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  1. Hunterstil

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Please conclave lunaro fix
  2. Hunterstil

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.1 +

    Thank you for the update. Please look at lunaro''s state. It's terrible
  3. Hunterstil

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    I have a major problem SINCE chimera update. That problem would be Lunaro. Lunaro's state is now almost unplayable , checks have double range which is surely not intended and throwing the ball feels so weird. Lunaro was in a terrible state already before the chimera update but we still played it although it had many bugs/exploits/latency problems etc. I'd really wish if you could make Lunaro playable , thank you.
  4. Hunterstil

    Lunaro checking is 2x faster and longer than intended

    This major bug has been in Lunaro since the chimera update. Ever since it has not been even fixed although it's a major issue for the Lunaro community. It is almost unplayable and broken as hell. Digital Extremes have never even paid attention to Lunaro and we had no problems with that , but now that it's totally BROKEN it can't be overlooked. Please fix it.
  5. Hunterstil

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    Please look at lunaro's state.
  6. Hunterstil

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    Please fix Lunaro. It is in a terrible state after the chimera update. It was terrible even before the update but it was playable. Now it's not even that.