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  1. I managed to get to MR 14 on one of the laggist PCs to successfully load the PC version of warframe - and that's while limited with an average FPS of 24-to-28 frames per second due to using just the standard Intel r HD that was built into the unit back in 2012. I might be lacking my Excalibur Prime on my switch account(and a few other items, cosmetic in nature), but everything else i had on PC has been carried over. Case and point, I'm MUCH better on the switch then i was ever on PC thanks to the improved difference in everything running so much smoother on the switch, and i'm looking to join a clan on the Switch. Alias/IGN on the Switch is WilliamBlaze
  2. aside from losing access to my Excalibur prime when porting to the switch, i'm enjoying who im seeing so far. my old PC is just well, too old to keep up with the PC builds of warframe without heavy lag issues, but i can still enjoy warfame on my brand new Switch with Zero lag time. i'm highly impressed! i can get my warframe fix on the go! ❤️ that being said, would love to see the option of being to be able to port my PC account to Xbox one in a similar manner to who it is working currently for porting to the switch. as in PC exclusive stuff doesn't carry over (obviously) and that plats don't carry over from PC to the porting of xbox one, while needing to buy platnium threw xbox1's mumbo jumbo for use on said system. i have friends who moved over to the xbox one early on long before my household acquired the system recently, and would love to have the chance to bring my PC progress over so i can enjoy playing with friends online on the xbox one (since apparently no one i know is porting to switch like i did. but to be fair, that's a slim list of folks to begin with so there's that as well') all in all im impressed with the port.
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