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  1. As crazy as it sounds , I started agreeing more and more as I read the topic. Well composed and explained , but I personally think as good as the idea is , making an overhaul of a system as old as the game would be very hard and take a lot of time , which affects us , content receivers.  DE already have this system that they know and are familiar with , and have been updating with that system ever since the creation of the game. They can't just change it like that without consequences. It is a really good idea and I would like it in the game , but quite far fetched.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Kialandi said:

    You don't read patchnotes, do you?

    I agree that right now it's not worth it. However it is going to change in the future.

    Sorry I didn't really read the patch notes , my bad , but however without a feedback they won't know how to adjust it properly , so I was just ranting here , because I really like the idea , but as always the executions is terribly made. I do hope they read the forums and change it

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  3. I would like to address a new reward from the Gauss update , and that reward is the universal medallion. 
    The universal medallion is obtained only by playing the new (and old) disruption missions. You have 5% chance of getting that Universal Medallion and it is only on rotation C.  The Universal Medallion's positive side is that you can redeem it on every single base/main syndicate (New Loka , Red Veil , etc.) and in the future on all the others. That is great and all but the only problem is that the syndicate medallion is traded for 1k standing only. I do not only find that absurd , but absolutely unworth the grind. Warframe's characteristics is over the top grind and we all know that , but I have not seen such thing in the past I don't know how many years. Me and a couple of friends played the new disruption mode on other planets , we played kuva disruption , we played uranus disruption and sedna disruption. We played kuva disruption for about 10 minutes to test out the rewarding system (which isn't really good) of kuva. We played uranus for about 30 minutes (11 rounds or so) and sedna for about 30 minutes (again around 14 rounds). From all of these runs , we got only 1 Universal Syndicate medallion. Let's say you are lucky and get one medallion every 11 rounds = 30 minutes.  As we all know , a lot of players have leveled up their syndicate (while leveling down their opposite ones) , and in order to level up from one of your opposite syndicates you need 44k standing. 30 minutes x 44 = 1320 minutes = 22 hours. It would take you 22 hours of non-stop grinding to get a single level up (and let's not talk about the daily cap).  In order to go FROM the bottom TO the top it would take 219 hours non stop grinding. 
    My math may not be totally exact , or my medallion per minutes but it is roughly around there. I really would like to see some changes for the universal syndicate medallion. I would suggest either make the chances waaay higher , make the exchanged standing more , maybe around 10k or 5 k , or even both , that would be good. 

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  4. Changing something in conclave would be a waste of time according to the devs (they have to be new player friendly after all).If a change will ever be made to lunaro , it would be the removal of the gamemode. A couple of hours before the drop of the Jovian Concord update , Steve had a stream in which he said ''lunaro fixes are coming along with this update'' or something like that , but no bug fixes , no changes and not even recognition whatsoever.  On devstream 127 (I think) they said they will fix lunaro as well , but didn't. Now on the latest devstream , which was 128 , they said ''Yeah we will be looking into that'' but didn't say a thing about the fixes not being with the Jovian Concord update. The fact that the devs and in particularly Steve said that lunaro fixes are coming with Jovian Concord update , say a lot about them and their ''promises''. I do understand that they do not have much time to spend on fixing something that 10 users play , but they should have at least said something else that was not so promising. Maybe something like ''We may fix lunaro , but we are not sure , so don't get your hopes up''. It's something DE always does and I am really surprised how many players are blind and do not see that the devs aren't really listening to the community and do whatever they should in order to attract new players. I can give so many examples , but that would be too long , and should be probably in another forum posted.  All the lunaro players want are these bug fixes that we CLEARLY said on so many forum posts like Kontrollo quoted. The problem with bugs appearing in Lunaro is that when devs are making any kind of movement update with Warframe overall , it affects Lunaro as well , but not in a good way because no one takes their time to make the new update compatible with lunaro/conclave , which results in game breaking bugs , like the double length check in lunaro (check is performed by pressing ''E'') and that is a lot of range which makes it better to travel to spam E than bullet jumping if you time it well. 

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  5. A really good explanation on the few major bugs in lunaro , although some minor bugs haven't been mentioned . which I think should be mentioned. For example , when being a host the game recognizes the ball as a solid object , which makes it able for you to step on the ball , which resets your jumps and that way you can fly across the field. Now I am aware that literally no one uses it , but sometimes when dribbling or in some other situation you manage to sit on the ball during your dribble , which stops you for a moment and you lose all your speed.

    Also the hitboxes of some objects in the lunaro maps can sometimes be waay too big. For example the half circle that is put right under the goal (on Orokin) and the ball can bounce off without you wanting it to bounce off. Same things applies to most objects in the lunaro maps.

    A feature that lets you switch teams even when they are full. But the match won't be able to start ofc if the teams were unbalanced , but still having this kind of feature would be really relevant.

    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned this bug , but being invited during map choosing bugs your screen out and then you cannot even load in and you have to restart your game.

    These are the bugs that should be fixed after the ''main'' bugs have been fixed. (check imm , check length and etc.) There are so many bugs that I can't even count them but let's hope DE starts caring more about lunaro and its bugs.  I really do hope the upcoming lunaro fix , mentioned in the last devstream , isn't a one time thing.


  6. Ever since melee 2.999 or whatever it's called , you cannot cancel bullet jumping like you used to with magnetize (which is done with  RMB). I believe you can cancel bullet jumping in the PvE Warframe , but Digital Extremes haven't thought of Lunaro and the new melee changes have influenced it in a bad way. Now there are so many bugs , like the check (check= button ''E'') has double range which is totally unacceptable , but DE haven't fixed it , or at least say anything about it. 

