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  1. Additional information: it seems to be when I am host or solo that it doesn't appear.
  2. Another update, and bleeding ephemera still isn't working in missions.
  3. I'm not sure I can relate, because it feels like operators are too strong. Operators with maxed energy let you be invincible for incredibly long periods, something like 30s standing still, but you can go longer if you hit things with void dash. Speaking of, void dash makes all Warframe travel abilities superfluous, once you get 7x max range void dashes in a row. Operator is now the optimal solution to travel, reviving, hacking, interacting with objectives, and even dealing with nullies while channeling.
  4. So when I have the bleeding ephemera equipped, it shows up in the Orbiter but goes away in missions (it works in Orb/Plains and Fortuna however). Please help!
  5. Hey my bleeding ephemera still isn't working in non-plains missions! 😞
  6. This is really weird. I used to see my (bloodied) ephemera in mission. Then I logged in today, I see it in Orbiter and Fortuna, but any mission I go into it's not visible. Help?
  7. My issue with arbitrations though is frame choice, and abilities not doing as much because of the drones. Also, I'd rather not be debuffed by someone else dying, it will just make me want to not play on public.
  8. In the new Warframe official Discord, I think it would be helpful if the PC/PS4/etc platforms each had different channels for update alerts. That way I can mute the ones I don't need and get relevant alerts to me.
  9. I just got an affinity booster but also resources and credits boosters.
  10. Ok, the shortcut thing worked, and I have the boosters, but none of the other things.
  11. Please help, how do I link Discord and Warframe accounts? I can't get Discord to recognize Warframe, it just asks me to install and I don't have the disk space. Even so, I don't get how that would help link the accounts anyway.
  12. After having it on my Discord account, how to I get it onto my Warframe account? Help!
  13. I guess if I want to use it on Garuda I just have to bite the bullet. I'm assuming additional umbra forma will be available well before Garuda Prime (at least I hope so - they wouldn't just do one that seems silly).
  14. Would have been great to know this would come on Friday, when I was actually forma'ing companions because of the new mod. Come on DE, why are you telling me how to play.
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