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  1. As the name implies, were having elevator issues on some of the orokin tile sets, players literally falling through them, and in some cases, falling out of the map entirely due to this. I tried using my operator to activate the thing when I realized i flew to the top of a closed elevator shaft as razor winged titania, only to fall through on the way up, and then, tried switching back from operator to warframe in hopes of using saod razorwing mode to get back into the level after the fall passed the 1800 mark (according to the extaction marker that i was dropping further and further away from). I tried typing the /unstuck command in the chat, (it worked in the past so why not now? That was the logic here). But! It landed me in some unknown featureless space of the map that was about 5000+ away from the extraction point instead.. whoops! XD
  2. trust me i know the feeling, again, due to my PC issues, i kinda fell out of warframe for a bit but when they "port your progress from PC to a Nintendo Switch account" became available, i wasn't going to pass that up and i downloaded warframe to the switch just so i could enjoy playing it again, and all the improvements i missed out on due to my heater of a desktop - well, i was flat out hooked again like i had been originally. but i understand your regrets - i had to leave behind my Excalibur Prime on my PC account because He wasn't included in the data porting forward. Case and point - there's always going to be that one bit of exclusive data that makes it where Cross Save is a legal issue in and of itself from console back to PC - and save porting constantly seems like it MIGHT be costly to developers. however, giving all 3 consoles the same server to play with with held updates that would not go through until all certifications are in-order so no console gets left behind - and that folks can interact with each other regardless of their console of choice - that would actually be more cost effective in the long run then the ability to constantly port save data between consoles - though i can already hear folks booing in the background that i even suggested such a dirty idea as "withholding updates until everyone can get them at the same time" ..Honestly, i think DE and panic button should get in contact with Phoenix Labs and see if can't all figure out how to at least make the cross console gameplay and save porting possible - as Pheonic Labs has already performed this task with their PC to all consoles release of Dauntless - knowing how they handle their save data situation could easily and cheaply solve this cross-save/cross-platform game situation easily. again, there a newer company then DE and yet Dauntless - their glory child - has that one feature warframe players have wanted from the moment it first hit consoles. - again i'm refering to cross platform gameplay performance and cross-save. Of course its just a suggestion - its not necessarily as readily available to just go to another company and ask for assistance in such a set up as i've made it sound, its really harder then that. XD
  3. Woah! slow down folks! Let them figure out how they can safely implement cross-platform gameplay before we even consider worrying about making our save data portable constantly between systems on the fly you crazy cross-savers. XD It was said in the beginning that PC will always be ahead of the consoles, that's just the breaks being that it's where the "beta" content/updates go prior to even porting them to console. - the PC players are essentially the active bug testers for Warframe here. That being said, there were claims back in beginning of warframe's earlier years of wanting to be able to at least get cross console gameplay to work,but that cross gameplay with PC to console would never be a thing as DE didn't want to hold back on the updates for the PC community if say- the console certifications didn't go through for some reason or another. Don't quote me on that, i'm paraphrasing. Case and point though, this is Warframe, not DAUNTLESS, - its going to take time to achieve "The big dream" even if by some miracle DE still is still holding onto that concept of cross platform gameplay for the future of warframe. Not gonna lie - my PC is old as heck, and all the updates that have gone threw over the years have made it where i can't play warframe anymore on PC due to the mere issue of the glaring 28 frames per second average run speed it performs at on this old desktop. But compared to that, on the same home WIFI - my nintendo switch is godly! it operates warframe at the speeds it was always intended to be, in a nice crisp 60 frames per second animation speed to boot' i have friends who have Xboxone, heck, i even helped my younger sister make her own warframe account on her Xboxone (currently Umbra is her favorite warframe<3) - case and point to my rambling, i would LOVE to be able to play on missions with all of them while still playing from my nintendo switch console. but at the end of the day, DE has only so much time and resources they can devote to their work, and warframe is still their baby, regardless of the pleas or demands of the fan base. "Only you can put our hopes and dreams into action. Maybe with your help we'll finally achieve the Big Dream. But until then, we live to adapt, adapt and survive, Tenno."
  4. Am i the only one beginning to think that DE should start calling these updates on the switch "hot fixes" to get around the stalling from Nintendo's end? while i understand from a legal standpoint WHY they can't go doing that, it doesn't mean it isn't a tempting solution. Who else here is just counting the days away until they get to go Kavat hunting for their new kitties? :Seriously, once the Cert is cleared and the update is officially on the switch, i'd love if some folks from DE go about show casing their own attempts at getting the new Kavats during the first Old Blood Switch Livestream :D
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