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  1. I use primed fury and primed reach on a majority of my melees, which makes two dead slots for whipclaw.
  2. You don't need to change the functionality of the ability. Just take what is there, but make it a separate mod loadout. This is really simple.
  3. False. Read my above reply. Making weapons separately level-able and mod-able solved a problem, and that problem exists for whipclaw as well. Fretting over the term "exalted" is missing the point.
  4. Energy has nothing to do with it. Garuda has talons moddable as an extaled weapon, which are not connected to any ability, it's simply a weapon you swing with. Khora currently has a moddable exalted kavat, there is no drain over time with the kavat abilities. Ivara's artemis bow consumes energy when shot. The fact that some exalted weapons are connected to a drain over time ability means nothing.
  5. I read your entire post and I don't understand what this has to do with Limbo? Limbo is probably not the best all-arounder frame for the type of content you're talking about.
  6. So there are some issues with Khora's Whipclaw, It uses mods from your equipped melee weapon, and not all mods even do anything (speed for example, or weapon specific mods). Needless to say this is a nuisance because the goal builds for the weapon and for whipclaw are going to be different in most cases. Since rivens do work, it incentivizes using the weapon strictly as a stat stick, and tailoring the riven to the whipclaw instead of the weapon it's intended for. Also this means that the best in slot melee weapons are going to be those that have a high disposition, and then you have to get a riven for that weapon. This used to be an issue with many other frames, and it was fixed in one go by making exalted weapons moddable separately. Can we please make whipclaw an exalted weapon? The current implementation is a bit janky.
  7. The Wisp Damas Helmet has an energy effect - the effect is not using the Emissive energy color, and is instead using the ability color. Here is a screenshot showing the problem:
  8. Hey hope this gets out there, I just have one issue personally. Since melee mode doesn't allow firing, I should be able to bind left click to heavy attack since click goes unused. (Like how channeling used to work). However, if I bind heavy attack to left click, it removes the binding for fire! Goal: allow binding of both fire and heavy melee on click to avoid needing extra keys. Fixing this would really help me enjoy the new features, thanks!
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