  7. Lunaro's state has been critical ever since the chimera update. Many bugs have occurred in the game because every single melee change to Warframe , have a bad effect on lunaro , because all these melee changes are not considerate of Lunaro. One of the few CRITICAL bugs is the check's range ( check= press the button ''E'') is DOUBLED unintentionally , the practice mode has a bit of latency now and sometimes when you throw the ball it doesn't go the way you want it to. There are plenty of examples I can give you ,  with videos , about these bugs , but talking from experience DE doesn't give a single #*!% about all these bug reports. I don't even think that they read the conclave forums. From what I know there is a dedicated conclave team , but that team has done nothing but S#&$ themselves in the pants , because all they do is fix a bug or two in 2 #*!%ing months of hotfixes coming here and there.Now there are plenty of forum posts about the changes to lunaro since chimera update aswell , I just wanted to point that out.

    NOW after the NEW melee changes that came with the mainline update of 2019 , it has become worse. Many players (yes we exist) , have given up on lunaro , including me , because of that new update. Before when bullet jumping you could cancel the animation (which can be done in normal warframe too right now and ever since movement 2.0 was introduced in warframe) with RMB , but now it doesn't cancel the bullet jump animation and that won't let you interact with the ball. That is something really important for lunaro's gameplay , because better movement is the key to success in lunaro and even a single bug that comes to movement in general is critical for lunaro. 

    Now what actually caused these bugs that I have listed out (although there are PLENTY of bugs that I can list , these are the major ones) comes from a little melee change ever since chimera update. It was hidden in the corner and not talked about even in the PvE part of Warframe.  

    ''Weapon Aiming Changes:
    While this is largely under the hood, we want to detail out some changes we made to how Weapons are fired, particularly projectile weapons. We've added some new behavior that makes it easier to hit targets very close to the camera, eliminates strange sideways flying projectile and can be applied to any projectile (projectiles with gravity were previously excluded from the coolness. The basic idea now is: if you're aiming at it, you'll hit it.''

    That is what caused a double ranged check , and weird ball physics.  That little change affected lunaro drastically , even though in PvE Warframe that doesn't even do much. The problem from that change is that it wasn't matched up with lunaro's physics , which should be updated aswell. 

    The second major issue is obviously from the new melee changes that came to Warframe , so I do not have to explain that. 

    I know that lunaro has a pretty bad reputation , haha lunaro is dead what a funny meme ye a yeah yeah , heard that the first 3000 times , no need to repeat it. I understand the people that don't like lunaro and conclave overall , but just because the majority of the warframe community doesn't like it , it doesn't mean that no one plays it. Actually the lunaro community ( consists of like 100-150 people) is or to be more accurate was active at most times , and we even have a dedicated clan with over 26k games of lunaro. unknown.png?width=1202&height=677The fact that there is a dedicated team for conclave means that they have to read the conclave forums in order to fix these bugs , but it seems like they do not even do their job. Still , I know conclave sucks , PVP is bad for warframe blah blah blah , BUT what I think about what makes lunaro stand out form the other conclave modes , is that the movement that is so important to Warframe overall makes you better at the game. That has great potential , while the other game modes you gotta have incredible aim to kill the others , and it is hard to do so (at least for most players) , and BECAUSE of the extreme movement in annihilation , cephalon capture , team annihilation , it makes it harder and more annoying to kill people. While the extreme movement in lunaro makes it more fun , because your objective is to score , not to kill the other person. My english may not be the best , so I will try to explain that simpler. What I'm trying to say is that lunaro takes intense movement to its advantage and makes the gamemode better than the others , which gives lunaro great potential and may become actually a good gamemode if it is executed properly , while the other gamemodes take the intense movement to its disadvantage , because no third person shooter pvp game has such intense movement. Because lunaro was inspired by Rocket League (if it wasn't obvious enough) , it is something similar to it , and what makes Rocket League a great game? The intense movement and the variety of mechanics the game has. Now most of you probably don't even know how many techniques there are in lunaro , and that's why you probably think it's boring , but in the pro scene there are so many things you can do. (pm me on forums or discord , Hunterstil#5222 if you want more details on these). Rocket League is very successful , and I think lunaro can atleast be FIXED. Now I don't want to ''make lunaro popular'' or something , but at least give DE  a reason to fix it. There are plenty of ideas that can make players actually play lunaro , but that would be a waste of time for DE ,  because they have more important things to make in the game. (Still if you want to hear out those ideas , pm me on discord or in forums whatever). I'm not planning to give out these ideas here on this post because they are too much , and maybe they require another post.

    To sum it all up , the dedicated team for conclave should ACTUALLY do their job and read the forums and fix what they can , lunaro has great potential over other PVP modes , because of that intense movement Warframe has , there are PLENTY of people who wishes that lunaro is fixed. There are still people who want lunaro to get fixed. 

  8. I am not really sure about that. It does seem like it is going to work but in a very weird way because the devs haven't thought about the arcanes working on eidolons. I don't have the arcanes myself so I still haven't tried em. Pretty sure if they work they won't work like they are supposed to. 

  9. I have a major problem SINCE chimera update. That problem would be Lunaro. Lunaro's state is now almost unplayable , checks have double range which is surely not intended and throwing the ball feels so weird. Lunaro was in a terrible state already before the chimera update but we still played it although it had many bugs/exploits/latency problems etc. I'd really wish if you could make Lunaro playable , thank you.

  10. This major bug has been in Lunaro since the chimera update. Ever since it has not been even fixed although it's a major issue for the Lunaro community.  It is almost unplayable and broken as hell. Digital Extremes have never even paid attention to Lunaro and we had no problems with that , but now that it's totally BROKEN it can't be overlooked. Please fix it.

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