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  1. TO 75%. Not by 75%. They're already doing what you're asking for in this post.
  2. Nidus's Virulence got a huge (but unannounced?) upgrade this patch: it now produces wiggly tentacles instead of just the static spine-looking things it used to have. I'm extremely happy with this, it looks fantastic and gross. However, I'm still hoping you'll fix the bug introduced in one of the earlier 25.x updates that broke coloring for the strands that form when he activates Ravenous -- they're always pure white now, no matter what your custom colors are.
  3. The most recent patch seems to have drained all the color from Nidus's strands of infestation when he applies Ravenous, with the previously colorable areas turning pure white: This is of course on top of the many issues that already existed with Nidus's abilities and recoloring effects in general, as documented here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1085603-nidus-ability-colors/
  4. Archwing enemies used to come with a little red indicator showing their distance from you in meters. This was extremely valuable and useful, since otherwise everything is too tiny and distant to tell how far away it is unless it's right on top of you. Unfortunately, these indicators no longer appear on normal enemies: Strangely, they do still appear on mission objectives, and occasionally the UI gets scrambled and they re-appear on some enemies (but not all of them). I'm not sure exactly how to reproduce this but will update if I figure it out.
  5. Gauss is extremely disappointing, and in particular, two things about his first ability: First, it drastically limits your turn rate. This is "realistic" but it's pretty much the single worst thing you can do to a movement ability. It's impractical for the vast majority of maps. It completely rules out hairpin turns and other tests of precision. It feels awful and mushy. It's also completely contrary to every other powerful mobility option in Warframe. Second, all of Gauss's extra momentum disappears the moment the ability ends. This isn't as bad as the first point -- for any momentum-based system, the ideal is that the player should be able to retain or cancel it at will, since mandatory momentum is arguably even worse than losing it. But, for example, if Gauss activates his 1 and then jumps, it seems fairly obvious that he should keep moving forward at high speed. Instead, he instantly slows down to normal jump velocity. I really hate how the majority of modern video games handle movement. There's this tendency to try and simulate real life physics rather than emphasizing player freedom; a tendency to restrict mouse-look or turn rate when the player is going fast; a tendency to minimize the rewards of precision if the game is multi-platform (e.g. for both PC and console.) One of the biggest selling points for Warframe is that, up until now, the devs seemed to understand the importance of these things (unsurprisingly for a bunch of former Unreal Tournament developers, of course). Warframe's movement is amazing, and generally the only real limit on the player's ability to change direction as they're navigating an environment is their own ability to react and orient themselves. Gauss, however, seems to have inherited none of that wisdom. Please consider letting him turn like a regular Warframe while sprinting, and if possible find some way to allow his speed and momentum to interact with the parkour system. (Allowing him to jump, land, and continue without cancelling the sprint effect would be a good start.)
  6. Yes, please god, bring back the old Index map. And ideally, delete the new one. The last thing the mode needed was even worse sightlines on a bigger map.
  7. Asking 2.5k. Contact me in-game (TuxedoCatfish) or on Discord (TuxedoCatfish#1344).
  8. Thank you! Any chance you could fix his maggots always bursting as orange, the undertones of Virulence always being purple, and his Larva / Parasitic Link always putting a black coating with bright red energy spots on enemies, all regardless of Nidus's energy settings?
  9. This is everything I've ever wanted from Warframe level design, so I'm very glad to hear it.
  10. What use are aura forma when there's still only one aura worth using for 99% of content in the game? If this were for Exilus I'd be a lot more excited.
  11. This is absolutely going to happen. Giving players meaningful consequences that can only be avoided by other players looking out for them, at real cost to themselves, is going to cause endless hurt feelings.
  12. I mean, I would hope that the Ogris Wraith, whenever it comes out, would also fix the glaring problems with the weapon's damage output and effectiveness against armored targets, and not just be a quality-of-life improvement over a weapon that's basically unusable except for goofing around. But at this point, I'd take what I can get.
  13. Crit would definitely be the way to go, it's bizarre that a weapon built around massive single-shot damage is pure status. The Ogris's damage problems are what stop it from being a good weapon, but the charge trigger is what stops it from being a fun weapon. If they're afraid of it being OP, fine, there are plenty of fun-bad weapons, but reverting the semi-auto change is just baffling.
  14. Why on Earth would you revert the Ogris? Like, I'm usually pretty sanguine about balance changes, but I'm actually kind of mad about video games over this.
  15. Also while I wanted to express my displeasure with bait-for-rep, the rest of these changes are absolutely fantastic and I support all of them.
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