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  1. Any word on Galvanized status mods not working on any AoE weapons plus a seemingly random selection of projectile weapons?
  2. Or maybe, if all of that is too much to ask, Eclipse's UI element could just finally actually tell you what the split is instead of always indicating max power even when it isn't true.
  3. It's not a full list but the Galvanized CO mods are broken on every weapon that has a "radial attack" component -- so possibly barring a few weird legacy exceptions, it doesn't work on any kind of AoE weapon. There are also individual projectile munitions (e.g. bullets have travel time) weapons where it doesn't work, these unfortunately don't have any pattern that I can identify, you just have to check each one.
  4. I both really appreciate the fix for Larva's colors but also wish you'd look at Nidus's other three abilities, all of which have similar problems, some of them years old at this point.
  5. i report this stuff as a bug about once a year, i think i'm on my third thread even at that very slow pace lol i guess some of it might be related to Nidus predating several engine optimization passes and some of his ability effects using weird legacy textures, but i was really hoping that Nidus Prime, at least, would be enough of an occasion to revisit them
  6. It gets very silly once you start figuring in additive crit chance, which has an even more favorable interaction with the double-dipping. Also I believe the double-dip also applies to anti-faction mods, Secondary Deadshot's bonus damage to headshots, and various other rare damage multipliers (Mecha set, etc.)
  7. This is how every conditional weapon bonus in the game works -- you get the bonus if you meet the criteria at the time that the damage occurs. It's awkward but it's not a bug. The Zymos double-dipping on crit chance, on the other hand, almost certainly is a bug. Pax Seeker used to work the same way and that got stomped out real fast. The only reason it's survived this long is probably because nobody uses the Zymos so it's flown under the radar.
  8. If Galvanized CO mods weren't still bugged it would be amazing. But they are, for all radial attacks (which is where these weapons get most of their damage) and for certain projectile guns, so don't use them.
  9. That's exactly what I'm saying. Yeah, this was an exploit, I can't be that mad or surprised about DE fixing it. But the real problem, and the reason players are so sensitive about it, is because the exploit let them fix something that was (and still is) wrong with the game.
  10. This is a reasonable change but the dev team really needs to stop leaning so hard on Mobile Defense / bounties that are really obviously just Mobile Defense wearing a Scooby-Doo villain mask. Modes where player performance -- where things you do in the mission -- have no impact on how well or how quickly you're rewarded are awful. Warframe has this absolutely incredible movement system, it has solid shooter mechanics, all these things with tremendous depth and potential for player mastery, but then like 75% of Warframe gameplay is just a thinly veiled skinner box where you wait five minutes and then get your treat, no matter what you did in the mean time. Mobdef is the absolute worst offender in this category, and yet it's also the model most frequently applied to events or new content. I'm not even saying "don't touch the game's pacing" -- it's fine if missions or boss fights take 5 minutes, 10 minutes, even 15 minutes or longer... as long as there is always something the player can do to actively advance the game state. Preferably something connected to one of the two systems I alluded to earlier (moving or shooting). The worst part is I know DE is capable of doing better -- Disruption is a fantastic game mode that embodies nearly everything I'm asking for. (Demolyst health scaling is a little frustrating due to inconsistencies in what does or doesn't get reduced, but that's a separate and much more esoteric issue). So do boss fights like the Eidolons and Profit-Taker -- the latter, especially. They're not perfect -- they have issues with visual readability and player onboarding, they're kind of inaccessible and PT leans a little too hard on anti-player CC if you don't have Primed Sure Footed -- but they're deep and rewarding fights to do over and over because there's so much room to get better at them, in a way that simply isn't true of, say, the old Star Chart bosses. Players aren't stupid. They know when they're being given a glorified loading screen instead of, well, a game. And I really wish DE would consider that just a little bit more.
  11. This is an old bug but one that is both newly relevant and extra-noticeable with the release of Nidus Prime. Nidus Prime's Larva uses your energy color, but nothing else -- it's always white, black, and Orokin gold with <your energy color> spots: (Base Nidus has a similar problem, but unfortunately I can't demonstrate it because I threw my base Nidus into the Helminth, and due to a different bug, using the base Nidus skin on Nidus Prime doesn't give you the option to disable prime details.) Parasitic Link uses your energy color for the link-strand itself, but the infested tissue that appears on both you and the target is always black and bright red. Ravenous mostly respects energy colors, but the explosions from your maggots dying/getting stomped are always a burst of orange particles.
  12. Galvanized "damage per status effect" mods are still broken, by the way. They don't work on AoE weapons (anything with a "radial attack") and there seem to be case-by-case conditions where projectile weapons in general are still broken, as well.
  13. wait, you made Golden Instinct worse? why? it was already useless compared to Xaku cratebusting or just using an external reference for secrets
  14. Actually, the damage reduction formula for Liches, Necramechs, certain other new bosses, etc. ignores crits. Everything else gets scaled down but crits don't. Like that's literally the whole problem the OP is complaining about, crits get special better-than-normal treatment while status weapons get extra limitations on top of the base one (e.g. viral immunity and statuses capping at 4 instead of 10). There are one or two enemies that scale everything down with no exception for crits (like Noxes), but they're much rarer. If everything worked like Noxes there would be no problem -- some enemies would be really tanky but intentionally so. Instead you have this weird broken worst-of-both-worlds where crit weapons still instantly destroy these enemies if built correctly (despite DE's intention to make enemies who last a little bit longer) while status weapons get completely shut out of the picture.
  15. all of the primary/secondary galvanized Condition Overload clones are broken. they do not work, period, on any weapon with AoE / a "radial attack", and whether or not they work on any gun with projectile munitions is case-by-case
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