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  1. Another update, and bleeding ephemera still isn't working in missions.
  2. Hey my bleeding ephemera still isn't working in non-plains missions! 😞
  3. My issue with arbitrations though is frame choice, and abilities not doing as much because of the drones. Also, I'd rather not be debuffed by someone else dying, it will just make me want to not play on public.
  4. I just got an affinity booster but also resources and credits boosters.
  5. Ok, the shortcut thing worked, and I have the boosters, but none of the other things.
  6. Please help, how do I link Discord and Warframe accounts? I can't get Discord to recognize Warframe, it just asks me to install and I don't have the disk space. Even so, I don't get how that would help link the accounts anyway.
  7. After having it on my Discord account, how to I get it onto my Warframe account? Help!
  8. So, maybe I would care a lot less about the dev talk about the Itzal, if only the other archwings were at all useful in open world Plains/Orb. The way it is now, the moment you are in an archwing within a certain range of enemies, you get magically shot out of the sky, regardless of defensive abilities (like Amesha) or maneuvering. The ONLY exception to this is the Itzal, which can go invisible, as well as teleport. That makes me incredibly surprised that the proposed change is to basically just make Itzal less useful. When will we get to use archwings for anything again? I finished leveling archguns/melee years ago, so there's no incentive to play any of the space tiles. Where is archwing's place in the plains style? Why are you trying to make me not care about archwings or their abilities? What is the point of this?
  9. Thanks for the update! However, there are still some pressing issues that haven't been addressed. The duration timers for abilities aren't behaving consistently. Also, the issue with aim glide, and block combos, forcing you back into gun. I've reported both in the bug report section. 😞
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