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  1. warframe name: Chronos latin meaning - the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy .



    1st ability :  hands of the past: reverse any effect done to a frame  including damage 

    it is energy drain like 2energy per sec and once all effects are reverse it automatically stops and can be done to every one but energy drain stacks

    power strength affect the speed of the reverse effects but the more allies its cast on the slow the reverse effect   

    power range affects the distance can be casted from

     2nd ability :  { got no good name} :  any attack even melee  that have flight time from the caster is made into a multishot because it makes alternate time frames of the same attack. 

    multishot percentage is affected by power strength 

    duration affects the time the ability is active

    3rd  ability : chronos  veil :   makes a veil that alters the timeline  changes the path of attacks and melee attackers attacks { like a zephyr's turbulence bullets bullets past through him and melee attackers teleports in the opposite direction


      it is affected by power   range  and duration and has a cool down of  20%  the time of the ability is used because of the 

     timeline  changes

    4 th ability  TIME ARENA  : MAkes a dome that slows down both the fire rate and the movement speed of enemies  with augment speeds up movement speed an attack speed of allies. 

    the slow is affected by strength max slow percentage is 55% and max firerate slow is 70%

    range affects the size of the dome

     energy Drain is 7energy per sec

     and duration affects the time the dome can be cast { like ember's old world on fire}


    sprint speed 1.2

    Armour : 50

    shield :  175

     health : 75

     power: 175

    passive: no ideas yet


    let me know what you guys think




    Limbo : suggestions to improve/rework him


    Limbo is an interesting Warframe with unique mechanics offered by the use of the Rift Plane. But, as of now, he's desperately hard to master, even when you use him on a regular basis. In endgame, his potential is often ruined because he can’t stand against group of enemies even with his powers.  The fact he is one of the less used Warframe makes him a perfect candidate for some rework.

    Here are some suggestions to make him more viable to play, and potentially making him more team-friendly.



    General suggestions


    Abilities’ casting speed is really slow, way too slow. It almost forces to equip Natural Talent, as you can easily die while casting any power. In a nervous and fast-paced game like Warframe, this has proven to be a fatal flaw. I suggest the base casting speed to be brought at the level of the current speed using Natural Talent, so 50% increase of casting Speed at least.

    Also, the Rift Plane mechanics are good already. But, Limbo is fragile and even with the advantages the Rift Plane already grants him, he can’t fully exploit its potential as he must avoid enemy fire constantly. So I think that the Rift Plane should also provide a health regen and/or a considerable armor buff. It could be even a unique passive for Limbo (due to him being the “Rift Sorcerer”), while the allies would have only the benefits we know.





    It’s already quite a good power. But the fact we can banish only one unit at a time drains energy really quickly when you target a specific set of enemies and not the entire group.

    I see 2 ways of improvement : either reduce the cost of the ability to 10-15, or give a mechanic similar to what we know with Landslide, Rhino Charge and Rip Line (as it seems to be a trend since recently) with a “combo counter”.



    Rift Walk


    Also, as it is now, its sole purpose is to make you enter the Rift Plane, nothing more. Why not granting Limbo some buffs ?

    I thought about a speed increase and the ability of slowing nearby enemies down on both Planes while channelling the ability and giving him a temporary “evasion” bonus upon exiting the Rift (as he still oscillates between the Planes, attacks sometimes miss him or something like that).



    Rift Surge


    At the moment, this power only works in the Rift. I sometimes feel like it’s not working well/as intended by the way, but it may be me.

    Anyway, this power forces to have enemies banished or trapped in a Cataclysm. It grants a (more than) decent damage buff to weapons, but limited to Limbo. Allies are put aside. Why not extending the buff to allies entering the Rift, while the buff would apply to Limbo regardless of the Plane where he is ? Or, while in the Material Plane, Limbo would instead get a damage reduction (Shatter Shield-like) due to the Void energy flowing through his body.

    Also, I would see the power being channelled rather than timed.





    Cataclysm has an "weird" mechanic, offering neither nuke nor cloud control. First thing, there is some inconsistency with this power. Using Banish knocks the enemy down, but Cataclysm don’t. This makes the ability risky, as the enemies takes damages but aren’t otherwise affected. So, if they’re shooting, they just keep up and Limbo is in (big) trouble. This should be included in the mechanics of Cataclysm.

    Also, it’s a good tool of troll by making pickups unpickable (I have a bit sharp tongue ^^). The squadmates often curse Limbo because of this. Don’t the pickups in Cataclysm belong to the Rift Plane as well as those inside ? That’s weird…

    Moreover, this is supposed to be an ultimate. The fact it is behaving only like an overgrown Banish gives a feeling of “underpowerness” in my opinion. The damages should be doubled, really.



    These are my suggestions to rework Limbo. I think it would him improve the teamplay with him, which he lacks due to how his powers currently works.



      I think since cataclysm A violent blast of void energy tears open a pocket of rift plane which can sustain itself for a short period before collapsing in another lethal blast. according to the warframe wiki


     it should deal blast damage and pull enemies way from the center of the cataclysm when casting and pull enemies towards the rift when closing

     there should be better augments for limbo since  a rework is probably not  going to be done for a while like rift surge augment : this will allow the damage buff to affect allies but reduced either the damage multipier by a small percentage or reduce the duration .

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