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  1. Changing something in conclave would be a waste of time according to the devs (they have to be new player friendly after all).If a change will ever be made to lunaro , it would be the removal of the gamemode. A couple of hours before the drop of the Jovian Concord update , Steve had a stream in which he said ''lunaro fixes are coming along with this update'' or something like that , but no bug fixes , no changes and not even recognition whatsoever. On devstream 127 (I think) they said they will fix lunaro as well , but didn't. Now on the latest devstream , which was 128 , they said ''Yeah we will be looking into that'' but didn't say a thing about the fixes not being with the Jovian Concord update. The fact that the devs and in particularly Steve said that lunaro fixes are coming with Jovian Concord update , say a lot about them and their ''promises''. I do understand that they do not have much time to spend on fixing something that 10 users play , but they should have at least said something else that was not so promising. Maybe something like ''We may fix lunaro , but we are not sure , so don't get your hopes up''. It's something DE always does and I am really surprised how many players are blind and do not see that the devs aren't really listening to the community and do whatever they should in order to attract new players. I can give so many examples , but that would be too long , and should be probably in another forum posted. All the lunaro players want are these bug fixes that we CLEARLY said on so many forum posts like Kontrollo quoted. The problem with bugs appearing in Lunaro is that when devs are making any kind of movement update with Warframe overall , it affects Lunaro as well , but not in a good way because no one takes their time to make the new update compatible with lunaro/conclave , which results in game breaking bugs , like the double length check in lunaro (check is performed by pressing ''E'') and that is a lot of range which makes it better to travel to spam E than bullet jumping if you time it well.
  2. A really good explanation on the few major bugs in lunaro , although some minor bugs haven't been mentioned . which I think should be mentioned. For example , when being a host the game recognizes the ball as a solid object , which makes it able for you to step on the ball , which resets your jumps and that way you can fly across the field. Now I am aware that literally no one uses it , but sometimes when dribbling or in some other situation you manage to sit on the ball during your dribble , which stops you for a moment and you lose all your speed. Also the hitboxes of some objects in the lunaro maps can sometimes be waay too big. For example the half circle that is put right under the goal (on Orokin) and the ball can bounce off without you wanting it to bounce off. Same things applies to most objects in the lunaro maps. A feature that lets you switch teams even when they are full. But the match won't be able to start ofc if the teams were unbalanced , but still having this kind of feature would be really relevant. I'm surprised you haven't mentioned this bug , but being invited during map choosing bugs your screen out and then you cannot even load in and you have to restart your game. These are the bugs that should be fixed after the ''main'' bugs have been fixed. (check imm , check length and etc.) There are so many bugs that I can't even count them but let's hope DE starts caring more about lunaro and its bugs. I really do hope the upcoming lunaro fix , mentioned in the last devstream , isn't a one time thing.
  3. PLease fix lunaro. Melee changes have influenced it in a bad way.
  4. Thank you for the update. Please look at lunaro''s state. It's terrible
  5. I have a major problem SINCE chimera update. That problem would be Lunaro. Lunaro's state is now almost unplayable , checks have double range which is surely not intended and throwing the ball feels so weird. Lunaro was in a terrible state already before the chimera update but we still played it although it had many bugs/exploits/latency problems etc. I'd really wish if you could make Lunaro playable , thank you.
  6. Please look at lunaro's state.
  7. Please fix Lunaro. It is in a terrible state after the chimera update. It was terrible even before the update but it was playable. Now it's not even that.
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