exclusive to PvE content. It only has use in PvE anyway so why do you need the stuff to begin with? You just want to dive into the PvE pool while guarding your pool and not allowing PvE players into yours. Unless this system also applies to where PvE players can buy the conclave skins then I may be inclined to agree with it. But if that is not the case then absolutley not!
  9. Nope the good PvE stuff needs to stay with the PvE. If you want the stuff you play the mode that has it plain and simple! If an exception couldnt be made for the univesal medalions then PvP players dont deseve an easy method to get stuff found in PvE. Fair is fair my friend and you can thank the fool on twitter or the seperation of the modes rewards. To make a quote "It would be wrong of DE to make PvE players work acquiring the stuff moot and spit on them by making it avaliable in PvP!" If that sounds familiar it should because its basically what that guy who ruined universal medalions said. This train goes both ways from here on out and the PvE community will fight back even harder to keep conclave away from our rewards! It's not even hypocritical of me to say it either. It is the same premise that made the medallions useless so you cant really say anything about it XD
  10. It is clear to me that my fair idea of keeping both modes completely seperate like the conclave crowd wants isnt going to fly with them. Ill just leave on that note with one last quote... "Do relics and earn your dukats, it,s only fair for those who have done it in the past." I would continue to explain how things would be more fair with complete seperation but PvP playera are a lost cause im afraid. I BID YOU ADU HYPOCRITICAL SIRS XD
  11. Yes hard reset and remove all PvE resources. Just plat PvE for them and everything will be fine now wont it? You seem to think that is a proper response to the PvE players who want conclave stuff so I am being completely reasonable arent I? And the UM should be usable because ot was originally promised to work that way, and they make PvE grinds easoer over time conatantly and dont reapect the time people put into those except on rare occasions. If we go by that logic they should of made conclave easier to grind by now and the medalions would of done just that!
  12. But conclave players do say for PvE players to just play conclave all the time so it is the same train of thought. Playing the mode to receive the goods is the way you want it and thats fine. But it has to be both ways so if conclave could get forma or any important PvE resource it would be unfair by that standard. If you disagree with my opinion you admit your own opinion is wrong so go ahead prove me right why dont you? Prove that conclave players only want it so the system benefits them... Ive got you trapped and their is nothing you can do now. Wouldnt want to be Petty and deny my logic now would you!
  13. I think to be completely fair to both sides conclave should lose access to everything PvE offers. Affinity, credits, warframes and everything else as well. If DE really wanted them completely seperated then this would be thr route to take. As for why dukats... Just play PvE why dont you! Most PvP players will say that if PvE players want the conclave stuff to just play it so im not being unreasonable here am I? It doesnt get to be a one way street and if PvE cant get the conclave stuff without playing it then conclave players dont deserve resources of forma for the PvP! That would be true equality and conclave players have no right to say otherwise given the whole universal medalion thing...
  14. I have a way to keep it relevant but it might be game breaking so lemme lay it down for ya... A universal focus tree you unlock for 100 million focus after you complete all the other schools. You could put any of the perks from any tree in it for the ultimate operator and it would be the pinnacle of operator power! If they ever did impliment this (Which they never would garunteed, but you can dream right XD) it would push people to focus farm after maxing and give a true benefit from doing so. Like I said though, it would never happen but one can hope that something similar might come to be...
  15. I would rather deal with the armor and damage scaling then have everything nerfed into the ground across the board. DE knows if they change literally all the things people love they will receive all the hate the world has to offer so they are unlikley to make any crazy changes though. I wish to stay a demi god and live my power fantasy with all my formad and Potatoed gear kept in tact...
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